Belgian Chocolate Review from Serenata Flowers

Belgian Chocolate Review from Serenata Flowers

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Well what can I say, a large box of Belgian chocolate from Serenata Flowers, was delivered just the other day and we were short of someone to try them out so I was volunteered, (there’s no justice) so I undertook the hardest task of having to taste and eat Belgian chocolate! They are from Serenata Flowers & cost only £35.99, they really would make a great present. I recommend them.
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They come in a lovely mint blue & white striped Serenata Hampers box, which opens to show ta black box with a pretty white ribbon, bow & card tied on the corner. Just opening the box is a delight with the lovely ribbon & bow, then it hit me, the smell I mean ‘oh what a smell!’ Intensive rich aroma of chocolate with hints of the delights to come.

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Serenata Hampers Luxury Belgian Chocolates Family Clan Blog 11The next task was to taste the chocolate that was made harder by the far, that there was no menu slip inside or on the box as to what was inside the chocolates ‘pot luck’, It was a bit of a mystery tour, but a nice tour as the chocolates were scrumptious, truly scrumptious to coin a phrase and very rich.

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Anyway I tasted every individual one (2 or 3 in one sitting) over the week ‘they last longer that way’ 😉 I would highly recommend these Belgian chocolates as they are great for a treat. Not being a chocoholic like Nanna Jane, I can’t swear they are the best chocolates out there but oh boy they must be close.

The brilliant bit of news is that the lovely people at Serenata Flowers have been kind enough to offer one of you lucky readers a chance to win a box of Belgian chocolates of your own. Serenata Flowers have a wide range of gifts from flowers to balloons & teddy bears.

Grandad Al

For a chance to win just enter the Rafflecopter below, the first question is mandatory & if you don’t leave a comment then none of your further entries will count. Do as many or as little as you like, you can come back every day to gain more entries.  UK Only.

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Serenata Flowers sent us the hamper for us to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.  Serenata Fllowers are responsible for sending out this prize.

713 thoughts on “Belgian Chocolate Review from Serenata Flowers

  1. This is hard because I love all chocolate! My “least favourite” would probably have to be dark chocolate and my favourite would be white chocolate!

  2. like the darkest chocolate possible,not keen on white chocolate ,it is too sweet for me,like quite bitter chocolates

  3. I absolutely love chocolate covered turkish delight, my least favourite is coffee but it depends on which brand its from.

  4. I like all sorts of chocolate, especially chocolate covered toffee. I dislike the cheap chocolate used in chocolate coins and that sort of thing…

  5. least fave, umm coconut I think, eughhh. And the bestest flavour has got to be orange chocolate, yummyyyy! although I do like most flavours, alcoholic chocolates are yucky too

  6. My least favourite chocolate is cherry flavour however my favourite is any form of dark chocolate (the darker the better)

  7. Most favourite is white, least favourite… Hmm not sure I have one. I don’t really like coffee flavoured chocolate :/

  8. My favourite chocolate flavour is…..all of them. My least favourite is…… I don’t understand the question. 🙂

  9. My most favourite is orange though I like most soft centres, my least favourite is coconut. I like the flavour but can’t stand the texture.

  10. Coffee is my favourite, shortly followed by turkish delight..
    My worst has to be liqueur types ones with booze inside. 🙁 blergh

  11. I love white chocolate because a lot of milk and dark chocolate brands tend to give me headache (not that I look like I don’t eat a lot of chocolate). 🙂

  12. Milk chocoate with vanilla cream inside is my absolute favourite! I don’t really like the ones with cherry liqueur

  13. Although I love coffee I hate coffee flavour chocolates (fortunately hub loves them so they don’t go to waste ) and I adore nougat or praline

  14. I love chocolate because it is made in so many ways
    So many techniques,
    Leaves me in a haze
    It can be made up with many streams,
    Or made up with many swirls,
    A full bodied chocolate,
    Or a cream,
    For a boy,
    Or a girl,
    But the best for me
    It’s got to be
    Chocolate with Brazil nuts in it

  15. I HATE coffee chocolates but absolutely adore truffles! I usually hog all of the truffles out of any selection box

  16. My least favourite chocolate is white chocolate and least favourite filling is strawberry cream – I will always choose milk chocolate, my absolute favourite being coffee cream.

  17. I’m not too fussy. Do love most chocolates in particular salted caramel. Probably my least favourite would be pure dark chocolate.

  18. I love all the soft centered ones (coffee, strawberry and orange!). My least favourite are probably the fudge and toffee.

  19. gosh,you’ve got me thinking .. there are no flavours i don’t like ..maybe the orange flavoured chocolates are left to last, but I still eat them. my favourite is strawberries xx

  20. Love strawberry cream. Don’t like anything with a hard centre. Fantastic prize, Family Clan! (If I win I’ll send you back all the hard centres, but please excuse the teeth marks ha ha ha)

  21. Least favourite? Is that even possible? I suppose if it’s wrapped around turkish delight I’d leave it. Most favourite is definitely mint chocolate!

