Arron Has Won Baby of the Month – updated.

Arron is Baby of the Month

Well of course he is the Baby of the Month, he’s gorgeous, yes OK we are totally biased but c’mon doesn’t he look so cute.

Sunday Snap Family Clan Blog Month

He’s won with the Baby Website, they have a competition for the baby of the month, with it just being the TT races in the Isle of Man and Arron wearing his TT Tshirt, we thought he might stand a chance for June and WOOHOO we was right.

He actually loved his first ever TT race, we think he must be a petrol head baby, as both Mummy C  and Daddy G love motor bikes and cars.  Mummy C used to do rallying and Daddy G used to do sidecar racing.

Arron John Named Blanket Family Clan Blog

He’s won a gorgeous personalised star blanket from my 1st years.  It’s a gorgeous blanket that is a great size for him to play on.  Mummy C is also happy to have a keepsake with his name on.

Thank you The Baby Website and My 1st Years.

Nanna Jane

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7 Thoughts to “Arron Has Won Baby of the Month – updated.”

  1. Maya Russell

    Well done – he is very sweet.

  2. Jayne Townson

    Very well done to Arron and yes he is very cute, he has a lovely smile.

  3. Jo McPherson

    Congratulations, he’s a cutie

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Such a cutie -he well and truely deserves it

  5. Samantha O'D

    Well done! so cute

  6. RachelSwirl

    he deserved to win that, cute as!

  7. Kim Styles

    congratulations Arron! its not that you are just biased- he is truly a cutie!

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