Win A Lovely Cat Print Scarf – Giveaway

We haven’t run a giveaway for a while so thought it was about time we did!

You have the chance to win this beautiful soft warm pink scarf with a lovely cat print on it, perfect for all you feline lovers out there. Family Clan Blog Cat Print Scarf 2

It measures 168 x 38 cm approx, so it’s long enough to wrap around your neck, shoulders or even your waist as a belt.  The picture below is the nearest I could get to the colour.  Had great difficulties lighting with this lovely summer weather we are having!!

Family Clan Blog Cat Print Scarf 4

It’s so cute perfect for any season as an accessory.  A scarf can change the whole look of your outfit, just adding one can give you a new look, from office to restaurant maybe.

Nanna Doll usually wears a scarf whatever the weather to keep her neck warm, well she was 84 a fortnight ago!  She has different thicknesses that she wears depending on how warm or cold the day is.

I purchased this with the intent of giving you, our blog reader, the chance to win it. I hope you like it.

For a chance to win just enter the Rafflecopter below, the first question is mandatory & if you don’t leave a comment then none of your further entries will count.  Do as many or as little as you like, you can come back every day to gain more entries.  UK Only.

PLEASE NOTE: mandatory comment MUST be made or your entries will NOT count.


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Good Luck.  Nanna Jane X

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376 thoughts on “Win A Lovely Cat Print Scarf – Giveaway

  1. Sounds predictable but scarves, love my pandora and troll bracelets but i can’t leave the house without a scarf 🙂

  2. I always forget to put on jewellery (sadly) but a scarf is a must! I find they also double up as really handy, discreet breastfeeding cover ups as well so they are a wardrobe essential for me at the moment!

  3. It depends on the weather – if it’s nice it tends to be earrings, but when it’s wet and cold (like Wales in summer) then it has to be scarves

  4. Always a scarf! Lightweight to carry but can make all the difference if you feel a bit chilly, can be used to protect myself from the sun, breastfeed my baby under, and even use as a sarong! Multifunctional!

  5. My scarf. If it rains it can offer some shelter if its blazing hot it can still offer some shelter, why would you ever leave home without a scarf

  6. I think I’ll have to say earrings because I feel naked without them lol but I love cats & pink so this scarf is lush! x

  7. I do like jewellery,Bracelets & necklaces you can pick up a colour from your clothes & match your jewellery to it..Their are lots of lovely coloured bracelets & stoned necklaces nowadays.

  8. My favourite accessory is a cat sitting on my shoulder (quite literally, my cat has enjoyed being carried around perched like a parrot, since he was a kitten!) =^^=

  9. I have a thing for handbags! I`d even go so far as to say that my relationship with them is a trifle unhealthy! But we make each other very, very happy !

  10. My labrador print scarf, it goes with everything and makes any outfit feel 2000% better, but is wearing a bit thin!

  11. Scarves are my favourite. So versatile. I wear them all year round. Some times I wear them round my waist to brighten up a plain outfit. I hang them round my neck with a scarf ring at the front or even use them like a tie under a collar. I wear them round my shoulders or with a jacket that doesn’t button right up I wear them inside it so they just show round the edge.

  12. I dont go anywhere without my locket with pictures and a snip of hair of my two little boys who were adopted at a young age. That was they are always close to me

  13. My favourite accessory is my small handbag. After years of carrying the kitchen sink I now feel keys money and go so much more fun .

  14. this scarf would be the puuuurfect to cheer my daughter up who is so very sad this weekend as she had to say goodbye to her handsome black cat Morris

  15. Earrings I’ve got loads of them. So much easier to carry off than necklaces if you’re bigger chested like me.

  16. My favourite accessory is my scarves. I never, ever leave the house without wearing one so I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for this amazing prize!

  17. scarves, they can hide bad hair days aswell as hiding that bit of coffee you spilt down your top earlier ! LOL x

  18. Scarves are my thing I use them to dress up plain outfits, in the summer the larger ones double up as sarongs/coverups they are such useful accessories,i would love to win and add to my collection

  19. I love and I have to wear scarves. In fall and winter I’d be ill all the time without them, so scarve are my life savers 🙂

  20. My favourite accessory indoors is a cat to keep my neck warm; I have six purries to choose from! Outside, I have to make do with a pretty scarf.

  21. I have crystal chip bracelets that I wear with everything. I have loads of different colours to go with whatever outfit I am wearing.

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