ADVENT GIVEAWAY : Adult Colouring Book

All at Family Clan are well into their Christmas Spirits – errr I mean Spirit and to keep the fun going we are giving away a Kaleidoscope Adult Colouring Book.

Lots of fun pages for you to colour and clear your mind as you do so. Adult colouring is a proven stress buster, so perfect for this time of the year.Make sure you find time to get a bit of peace and relaxation at some point during the day. It is a very important thing to find just a few minutes for our well being. That is why we a Family Clan love doing these adult colouring books, it gives time for our minds just to rest and not thing of anything else but what we are doing.

What do you do to relax during the day?

Kaleidoscope Patterns Adult Colouring Giveaway Family Clan

There are lots of pages to colour with images like these.

Kaleidoscope Colouring Book Orange Family Clan

and this

Kaleidoscope Colouring Book Orange Family Clan

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Ends Midnight Sunday 12th January 2020

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Question is ‘What is your favourite colour and why?’’

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This colouring book has been purchased by a member of Family Clan to giveaway.

135 Thoughts to “ADVENT GIVEAWAY : Adult Colouring Book”

  1. Sallyanne Rose

    yellow, the colour of daffodils and sunny days

  2. Sonia Cash

    I love purple as it it a medium colour and makes me feel warm and calm

  3. Rai

    I love pastel green/aquamarine shades – the colour of peace and calm.


    My personal favourite colour has to be green as i’ve always loved that colour as a child and i wear so much green so i have to say green

  5. dana

    I love green as it reminds me of nature – grass and trees

  6. Amanda Baggott

    I love pink – it is so girly, fun and vibrant and I love the different shades

  7. Troy Easton

    Green and because there it’s the same colour as my home city Football club Plymouth Argyle.

  8. Mandy Betts

    Black, as it suits my personality

  9. paula cheadle

    I love all different colours, but, I love the colour green it reminds me of new growth ready for spring

  10. Helen Best

    I love all colours as each colour reminds me of so many different reasons & emotions in different situations

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