Alicia Douvall Argan Oil Gift Set

Alicia Douvall's Argan Oil Gift Set Family Clan

Douvall’s Argan Oil Gift Set

When I was offered Douvall’s Argan Oil to try I wasn’t jumping up and down. I’m not a big celebrity follower. I knew Alicia Douvall had been a glamour model, that was about it, so I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular from the gift set I was sent. But I was oh so wrong.

Our Thoughts

I’ve been using the Douvall’s cleanser and moisturiser for the last 10 days and although my skin isn’t usually dry, it feels, amazing after the short time I’ve been using.

I’ve of course been using them both on my face, but also on my neck and decolletage area. A lot of my wrinkles on my lower neck have simply vanished and my decolletage area looks great too!

Alicia Douvall's Argan Oil Gift Set Family Clan

My skin just feels really healthy. I’m on the wrong side of 50 now – no idea how that happened I was 21 and then over 50! – so my skin needs a little more care than it used to do, but I don’t really like applying things that are full of chemicals, Argan Oil contains one single ingredient – an oil created by Mother Nature and pressed from the kernel of the Argania Spinosa, a desert growing nut and its skin boosting power comes from Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and some antioxidants.

Argan Oil is not only a “super food” for the skin and hair but for the whole body. Having twice as much Vitamin E as olive oil as well as vital antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Douvall’s lightweight Organic Natural Argan Oil  moisturiser is extremely high in vitamin E, anti oxidants and fatty acids.

Alicia Douvall's Argan Oil Gift Set Family Clan

Both the bottle have a pump, which I prefer to sticking fingers in creams and lotions I’m always conscious of what is left in the tub, even though I obviously wash my hands thoroughly before hand. You know what I mean.

Over all I am really impressed with this set and it would make a lovely gift for anyone. With the festive season fast approaching maybe you could put this in your list as well and perhaps Santa will be nice to you too.

What & Where

In the gift set you get All-in-one Argan Oil Cleanser 150 ml, Organic Argan Oil Moisturise 50ml and a muslin cloth you can buy it directly from Douvall’s or on Amazon.

Nanna Jane

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6 Thoughts to “Alicia Douvall Argan Oil Gift Set”

  1. caroline tokes

    This looks lovely have used argan oil before and always loved it

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    I’ve never heard of her, I suffer from dry skin so will definitely have to try this after reading your lovely review on it xXx

  3. shazabella40

    im the same,im not a fan of hers but this sounds fab,im 42 an ive left it a bit late to sort my skin out,its a little too expensive for me though

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Always on the lookout for beauty products
    There sound amazing

  5. Sidrah Ahmed

    This looks nice

  6. ashleigh allan

    bottles with pumps are definately better – I love argan oil products

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