Where’s Spot? By Eric Hill

Where’s Spot? – The original lift-the-flap book by Eric Hill

We have received ‘Where’s Spot?’ book to review.

In this house we are BIG Spot lovers! Our favourite puppy has always been number one since I was a little girl, and also now for Jake and Grace who love Spot too.

Eric Hill’s loveable puppy, Spot, has been an integral part of early childhood since he first appeared in the classic lift-the-flap storybook Where’s Spot? in 1980. A firm favourite with parents and pre-schoolers, Spot’s toddler like behaviour introduces children to new experiences through friendship and play.

Spot is truly international and his adventures have been published in over 50 languages (including sign language and Braille book editions) selling over 60 million books.

Jake Where's Spot Family Clan Blog

Jake at Five Months Old with Spot

Jake received a gift set which was a book and Spot cuddly puppy when he was a baby. Since then Spot has been a big hit in our house and has been on many adventures and traveled many, many miles with us, and now Grace often likes to take him to bed with her.

Where's Spot Eric Hill Family Clan Blog

Where’s Spot?

The classic ‘Where’s Spot?’ story is based upon Sally, who is Spot’s mother, looking through the house trying to find Spot to tell him its dinner time.
As she goes through the house, looking for Spot, she searches in different pieces of furniture, but instead of seeing the lost puppy, she is greeted with lots of animals throughout the book. Each page has a lift flap which is great and fun for all ages, from babies for hand to eye coordination to exploring toddlers and older who will love getting involved in the story.

It is great for all ages as it will keep them entertained throughout with them being involved in lifting the flap on each page.
Where's Spot Family Clan Blog

Grace who is two thoroughly enjoys this book and is continuously asking this book to be read to her.
Jake who is five loves this book too and now he is in school learning to read, he is trying to read the story to Grace and blending his words together to read this to her, as it is just up to his reading level so he is able to read ‘Is he under the bed?’ as they both look together through the pictures.

This book never gets old and is fun every time we read it. It will be permanently on the front of the book shelf.

Colouring Fun

We have printed out a spot sheet for them to color in, this is a quick snap of Grace’s final masterpiece!

Where's Spot Family Clan Blog

She had so much fun doing this and got well into the glitter glue and even added her own 3d sticker!

Where's Spot Family Clan Blog

Spot’s Website and App

Spot is back with a brand new Spot website, where there is lots of activities for children to do. You will find coloring pictures to print off, things to bake, dressing up games, all the news on where Spot is appearing and updates about his new books that are coming out.

There is also a Spot App where your little ones can join the lovable pup down on the farm for hours of fun! Activities include playing with Spot, fixing tractors, coloring in sheep and much more. Ideal for car journeys, rainy days, holidays and lazy days! You can download the Spot App available for £2.99 and is suited for ages 5 and under.

You can buy the Where’s Spot book from Amazon

Mummy H


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112 thoughts on “Where’s Spot? By Eric Hill

  1. I wish my little boy only had one favourite toy to take to bed lol. He has about 15 soft toys of various sizes along his bed, all of whom have to be there at bedtime. He will go through phases of who actually snuggles up with him, but it’s out of a few The gruffalo, Chopadile (a soft crocodile rattle that he had from birth – that wakes him every time he rolls over I might add), Mr Dinosaur from Peppa Pig or Panda bear, which is actually a gift his father gave me years ago that seems to have been liberated from my bedroom!

  2. A tiger that is named Mr.Tiger. He comes everywhere with us. He loves him for bed because when he was born his big brother gave it to him x

  3. my son chose an elephant from the shop to join another teddy and named him ‘baba roo’ (how he said baby elephant) and still takes him everywhere

  4. she always takes her giraffe everywhere – it needs replacing but we can’t find another anywhere that’s exactly the same!

  5. my little girls favourite toy for bed his my old teddy i had when i was little she cant sleep without him just like i couldnt!

  6. Ellie has white bunny and buttons that she takes to bed every night, they also have mini bunnies attatched to them with a bobble because they kept falling out of bed! We have rabbits, lots of them so I guess that is why Ellie loves rabbits.

  7. Mr Monster, a bright, colourful friendly medium sized soft toy. He’s been hugged so much that he has flattened out! I think it was love at first sight with this monster ☺

  8. My daughter loves her penguin. He is very soft and fluffy – but his belly does a light show that is soothing. She won’t sleep without him x

  9. my two toddler have a mermaid hello kitty teddy, our youngest is 3 months and has a blue blanket with tigger on which he wont sleep without

  10. My daughter has a little teddy bear she loves. He’s called Mr Teddy and used to belong to her dad when he was a kid.

  11. My daughters favourite toy is a Jess cat from postman pat.. It’s a puppet but she loves that thing! Despite being nine years old.

  12. My daughter took Becci bear or Eli to bed for years. She’d had those from 0, Becci bear bought by Auntie Becci, and Eli the elephant bought by dad. When she was a little older she had a really cute little bunny, again from Auntie Becci.

  13. My three year old boy will not go to bed without his ‘Doggy’, a big floppy toy dog that his Aunt gave him. I think he likes it because it has a very simple face with a blank expression, so he can imagine that it is happy when he’s happy, or sad when he’s sad etc.

  14. Favourite is a soft toy dog that a friend made for us which looks exactly like our pet dog 🙂 has to go everywhere with us……live in fear of losing it!

  15. My daughter’s favourite toy to take to bed with her is Cookie. Cookie is her teddy bear from the bear factory who is covered in Christmas coloured Polka Dots. She smells of a Christmas Cookie and since she had her for Christmas, she never leaves her side! Cookie goes everywhere with us, on holiday, on days out, the dentist and always, always, always snuggled up in bed with our daughter!

  16. My 2 year old Grandsons favourite toy is a big grey elephant. He is so loved, already I have had to sew his ear back on twice

  17. My little one doesn’t actually take a toy to bed yet but he does love his giant Aden & Anais muslins, they go everywhere if he gets a choice!

  18. my son loves his winnie the pooh teddy, its bigger than him and talks when you press his tummy, he refuses to sleep with out it and even makes me give it a kiss good night lol

  19. My grandson loves his ‘Big Bear’, a beautiful soft blueberry smelling bear which goes with him wherever he is going to sleep. Bought for my daughter as a Valentine’s gift it was soon commandeered and has become his comfort blanket replacement.

  20. Our little boy is overdue now by 2 days and he is our first child, we have a couple of options for teddies for him to take to bed, but otherwise hope it will be a teddy that his Daddy brought for him whilst away from the army.

  21. My little girl has a pink teddy called ‘pink bear’ (original) she has had him since the day she was born and he is officially mingin but she loves him

  22. my daughter has a koala that her uncle bought her (he lives in australia) she attached to it instantly and i was petrified about her losing it so it stays in her cot…she now has a blue and pink one too just in case

  23. My son has a soft toy of Lightning McQueen,he calls him brum brum tho, has had him since he was about 1 1/2 and has always loved him.

  24. My 18 month old granddaughter has taken a shine to a free cow toy that I received from a well-known baby milk brand. It’s not the most attractive stuffed toy she has, and looks rather scruffy due to me trying unsuccessfully to remove the embroidered brand name from its flank. We really don’t understand why she likes it so much, but she sleeps with it and carries it round with her. Maybe it’s because she can now say “Moo” so can make the cow “talk” to her when she babbles away to it.

  25. My little girl has a blanket she takes everywhere with her and has it every bed time! She has had it since she was a tiny baby so its her special blanket! x

  26. My little boy has a cuddly dog called Dave. Not sure why he has taken to this particular one but he goes everywhere with us

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