Anyone Want Free Money! – UPDATED

Free Money

I’ve joined a new site that gives away free money every day. It picks someones birthday every day.  It’s free to join & is growing fast. But at the moment the odds of winning are really high!


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The Free Birthdate Lottery is brand new & although they are starting off small – a daily prize draw of £10 every single day of the week, plus a survey draw of £10 per day.

How do they make their money?

Free Money

Free birthday lottery is funded by adverts, although there is no pressure for you to click the ads, it’s definitely not mandatory.  Once signed up with your date of birth, you are then automatically entered into the draws for free. There is a guaranteed winner every single day!

The more members they get, the more advertisers will pay – and the bigger the prizes will be!

You can set it so you get a reminder email everyday so you don’t miss a win.

Some of you might remember my post about the Free Postcode Lottery that is now giving away £250 for the main draw every day, but started by giving just £10 & has grown relatively quickly over the past couple of years.  Nothing to do with the one that is advertised on the TV & it’s free to use.

Both sites assure that your details are not passed on to anyone else, so nothing to worry about spam wise.

Make sure you check them both out, why miss out on FREE Money. Remember as the saying goes, “You’ve got to be in it to win it!”

What would you spend your first win on?  Say you won £10, I’d probably end up buying something for the grandchildren as usual!

Good Luck

Nanna Jane

I am not being paid for this post, but if you sign up from my links I do recieve two pence (FBL) or one pence (FPL) toward my bonus award.

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4 Thoughts to “Anyone Want Free Money! – UPDATED”

  1. Margaret Gallagher

    Maybe time to sign up for a few more – i feel a lucky streak coming – think positive and win

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Good if I won
    Someone won near my home but sadly not me

  3. Samantha O'D

    looks good, i do the postcode ones

    1. Nanna-Jane

      I’ve yet to win on either. Did you see the Free Postcode lottery main prize yesterday, someone won £1250. How amazing would it be to win that. Hope they enjoy it. x

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