Win a Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan Blog

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun

 We received a Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box which is in support of new Starmix and Tangfastics Frenzy Carnival which have been launched to help people get into the spirit of Rio this summer!
Available for a limited time only, Frenzy Carnival features the iconic product pieces found in Starmix and Tangfastics, but in a frenzy of exotic flavours and bright colours.
This was so funny to show the kids, they are used to the normal Haribo, so when they asked for an egg sweet and I pulled out a green egg they laughed!

They’re is a big mixture of carnival flavours in the two packs.
Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan Blog

Haribo Starmix Frenzy carnival –  Limited Edition
Heart is Peach flavoured
Rings are Mango & Peach, Mango & Lime, Peach & Apricot rings
Teddy Bears are (Pink) Watermelon, (Blue) Banana and (Purple) Lime
Egg is Mango flavoured
Bottle is Grapefruit & Pineapple

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan BlogThese were really enjoyable and the kids absolutely loved them asking which flavours they were before eating.
Fruit flavour and sweet foam gums the pack is 160g so a generous size to share.

Haribo Tangfastics Frenzy Carnival –  Limited Edition
Crocodile is (yellow) Banana, (pink) Pineapple, (green) Melon and (purple) Lime
Rings are Lime & Pineapple and Melon & Mango
Cherries are Lemonade & Lime
Bottle are Grapefruit & Pineapple

Fizzy fruit flavour and sweet foam gums the pack is 160g a nice generous size to share, tangy but so full of flavour!

Our carnival pack included lots of goodies for our very own carnival which we held straight away as the sun was beaming.
I opened the box and to my surprise it even had carnival music playing when I opened it!! The kids loved it.
We started to create our own carnival party shaking the Samba Shaker taking it in turns and each shouting ‘Partyyyyy’ as they were running around the house getting into the Rio Carnival spirit!
Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box

We used glitter glue pens and feather to design the masks and even the green and pink shredded tissue that came in the box Jake used on his too with his creative little mind!

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan BlogAlso included in the box was Confetti cannon and two Party Poppers lots of fun and made the afternoon fun especially now that they are on school holidays!

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan Blog

The Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box contains everything you need to have your own mini Rio-style celebration:

  • Bag of HARIBO Starmix Frenzy Carnival
  • Bag of HARIBO Tangfastics Frenzy Carnival
  • 4 carnival masks
  • A mix of colourful accessories for decoration
  • A Samba Shaker
  • A Confetti Cannon
  • Party Poppers
  • Limited edition HARIBO Frenzy Carnival Box with a special surprise

We are excited about the Rio Olympics that start on the 5th August we will be cheering team GB on.  We are looking forward to all the different sports from archery to weight lifting.  We have friends representing us in archery, so we will be glued to the television, hoping the aim straight at the gold!

Go Team Haribo and Team GB!!

Mummy H

Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun Family Clan Blog

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249 thoughts on “Win a Haribo Frenzy Mini Carnival Box of Fun

  1. I enjoy it all but particularly the diving.It really has the wow factor and Tom Daley is always fantastic.

  2. I like watching the athletics, but I also enjoy the sports we don’t see on telly very often like the canoeing and archery!

  3. You know people in archery?! How exciting, that’s the one I’m most looking forward to! It’s one of the only sports I was much good at when I was younger, and I love all the weight of history behind it. Though I haven’t done any in ages. It always made me feel like I was part of an ancient tradition. Hmm. I should go back to it, really. Or at least check to see if there are any clubs where I live now.

    I also like watching athletics, and I’m really looking forward to the Paralympics too.

  4. I’ve always loved watching the gymnastics – as a child I used to admire the Russian female gymnasts, such stamina and strength and grace.

  5. I love all the events at the Olympics and tend to watch as much as I can – I particularly like the swimming and gymnastics events, but athletics, sailing, archery and events I don’t follow throughout the 4-year gap suddenly interest me 🙂 I would like to add that this feeling continues for the Paralympics – great sports featuring world-class athletes and lots of inspirational and touching stories too, including those of ex-service men and women. Roll-on Rio 😀

  6. I love the equestrian events although I’m worrying with the climate as it’s especially challenging for both horse and rider.

  7. I am torn beteen the road cycle race and the female heptathlon – they are so precise on timings, etc

  8. I love watching the gymnastics. They are amazing. It takes me back to my childhood when I used to be able to do some of the movements. Now I just feel old.Lol.

  9. The Judo, love watching Gemma win the tactical side of the sport. It’s all about patience and technique.

  10. I love watching as much of the paraolympic races as possible. The dedication and determination of those individuals is amazing. I have so much respect for them.

  11. The women’s hockey. I was lucky enough to watch two of the matches in the Olympic Park in London 2012 with my niece and we loved the atmosphere…we even got to see the eventual gold medalists – The Netherlands.

  12. Swimming – it’s the only sport I was ever really any good at, so it interests me the most. My kids love it too!

  13. Track and field. I ran in college, so I can really appreciate it. I particularly love watching the steeplechase because it’s such a difficult event to to.

  14. I always enjoy the Athletics as I have family members that used to compete, so it’s always been a firm favourite for us.

  15. I love the gymnastics at the Olympics, it’s always beautiful to watch! at the paralympics, I will be really looking forward to wheelchair basketball – those guys are like superheroes the speed that they can move at!

  16. I love watching the gymnastics and the long distance running, I find it more exciting than some of the other sports

  17. Can I ask – I enjoy your blogs and comps, but does Bloglovin qualify for following as “other social media” ??

  18. I’ve watched a bit of everything this year. My highlight so far was Mo Farah & his very well deserved win after he fell over, got up and carried on AND still won!! Legend x

  19. Gymnastics. My daughter loves it, she is trying to copy them. I think we may start her gymnastics lessons in sept

  20. we have loved the swimming and diving, my grandson is having swimming lessons at the moment and really enjoys them

  21. I like the gymnastics – love the bar as it must take a lot of skill and looks terrifying when they back flip across it!

  22. The track cycling because I love cycling and the speed and excitement, plus the fact we are rather good at it always helps 🙂

  23. I love the gymnastics. I always have. I did it a little bit when I was younger but broke my wrist and my Mum never let me do it again. I wish I could have carried on though.

  24. I’ve really enjoyed the gymnastics because I was a gymnast when I was younger – nothing like the standard that they are, they are amazing!

  25. Gymnastics. both my daughter and i enjoy watching this. beautiful to watch , not so beautiful when i try lol

  26. I have loved all the sports but think the dynamism of the cycling has done it for us this time due to the sheer excitement factor.

  27. Loved the dressage and the show-jumping. So pleased for Nick Skelton winning his gold. A huge fan of his since I don’t know when and met him years ago and he’s lovely! 🙂

  28. loving the gymnastics, i always loved watching them and sat wishing i could do half the moves they can… such talent!

  29. the diving. so athletic – love the danger (they are getting closer and closer to hitting their head on the board) and it’s quite fun when it goes wrong and there’s a belly or back flop

  30. I love watching the cycling,its so crazy and exciting how quick it goes.It really gets me on the edge of my seat!

  31. I love the swimming, they seem superhuman the speeds they achieve, would take me a good hour to do the distance they do haha

  32. i always love watching the athletics i always used to do high jump and long jump at school due to my height and still enjoy watching it

  33. I am enjoying the Swimming as it is one of my favourite sports and something I love to do myself when I get the chance, great way to keep fit x

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