5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU

5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU 

We have been so excited to reveal the new 5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU as you may have read from our previous posts.

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on three 5 SURPRISE Series 2 and Grace and Jake couldn’t wait to reveal what was hidden inside their, we were in for a treat!

Combining the magic of unboxing with the thrill of collectable toys, ZURU has launched the second series of 5 SURPRISE, the 5 SURPRISE Lucky Dip!

Let’s Get Opening Our 5 SURPRISE Series 2!

Each 5 SURPRISE contains five segments, each with an exciting toy hidden behind. Peel each layer to reveal your surprises!

There are two 5 SURPRISE’S to choose from, pink which is best suited for girls or blue, suited for boys.

What will be revealed could be anything from sparkly sequins, funky stationary and cute unicorns, the new range contains over 200 new toys to collect, including new figurines and rare, high-value chaser toys!

Within Grace’s first 5 SURPRISE, she revealed all things pretty. Hair clip piece, ring, doll figure, beads with elastic to make a bracelet or necklace and putty!

Everything a little girl could ask for right!

She just loved everything she found in her first 5 SURPRISE and was really suited well for her.

Even the putty I bravely let her loose with, bad mistake! I found it the next day mushed into her bedding, lesson learnt!

Jake’s 5 SURPRISE Series 2 Reveal.

After watching Grace open hers, he was so intrigued to what he would find hidden beneath the layers in his 5 SURPRISE.

Segment by segment he revealed a shark figure, fast car, fighter plane, car keyring with light built in, 3d effective stickers.

He loved revealing these!

Last but not least let’s reveal Grace’s last 5 SURPRISE

5 Surprise Series 2 Review by Family Clan


Segment by segment again, Grace checked each to see what she would reveal.

First we revealed felt stickers, (cat, llama and owl), orange cat ring, stamper (paw print), ice cream cone with animal inside and also a doll which doubled up into a cupcake when you flip her dress.

Our Thoughts

Grace has always been one to love her hand held toys, so the 5 SURPRISE has been a perfect hit for her. She is 5 and these suit so well for her age range I believe.

I do believe there has been more play value in the pink 5 SURPRISE, as Grace has played for ages where as Jake not so much, but this may well just be his age as he is 8. He enjoyed what he received but doesn’t get lost in play like Grace does.

The figures revealed by Grace have been in the bath with her and are currently on her bed side table.

I obviously look great with a pink and yellow hair from her clip due to the amount of times she puts it in my hair! Maybe a new look I should take up!

Kids will love sharing and swapping their toys to help create the ultimate collection!

5 SURPRISE is priced at £4.99  and are available from Smyths, The Entertainer, Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys.

You can view more on the 5 Surprise ZURU website.

Mummy H, Jake & Grace

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4 Thoughts to “5 SURPRISE Series 2 from ZURU”

  1. A S,Edinburgh

    These are really cute, I love all the stickers.

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    These look fun – sure our boys will enjoy them – not too expensive which is always a bonus

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Look cool. My son is probably a bit too old too

  4. Sharon Freemantle

    These look cute it’s definitely something Layla-Mai and Ava would love. They’re not to expensive either.

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