Are you a 99p Bling Queen?

Missguided ‘s 99p Accessories Sale upto 80% off


Missguided are running an accessories sale that has upto 80% of YES 80%  I’m amazed but here is a few of the items that I like.

These Theda Spiked Earrings was £4.99 now 99p so a saving of 80%, they are a throw back to my younger days when spikes & razor blades where the latest thing!  But these are slightly (read alot!) smaller than the ones I had then, though probably cost the same if not cheaper.  They measure 2 inches or 4 cm approx.

Theda Spiked Earrings

 Theda Spiked Earrings now 99p

Next up is this Aggnes Stud Earring With Cuff & Chain , I have to admit to never wearing cuff earring so this is a change from the norm for me, but I love this one & think I will be giving it a go. It is a very understated piece that you could get away with at most events It is reduced from £4.99 to 99p so a saving of 75% which is amazing! It ppprox length 11cm/ 13.5″ & comes in three colours silver, gold & black, I prefer the silver as that what most of my jewellery is.

Aggnes Stud Earring With Cuff And Chain

Aggnes Stud Earring With Cuff & Chain now 99p

The Zofia Cross Earrings again comes in three colours silver, gold & black, agian I’d probably pick the silver for the reasons mentioned earlier, but I picked the black photograph so you could see it clearly.  Wearing a cross anywhere is always trendy whether it is for religious purposes or just as decoration, so these earrings are ideal.  They are 99p reduced from £3.99 so 75% off.

Zofia Cross Earrings

 Zofia Cross Earrings now 99p

Macie Peace Ear Cuff in both silver & gold, this is one I’d probably buy in both colours as I’d struggle to chose as I really like them both. The cuff can be place discreetly but be spotted beneath you hair as you move around during. It is another one with a 75% saving coming down from £3.99 to 99p. It measures approx 1cm in length & would be a great addition to your jewellery box

Macie Peace Ear Cuff

Macie Peace Ear Cuff now 99p

Finally I love this Valma Crystal Ring priced at just £1.49 from £4.99 with 70% off I know its over the 99p but I thought it was too nice not to include.  it make a strong style statement in this crystal effect ring with textured band, it measures approx ring size 20mm.  I love the gold coloured band that looks like its has been hand beaten & the crystal is amazing it is just a shame I couldn’t find a better photograph of it for you to appreciate it, but hope fully you can see it.

Valma Crystal Ring

Valma Crystal Ring now £1.49

There is lots of other accessories including  jewellery, hosiery, bags, hats, glases etc in the sale at Missguided, so make sure you have a look!  Here is a link to the accessories sale .

Don’t forget if you are a student you can get a further 10% off with your NUS Extra card, making them an even greater bargain!


This post is just a review of the items I like in the sale & is done by me.

Nanna Jane

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4 Thoughts to “Are you a 99p Bling Queen?”

  1. Bev

    Oh I’ll have to have a look! Some tempting things there!

  2. Ashleigh Allan

    I’ve never shopped at misguided bbefore. Going to have a look as looks like nice things

  3. Martina Evans

    Thanks for the post. I Just went on their site now and they’re selling lots of great items for cheap!

    1. Nanna-Jane

      OOO Might have to have another look then! Thanks Martina. x

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