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DIWAH Jewellery

When presented with a lovely box like this who wouldn’t want to recieve jewellery from DIWAH.  DIWAH Jewellery Family Clan Blog

DIWAH Jewellery Family Clan Blog

Final Design from Email

I had previously looked at their lovely designs, so I was super pleased when they got in touch with me. Janet, the founder & creative director of DIWAH, is ever so pleasant & offered to design me a unique piece, what woman can resist that! I’ve never owned unique jewellery so really excited when I went to the site to look at what we could have.

I started out by looking at their website.  They have some gorgeous designs from opera cluster necklaces to thin single row bracelets, even rings. With the huge range available there is something to suit everyone.  You can buy ready made jewellery , design one yourself or like me, you just let them know what you like or dislike & they will design a piece especially for you. The customization nature of DIWAH jewellery means they can suit any style, any occasion, any personality!

DIWAH Jewellery Family Clan BlogI decided I wanted a long opera cluster style necklace. I have been kept up to date with all aspects of the design & making process, lots of emails with photographs of the stones chosen, & then various designs. I was really awkward as I chose stones from a few designs, but it was no trouble at all. I was able to approve the final design.

My necklace arrived wrapped in copious amounts of cerise pink tissue paper & bubble wrap. I was actually shaking with excitement as I carefully unwrapped it & there it lay my own unique necklace. I love it.  I can’t wait to wear it when Granddad Al & I go out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Can you believe we’ve been married almost 27 years!

I’d like to thank Janet for designing my necklace & Heather for putting the idea into reality.DIWAH Jewellery Family Clan Blog

DIWAH are a UK company, based in Jesmond, near Newcastle. All their jewellery is hand made & absolutely gorgeous!

Would like to own a piece of DIWAH jewellery? One lucky reader can own a piece or even get one uniquely design for you up to the value of £50. I really can’t recommend them highly enough.

Nanna Jane

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We was sent this necklace from DIWAH Jewellery to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

135 thoughts on “Win DIWAH Jewellery Giveaway & Review

  1. The Eternity ring that my husband surprised me with on our wedding anniversary, it was such a loving gesture and he chose perfectly

  2. A heart locket, with a photograph of my late dad and mum, my mum gave it to me and told me my dad brought it for her for her 21st, its beautiful

  3. My favourite piece of jewellery is the Pandora bracelet that my older brother bought me for my 21st birthday! It’s a beautiful dark purple colour and it’s perfect for any occasion

  4. My gold bracelet is my favourite piece of jewellery, my parents brought it for me for my 18th Birthday, I only take it off when I really have to (hospital appointments etc) xxx

  5. My gold locket given to me by my daughter when we lost our son, her brother, eight years ago. It has a picture of them both in it.

  6. My diamond engagement ring, because we chose it together but also because it is about 100 years old and I love the thought that it belonged to someone else before me. It has a previous inscription inside the band and I just love the history and the love that this ring has shared in.

  7. I have an Edwardian oblong cut aquamarine given to me by my aunt. I love it because it’s an antique yet looks so contemporary.

  8. My engagement ring is my favourite piece of jewellery, which we chose together and ties us together 🙂

  9. My favourite piece of jewellery is a necklace that was bought for me by one of my oldest friends – I’ve had it for years and it’s the sentimental value that makes me love it so much!

  10. My favourite piece of jewellert is a gold signet ring- my mum and dad bought a piece of gold and had it made for me many years ago for my 21st birthday.

  11. My favourite piece of jewellery is a silver spider ring that my husband bought me about 10 years ago. I love insect jewellery and have quite a collection of it :o)

  12. It will forever be a silver Claddagh ring my nan gave me when I was a little girl. It was my first ‘proper’ piece of jewellery and the heart clasped between two hands is very symbolic for me as to how I felt about nan. x

  13. My all time favourite piece of jewellery is my engagement ring, for both sentimental reasons and because it’s very pretty 🙂

  14. My favorite piece of jewelry is diamond earring that my husband gave to me. I love them more than my wedding ring.

  15. My favourite piece of jewelry is a diamond ring my grandma gave me for my 18th birthday 🙂 I’ve been wearing it daily since then as I love it so much!

  16. A gold and diamond wishbone necklace my husband bought for me to wear on our wedding day, i love it but i cant say its brought us much luck

  17. My favorite piece of jewelry is Magal surta (Gold and black bead necklace) which my husband put on my neck during our marriage.

