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5 Second Rule Spintensity

 An all-new, spinfully intense electronic version of 5 Second Rule!

Spintensity 5 Second Rule is the new electronic game that’s… Frantic, fast-talking fun! You’re racing to name 3 things in 5 seconds and press the timer to see what the spinner wants you to do next: name 3 more, 2 more, draw a new card or move on to the next player… or will the timer turn Red and sound you out!

You can’t afford to take your eyes off it! Now you know why the games; called Spintensity’, an intense game play on a new level!

Spintensity Review by Family Clan

Contents of the Spintensity Box:-

200 question cards which are double sided giving you 400 questions
6 playing pawns
Start & finish markers
Electronic timer

Game Play

If you have previously played any version of 5 Second Rule, you will know the great fun that can be had from this game. 5 Second Rule is a family game and it really is so much fun for all.
5 second rule collection

This family game is available in the standard edition and also Junior game and even travel sized. It sounds easy but when you get started, you really do come out with some irrelevant answers, which makes the game even more funnier.

The electronic timer starts each 2 minute round and you will race against the lights and sounds to name 3 things in 5 seconds, then name 2 more… or 3 more…. or take another question… or is it the next players turn?

After you have answered you need to quickly press the red button before time runs out! Time out? Continue to the next player and discard the question card.

When your turn is over, you are guided that it is then ‘next player’ turn. Kpawn

eep your question cards that you have won during your turn, until the end of the whole round which lasts 2 minutes.

Rounding Up

I like that the game is pretty compact, it doesn’t require a board. You simply use the middle central play piece and move your pawns around it per card you win. I.e. If you have won three question cards successfully you will then move your coloured playing pawn around the central piece that many times.
Spintensity Review by Family Clan

We really like how this version of the game is set out, we also think that having the additional electronic timer really has made the game so much more intense.

It doesn’t give you time to sit and choose a card for you opponent, you don’t have time for that, you just choose your next card in the deck and read it out. 5 seconds to read your question and 5 seconds to answer!

The quick thinking Spintensity game really has been a fun family game to play, aimed at age 12 plus, but this can be suitable for younger players too.

Our Thoughts

We have had so much fun, it was so fast paced and so funny as we came up with some funny answers that were irrelevant to the question. But this made the game funny, and although this game is suitable for ages 12 and over, I would definitely say it could be suited for younger too.

Our girls aged seven played and had great fun, but I found it easier for their age, due to the quick nature of the game, that I took the role of question master and asked them the questions, and they were pretty fast at answering 3 answers within the 5 second time frame.

This electronic version is even more frantic and fun than before! You can also combine the question cards from the other 5 Second Rule games for even more fun, which is what we are going to do on out next family game night. We are going to add the junior cards into the pile for the younger players.

5 Second rule Spintensity is available from, Argos, Smyths Toys and John Lewis.

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