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SafeTOTS have a wide range of safety equipment from door & window locks to smoke alarms & fire extinguishers, but today we are concentrating on their range of baby gates.

Baby gates are an absolute must for when your little ones starts to get active! From attempting the mountain climb of stairs, or protecting them from the cooker that is on!


Babies and children can be sneaky and quiet so could turn your back and them be close to the cooker, so it is great to have the baby gate at the kitchen door for child safety.

Having them on the top of the stairs is great just to stop any unwanted tumbles down! Peace of mind for any parent.

You can see more of their baby gates & other safety items on their website

SafeTots have been kind enough to offer us a self closing baby gate in white in the standard size of 75cm-82cm worth £27.99

You can purchase this baby gate on Amazon

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SafeTOTs asked us to review their products, we have not received any money or other goods to do this.  Our opinions are in no way swayed by this it. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings

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199 thoughts on “Win a SafeTOTS Baby Gate Giveaway worth £27.99

  1. With my baby turning 8 months she will soon be on the go and living in a townhouse our living room is on the Middle floor these gates are great I will soon be buying 5 one for the kitchen to

  2. Socket Covers, cupboard locks, table corner cover, all cleaners/chemicals/dangerous house plants out of reach

  3. Definitely a fire guard, Some cupboards need cupboard locks on under sink cupboards with bleach etc in them. I would not worry about pots and pans children get lots of fun out of them! Stair gates is also a must.

  4. I would like to win this. My brother is having a baby very soon and they have other children. This would be great thing to have. I will have to look around.

  5. When they are toddling just taking those first steps check that rugs are not likely to be tripped over. That socks and wooden floors to not always make for steady feet either.

  6. Move everything up a level and remember to cover up plug sockets.. babies like putting their fingers in little holes!

  7. Always remember to close your stair gate before going to bed or u will wake up in the middle of the night and catch ur little one trying to go downstairs on their own , like me! (Unless of course u have a self closing one) ?

  8. Keep things high up especially medcines and knives and remember to keep your safety updated kids grom fast and before you know it they can reach the draws and cupboards that they once couldn’t

  9. When making things safe, first get down to their level and look up and around and you will see things from their perspective

  10. Fit safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to stop a baby from climbing stairs or falling down them. Close the gates properly after you go through them.

  11. always make sure you have cupboard locks and also plug covers as they always seem to be able to find something to poke in the sockets

  12. Block of entry into the kitchen when cooking and need to keep an eye out with a large toy that blocks the door or a washing basket that’s empty

  13. Always keep toilet lid down or better still get a lock on it as your child WILL try and put his/her hands down and touch the water! x

  14. Beware that even kitchen electrical items such as blenders, mixers, choppers, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave oven noises can be frightening when being used – so timing, sound proffing etc will help

  15. Never leave a baby with a dog alone in a room. Even the most loving , sweet tempered animal has it in their genes to strike if frightened.

  16. Cots are the safest place for a sleeping baby, sofas have large gaps and some with lots of cushions, which could be dangerous.

  17. use plug socket covers to stops little fingers getting in them , also it will stop little fingers puttung things into the holes , they are not expensive and worth every penny

  18. Make sure you have a stair gate at the top and bottom of your stairs to prevent falling down and wondering up the stairs!

  19. if you cannot afford corner protectors for your furniture so baby does not catch his head on corners try bubble wrap or foam

  20. Whilst your young child shouldnt be coming down stair on their own, teach them to come down on their bottoms. That way if they are ever faced with stairs they will come down on their bottoms rather than stepping of the top step.

  21. Putting safety locks on all cupboards and drawers so they learn not to try and go in them and harm themselves

  22. Get down on the floor, pretend you’re child height and see what could hurt you. Then you’ll know what you need to move or make safe

  23. If you have older children, teach them the importance of putting their things away so that their younger siblings cannot choke on a found small item.

  24. Buy corner guards for tables at eye height (when you have a toddler) and I used to wrap a stocking around door handles (eg make a loop and hook it round the front and back handle of any door) to prevent them fromclosing and trapping fingers!

  25. Give them opportunities to safely explore and challenge themselves so they can learn safety skills at their own pace. (But, of course, always supervise these activities.)

  26. Don’t leave them in the bath unattended and also a playpen is a good solution for making sure your child is in safe place and can’t come to any harm as you potter in the kitchen.

  27. If you own cats or dogs, use a net over the cot or crib just in case the animal sneaks into the room unnoticed. Also, try to spend some time with pets as well as the baby.

  28. Always make sure your tv is secured to your tv unit (or even better – mounted on a wall), as they can easily tip-over if they get knocked.

  29. Never leave free-standing items where babies/children can get them! Floor mirrors, TV’s etc are an accident waiting to happen!

  30. If you’re nervous about bathing baby, put them in the big bath in shallow water (continuously splashing them to keep them warm) as they can lay flat on the bottom rather than needing supporting. New babies can feel very slippery while you’re trying to wash them!

  31. Don’t just remove everything dangerous from their reach, encourage them to learn what is dangerous and what isn’t. Just don’t leave them alone!

  32. Clear the area for the next reach up because they will be doing it before you know, so clear for walking when they are crawling.

  33. At bathtimes if they are unsure of the bath, get in with them. It’s a perfect time to bond and you are there as security for them.

  34. Lock undersink cupboards with chemicals in….saying that I never childproofed anything for my son as he couldn’t get around until he was 13 months & then wasn’t very curious!

  35. I think most important for our children safety is teach them how to behave in situation which can be potentially danger, ex. ask them to stop and wait before they cross the road and explain them why every single time we are crossing the road until it will become their habit.

  36. I put a coffee table in front of the TV stand to stop the TV being used as a drum & to prevent it being pulled over

    Kelly Ellen Hirst

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