  18. my new storm watch i brought at my local car boot sale last weekendvbecause i only paid £15 (right bargain!!!)

  19. My favourite piece of jewellery is a ring i bought in Turkey about 10 years ago. It’s quirky but at the same time timeless.

  20. My favourite is a braelet i bought off etsy from a shop called faeryflair. Its so pretty so i keep buying more now

  21. My favourite is a resin necklace in turquoise I bought from Etsy. I love it because it’s unique and very bold. So glad to have found DWAH as it is just my thing!

  22. My wedding ring purely for the commitment and love it shows between us. I’m such a strong believer in the sanctity of marriage it means so much to me.

  23. My favourite piece of jewellery is a turquoise and silver necklace my boyfriend gave me. It’s my favourite as it was a present for our first anniversary together.

  24. My favourite and most precious piece of jewellery is my late Mum’s wedding ring which I wear on my little finger. She died 19 months ago and its remained on my finger since the day she died.


  26. My favourite piece of jewellery is my wedding ring which belonged to my Great GrandMother and has passed to my Mom and then on to me <3 X x

  27. I love the Monochrome Heart Pendant Necklace, the colour is very me, its bold but not over the top.

  28. My wedding ring, just a gold band with single stone, but represent my eternal love for my husband and our solid connection to each other x

  29. My Engagement ring. My fiancé took me to Jewellers to choose the ring, we decided together on most suitable ring.

  30. Tough one. I have an expanding bangle that my Hubby bought me after he heard the story of me burying one I was given at my christnening in the garden! But then he also designed & had made at the jewellery quarter an emerald ring as emerald is my birthstone.

  31. My favourite piece of jewellery is a vintage 1940’s Sapphire Diamond and Platinum necklace left to me by my great aunt.

  32. I love bracelets, and one is very special to me as it is like a charm bracelet but all the charms are tiny glass chillies. Chilli growing is a hobby of my husband’s, so I love to wear it when I’m out and about with him to show my support.

  33. My favourite piece of jewellery is my wedding ring – because the happiest phase of my life started the day my husband put it on my finger.

  34. My favourite piece of jewellery is a silver bracelet made up of interlinked crabs. It was a gift from my husband and matches our surname

  35. My fave is a necklace and earrings set my children bought me last year for my birthday it’s so simple and elegant and goes with everything!

  36. i dont have a lot of jewellery, but my favorite is my wedding ering, it took 16 years after the engagement ring to be put onn there lol

  37. I have a beautiful necklace that I bought with money I recieved from my grandad, as he is no longer here it’s a lovely reminder of him. Thanks

  38. My favourite piece of jewellery is my engagement ring. When I first got engaged and showed it to my friends they all thought I’d chosen it myself, as it was my style exactly. My now husband just completely had me in mind when he bought it. I love to look at it, it’s ruby, sapphire and diamond and looks stunning.

  39. My favourite piece I own id my locket. From the website I like the Clear Quartz Crystal Bracelet the best xx

  40. my diamond and white gold engagement, it means so much because we were shopping and my husband wanted a brand new PS2 at the time, he saw one in the shop and told me to wait in the foodcourt, when he returned it was with a tiny bag, he had spent his computer money on a ring for me

  41. I love my silver bracelet bought at Camden market decades ago. It is rough, huge and looks like old prison chains, still stylish and commented upon now.

  42. I have a silver and blue topaz Celtic knot necklace that my husband bought me for our wedding day. It always reminds me of our special day

  43. I have a lovely gold chain with tiny little gold circles, which my daughter bought me from a unique shop in Greenwich Village in New York…

  44. mine is my wedding ring because it was given to me by my lovely husband and we will have been married 28 years at the end of this month which makes it even more special

  45. My favourite piece of jewellery is a necklace of smooth,round, jade beads that my son brought me back from Aghanistan. As well as being a lovely piece of jewellery it was given with love.

  46. My beautiful Millefiori Murano glass bracelet that I bought for myself from the atelier on the island of Murano in Venice!

  47. I have a beautiful bracelet that used to be my mums when she was alive and whenever I wear it I remember her beautiful smile.

  48. My ‘not-engagement ring’,given to my by my partner after 13 years,another 15 years have passed & we,re still not engaged!

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