A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig

A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is one of Grace’s favourite TV shows and lucky for her there is a whole channel dedicated to the little pink pig on Nick Jr Peppa! She loves the programmes, and even loves the most recent film Peppa’s first cinema experience and whilst this is on you find her jumping around and dancing.

There is something about Peppa Pig that is super special and has taken the nation into it’s special world now for well over a decade.

A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig Family Clan

Peppa’s Secret Surprise!

Bringing the fun of Peppa Pig to a whole new level are these NEW Peppa’s Secret Surprise by Character Toys.

A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig Family Clan

Peppa’s Secret Surprise is set to bring today’s love of unboxing to the pre-school ages 3-5 years which the fans of the show will just love and adore.

A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig Family Clan

Grace was super excited to get started when she seen these, she studied the packaging and couldn’t wait to reveal what was inside Peppa’s Secret Surprise!

A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig Family Clan


To get started she tore down the outer wrapper, to which we are now left with the next level of unboxing! Just look at this, how exciting for any little boy or girl who are Peppa Pig mad!

What’s inside Peppa’s Secret Surprise?

A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig Family Clan

We are now left with a present for us to get our hands onto and explore.

There are six surprises within our Peppa’s Secret Surprise present, as you can see there are numbers and letters on our present. Each numbered space on the present is a pull out drawer, we pull the drawer open to reveal a surprise.

Starting at 1… Pull the draw out and inside there is surprise blind bag. Repeat the process all the way to number 6.

In our first Peppa’s Secret Surprise we revealed:-

Party Hat,
Sticker Sheet,
Slice of Cake,
Party Gift Box,
Peppa Pig character with glittery dress.

A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig Family Clan


Grace loved this, she was so thrilled that Peppa had a pretty sparkly dress on which is one alike to Grace owns.

This is a surprise present that keeps on giving as your child discovers exclusive figures in glittery party outfits. Children will be able to hunt for Peppa Pig and her friends including favourites Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit and Zoe Zebra.

Grace wasted no time wanting to reveal what was in the next Peppa’s Secret Surprise!

A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig Family Clan


In this one we revealed:-

Rebecca Rabbit in her sparkly dress,
Mrs Duck,
Party Hat,
Sparkly Cape Accessory,
Party Box,

My Thoughts

Aren’t they all just so fantastic! Grace is Peppa Pig mad and these have been absolutely perfect for her. She has loved the unboxing process, revealing the new exclusive special characters.

She already has a good selection of Peppa Pig toys which we have acquired over the years, so to see these new collection come out we are very much excited!

The characters will match all the playsets that are out, as it is the same great characters just exclusive as they are sparkly with great new accessories.

Releasing Series 1 this December with their yellow surprise box and ‘Party Theme’, and you won’t have to wait long as there will also be a followed up series in 2019 which will feature new coloured boxes, theme of figures and accessories to collect, we can’t wait!

View these and more great ranges at Character Toys.   These would make excellent stocking fillers for the Peppa Pig fan.

Mummy H & Grace

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4 Thoughts to “A Secret Surprise from Peppa Pig”

  1. Susan B

    What a lovely idea, especially for little ones who already know and own toys of each character.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Know a young lady who Will adore this – bet she gets one for Christmas

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    These look great. Would be good for my nephew

  4. Sharon Freemantle

    This looks great. I could see Layla-Mai loving this

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