Giveaway: A Round Up of Round Up!

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A Round Up of Round Up!

When you put a lot of effort into your garden, then you want it to show. Roundup are always there on hand ready to help out, whether it be with their weed killer to get rid of those pesky infiltrators or like us to help with a tree stump and it’s roots.

Round Up Weed Killer Stump & Root Killer Review Family Clan

We had a large tree growing down the garden and it was causing a blockage so much of the light coming into the back of the house that we decided, after a great deal of thought, to have it cut down. I think the tree surgeon who came to do the deed said it was an ash. It was in the garden when we moved into our home almost 28 years ago.

Round Up Weed Killer Stump & Root Killer Review Family Clan

Having had the tree cut down but we decided not to have the stump removed, as we thought we might like to make a feature out of the large stump, but we needed to stop it’s roots continuing to grow. They had started coming up further down the garden as new shoots. Round Up kindly sent us a bottle of their Stump and Root Killer to use for this purpose.

Round Up Weed Killer Stump & Root Killer Review Family Clan

It looks so much better then when Grand Dad Al started. We have been having “visits” from the two little dogs next door, who seemed to like using our garden as a toilet. We have now put some chicken wire in between the two garden to stop them! Their owner didn’t seem to be too bothered when we asked her to control her dogs more. With having the grand children visit, that is the last thing we need in the garden, dog waste!

Round Up Tree & Stump Killer & Weed Killer Review Family Clan

The Round Up weed killer has done a grand job on both the front and rear garden. The weeds are no more! Grand Dad Al got a pump/spray to use with the weed killer and within a day or two you could see them turning brown and dying.Round Up Tree & Stump Killer & Weed Killer Review Family Clan

We are not expert gardeners, but like our area to look neat and tidy. We have a few plants/flowers that come up every Spring including my favourite Blue Iris. I love these flowers as they where what Grand Dad Al bought me when we had our eldest son. They hold a special place in my heart and I think they look amazing when they are out.

Blue Iris Family Clan Blog

I also have a crab apple tree that blossoms every Spring. It’s so pretty and the bees seem to love it as much as me.

My Thoughts

Overall I am very impressed with how the products worked. Will update the post about the root problem as we go along but so far so good.

You can purchase Round Up products from Amazon, and other gardening supply stockists.

What is your favourite flower or plant?

Nanna Jane and Grand Dad Al – better mention him as he did all the work!

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  1. Natalie Crossan

    Spring – it’s so full of possibilities 🙂 and my mood always improves!

  2. Monika Bascombe

    Summer because its warm and i dont like cold mornings

  3. Andy Craig

    Summer, as I can get out in the garden most weekends!

  4. Deanie Gillies

    Spring… The start of all the flowering

  5. Simone Griffin

    I love Winter – I love seeing the frost outside

  6. Carolynn Woodland

    Summertime when I can actually enjoy relaxing in the garden.

  7. Lia Burns

    For me it has to be Spring because it’s not too cold and not too hot and I get to see the lovely flowers blooming x

  8. hannah igoe

    I love the summer and the long evenings where you feel like you get more out of the day

  9. champaklal Lad

    Summer -nice and warm, great for gardening and walks

  10. Paul Meulen

    autumn because of the crisp mornings

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