  22. Most favourite is milk chocolate (love strawberry creams!) and least favourite is really dark chocolate (but that’s hubbys favourite)

  23. You can’t have a least favourite chocolate. That’s known as heresy in my kingdom. My favourite, however, is: ANY CHOCOLATE! 🙂

  24. Orange fondant creams are my favourite…(everyone elses in my family unfortunately). The coffee creams are not on my list…they’re the ones still left in the Christmas tin until Easter!

  25. Least favorite is plain dark chocolate, or cookies & cream flavored crud, no thanks! But I love all other flavors of chocolate, so I can’t choose a favorite!

  26. Least favourite – anything with wafer or whole nuts, most favourite – loads (!) especially ginger, orange or mint with dark chocolate

  27. Least favourite is coffee,it should never ever be in a box of chocolates,I love a cup of coffee but in chocolates,nooo,stop !,don’t do it.My favourite is a bit of a dilemma as there are two that I love,strawberry and orange,scrummy,yummy,and they count as part of your 5 a day !,so you can eat loads and be really healthy x

  28. My least favourite chocolate flavour is orange or coffee. Why you would do that to chocolate I have no idea. My most favourite flavour is toffee or caramel! mmmmmmm

  29. Favourite is milk chocolate with sea salt, least favourite….hmmm…I had a dark chocolate with lime once which I wouldn’t want to repeat.

  30. Most favourite – something bitter in dark chocolate – chilli I think
    Least Favourite – anything sweet – strawberry!

  31. Turkish delight is the best one, possibly mint as the least liked, what a tough question, I will need a taste test now.

  32. My favourite is chocolate truffle and my least favourite is one from home which has pieces of cheese and onion crisp in chocolate!

  33. Love pretty much any chocolate – particularly caramel or nuts. Not a fan of dark chocolate with alcohol filling!

  34. I hate fruit crème chocolates with a passion – luckily the husband loves them so there are never any left. My favourite chocolate is mint chocolate, doesn’t matter if it’s white, dark or milk I love it!

  35. I do not particularly like fruits in my chocolate, I do like milk chocolate and white chocolate. These are my favorites.

  36. my fave is salted caramel and my least favourite is anything really bad quality and full of too much sugar!

  37. I hate the coffee ones. My favorite is a toss up between caramel, mint, or peanut butter. It really depends on my mood and the quality of the flavor.

  38. Favourite is milk, dark my least but lying a bit as I love them all and more for me with the dark choc as my daughter doesn’t like them x

  39. Favourite has to be dark chocolate and least favourite has to be whisky alcohol flavoured chocolates!

  40. Oh my goodness, Chocolate heaven! Fingers crossed, these would be an epic treat for when I’m recovering from my hip replacement this Christmas!

  41. I absolutely love dark chocolate, the higher percentage cocoa the better! Cannot stand milk chocolate, would rather have none…

  42. I love dark chocolate, especially with sea salt. I do not like white chocolate, no matter how many times I try I just don’t enjoy it.

  43. My least favourite chocolate is anything with marzipan, while my favourite would have to be white chocolate with lemon mousse centre.

  44. My least favorite is Turkish delight and favorite is caramel. I’m a chocoholic and would love to win this amazing giveaway!

  45. My least favourite is fruity chocolate, I don’t like strawberry or orange flavours! My favourite is nutty chocolate! yummy!

  46. My favourite type of chocolate is dark chocolate with raspberry filling, least favourite type is anything with white chocolate.

  47. My least favourite chocolate flavour is the ones with brazil nuts in and my favourite chocolate flavour is the ones with cherries in.

  48. My least favourite are chocolates orange cremes and my most favourite…hmm, that’s a really difficult one. Toblerone I think!

  49. I utterly love chocolate with pistachio flavouring, but don’t like any form of spicy chocolate. It’s a bit too hot hot hot, baby!

  50. My most favourite is strawberry cream with dark chocolate – sensational! My worst is anything with coffee, especially when it surprises you! I hate them because I hate coffee!

  51. My favourite is caramel. My least favourite is Rose or Violet (have some in the cupboard that I can’t tempt anyone to eat!)

  52. My favourite is mint, especially crunchy mint chocolates (don’t like mint creams very much). My least favourite is definitely Turkish Delight. Yuck.

  53. least fav is definitely coffee – yuk! But best is hazlenut prailine, but also love raspberry with dark milk chocolate

  54. They look so enticing. I wish someone would give me a task like this one. I like all flavours of chocolate. Strawberry if my favourite. I don’t have a least favourite one.

  55. My least favourite is cherry and my most favourite – and I know this is controversial – is gooseberry. I was probably the only person who was devastated when Quality Street dropped their gooseberry cream about 30 years ago!

  56. My least favourite flavour is anything containing Turkish delight or toffees in any form. I love coffee flavours…can’t be beaten;)

  57. This would be perfect for my daughters boyfriend who is a chocoholic. He has been posted in the USA with the RAF and has really missed good quality chocolate xxx

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