Giveaway – A Bucket of Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks Art Station Review Family Clan

The Little Brian Paint Sticks are a safe way for children to paint and explore through colour. Simple to use on paper they are fantastic and work so easy. Simply pick your colour, twist and let their imaginations run wild!

water are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of techniques &; blending, stamping, colour washing, scraping, and dotting. Experiment with different effects, and create watercolour pictures by gently brushing water over the picture. No need for brushes, water or the usual mess that comes with painting leaving you with no mess.

I’m sure you’ll agree at times, the thought of our kids painting and doing some artistic work is great, but then the thought of paint everywhere, water being spilled.  I admit, on a few occasions I’ve avoided getting the paints out for this reason, but with Paint Sticks, I encourage my children to use these.

Little Brian Paint Sticks 24 pack

Little Brian Paint Sticks Review Family Clan

With Little Brian Paint Sticks you just pick your colour, lift the lid and twist, unleash creativity and when finished just pack away –  no mess! Paint dries quickly within a minute. This fantastic set includes 24 colours Little Brian range of paint sticks. 12 classic colour, 6 day glow colours and 6 metallic colours.

Paint Stick Classic Art Station

Painting with Little Brian Paint Sticks Review Family Clan

The Little Brian Classic Art Station has a double sided art station which includes a whiteboard and chalkboard. With 6 classic paint sticks, 6 chalk sticks, 10 sheets of paper and 1 duster you have everything you need within the box to get started.

The Art Station is a perfect size for table top utilisation and is so simple to fold away. Your children will be able to unleash their creativity anywhere!

Grace set to work straight away putting Paint Stick to Paper and wanted to draw a house. The ease of use by the paint sticks is great, she just set up the Art Station and off she went to create her design pulling off the lids to the Paint Sticks.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Review by Family Clan

There is a handy clip which can be used to utilise the art station as an easel for painting or drawing on paper.

Painting with Little Brian Paint Sticks Review Family Clan

Here is her rainbow house using many different coloured Paint Sticks.

I love that they have absolutely no mess, I would even let her wear her best dresses and use Paint Sticks, and that’s saying something! They are also made from recyclable plastic.

The blackboard is on the reverse side where you can use the Chalk Sticks and the additional storage pots can be used to store both the Paint Sticks and Chalk Sticks whilst you set yourself to be super arty.

Painting with Little Brian Paint Sticks Review Family Clan

Grace found the Chalk Sticks really easy to use too!

Little Brian Paint Sticks Review Family Clan

This has been a super product that Grace has really enjoyed sitting with and creating designs.

Paint Sticks Bucket

Little Brian Paint Sticks Review Family Clan

This handy bucket comes with a carry handle so it can be carried / transported around easily by little hands.

Perfect for children to unleash creativity anywhere! Including 20 assorted paint sticks includes:- Super silky paints in strong vibrant classic, metallic and fluorescent colours; 12 classic colour, 6 day glow colours, 2 metallic colours silver and gold. You really can go wild and take these anywhere, make the world colourful!

Our Thoughts

Grace loves the Paint Sticks, they are a good hand held size and allows her to be creative in her drawings. With an instant visibility due to their bold colours. I love that she is not having to go over designs to stand out which I often find with water based paint.

We reviewed a similar set to these last year that you can read about Halloween Fun

Little Brian Paint Sticks Review Family Clan

You can find the wide range of Little Brian products from Amazon.

Paint Sticks are also a great chunky size allowing even the youngest of children to get great creative with little mess for you to clean up afterwards! You can read more about them on Little Brian website.

Mummy H & Grace

Giveaway:  Win Little Brian Paint Sticks Bucket

The lovely people at Little Brian have kindly offered us one of their buckets filled with Paint Sticks to giveaway for your little one too! If you would like a chance to win, just head to Family Clan Facebook page.

Little Brian Paint Sticks Review Family Clan


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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    These are brill – no mess – no fuss just fun – just what every family needs

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