Waterproof BeachBuoy Case #Giveaway

Waterproof BeachBuoy Case #Giveaway 

Thinking of heading to the beach this weekend, are you jetting off to the sun, then don’t forget to get your Waterproof BeachBuoy.

Waterproof BeachBuoy #Giveaway Family Clan Blog

How many times have you gone to the beach, picked your phone up to take a call only to find the kids have buried half of it in the sand, whilst making sand castle. Want to go in the sea but don’t want to leave your things on the beach, just put them inside your 100% waterproof case. It is perfect for putting your smart phone, ipods, money, keys, jewelry and other valuables in to stop them getting wet and covered in sand.

About the BeachBuoy

The BeachBuoy is guaranteed for up to 5 meters or 16 feet and is IP57 / IP58 approved. You just put your valuables in, make sure that the fold over at the top is sealed and off you go.  It has an adjustable cord that can be tied around your waist, wrist or ankle.

It is a great idea to keep all your valuables together so that you know nothing has been left on the beach. I hate to think how many things we have left on beaches when the children where younger.

You can buy Proporta Waterproof BeachBuoy cases on Amazon they cover everything from your smart phone to your Kindle, E-reader & tablet..I think  I would put mine in it just to protect it from the sand,  even if I had no plans to go into the water.

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139 thoughts on “Waterproof BeachBuoy Case #Giveaway

  1. My husband lost his wedding ring in our garden and we never found it despite borrowing a metal detector

  2. many years ago, I lost my phone. I had put it on the roof of my car as I ut my son in his carseat and totally forgot about it and got in and drove off.

  3. my phone – it was about 12 years ago so was just a basic call/text phone and a pay as you go one too with little credit left on it!

  4. Have lost much but when i was 9 I lost my new scholl sandals on a day on the broads- I was devasted as I had saved up my pocket money to buy them

  5. I lost a jewellery case while moving house many years ago. Although not high in monetary value, they were high in sentimental value so, these days, I give my jewellery to a family member to look after until I have settled in.

  6. I lost a sapphire out of my engagement ring when I had my first child. I had to have an emergency c section and my rings would not come off so they taped them up. When the tape was removed it must have pulled out the stone.

  7. Always seem to manage to lose the one earring – have kept the other one just in case it turns up in the house but it never has x

  8. My passport, years ago when I was visiting in Germany. Luckily a colleague of our friend came across it, knew we were visiting, and handed it in at my friend’s address where we were staying.

  9. Value wise it was a tag heur watch
    Sentimental wise it was earring I was given for my 18th from my aunty

  10. My mobile telephone that I lost in a pub, but thanks to the staff who told me when I went in a couple of days later and gave it back to me

  11. I lost my wallet when I was younger with £30 in it – which was a lot in 1990 to a 13 year old!! never lost anything again, i’m glad to say 🙂 xx

  12. I lost my purse in the back of a taxi it was lovely though a few days later someone posted it through my door ( must have got my address from my driving licence) with a nice letter saying sorry there’s nothing in it we found it in a bush but we’ve returned it. All my money was gone but was so grateful as all my cards were there and what lovely people there’s still a few around I only wish I could have thanked them xx

  13. I lost my mobile on a bus and rang it and some young teenagers answered the phone, they were slightly aggressive but agreed to walk my phone to me and give it back if I paid them £20! Seeing as my phone was worth more sentimentally with pictures on it of my family I agreed! The youth of today!

  14. I’m generally quite good, but i did once leave my shaver charger in Prague. I had to buy a new shaver

  15. I lost my camera once in the ocean, wasn’t the camera that was the problem was the pictures on the camera 🙁

  16. A Diamond and sapphire necklace a boyfriend bought for me fell off my neck somewhere when I took my jumper off on a hot day on a picnic. It was dusk and I couldn’t find it.

  17. A mobile phone (years ago) which i lost down the toilet. Luckily the toilet was clean but the phone could not be saved so i had a brick phone for the rest of the year!

  18. I once lost my engagement ring on a camping trip – and found it again next time we put the tent up again!

  19. I lost my camera on the final day of our holiday in Scotland the other year so all those wonderful photo memories went with it….like I say to my other-half ’til this very day ‘if I knew WHERE I lost it…it wouldn’t be lost now would it!!!!? – Now give it a rest will’ya?’ 😉 hehe. x

  20. I bought hundreds of pounds of rare vinyl records, and then left them in one of many pubs that I subsequently visited. I was gutted – but amazingly, the shop I bought them in were very sympathetic,as well as some of the artists themselves, and sent me free replacements for whatever they could. More than I deserved, but really wonderful.

  21. An expensive coat I got from catalogue and someone took it from the back of my chair before I had even paid for it

  22. I lost an ex’s necklace that I had been wearing for a few weeks. Was devastated. Never did find it, so no idea where I lost it!

  23. I lost my iPhone in the sport centre carpark, I realised when I got home and drove back and it was still there, luckily,

  24. I lost one of my gold ring which my BF gifted me for my birthday at a transit airport. Didn’t notice it until I reach home. It was a lesson to me.

  25. I lost an old ring, I was wearing it however as I had lost so much weight it was loose and must of fell off somewhere

  26. It was a necklace given to me by my brother. I left it at a freinds house and never saw it again 🙁

  27. It was a ring that my boyfriend had customer designed for me! I wore it once last winter when I had mittens on, I had to go to the doctors and then when I got home it wasn’t on my finger! I can only presume that it came off my hand when I took my mittens off in the doctors somewhere but I was devastated that I lost it and still am!

  28. I nearly lost my bag on the bus before with everything in it, money, phone, keys. Luckily I realised I’d left it on the bus just after i left it and my dad went after the bus in the car, jumped on and got my bag, the hero!

  29. With 4 kids we tend to lose a lot of things 🙁 and now that they’re older but not wiser its rather valuable things!

  30. I lost a digital camera. Went from my house and I have since moved. Unfortunately I think someone may have stolen it.

  31. I lost a silver necklace that my husband brought for me on our holiday in Thailand. I was away at a conference and when I went to bed in the hotel i forgot to take the necklace off and went to bed, it must have come off in the night and I only realised when I left. I called and it had been ‘cleaned’ already and no surprise it wasn’t found… it was so hard to tell my hubby it was gone!

  32. Lost my go pro when I was backpacking in Thailand last summer. Had it attached to my shoulder whilst whitewater rafting in Chiang Mai (because I stupidly didn’t pack my helmet attachment). Came off the raft on a steep drop and unfortunately said goodbye to my go pro.

  33. Some diamond earrings. Don’t know where though. I guess I either left them in a hotel or hovered them up 🙁

  34. I once lost a bag full of new clothes, I had been shopping, then went into a change room to try something on and must’ve left the bag there. I went back but it was gone and not handed in.

  35. The most valuable item I have lost is my Wife to Motor Neurone Disease. I now she was not strictly an item but it was the most valuable to me.

  36. My fully loaded, silver charm bracelet. The last time I saw it it was in my handbag – then just gone – no idea, what happened to it.It must have been pulled out,with something else, and dropped. I had been collecting charms since I was sixteen,so t was fully loaded -so upsetting xx

  37. I lost a beautiful Swarovski tennis bracelet that my husband bought me when I fell pregnant with our daughter. I was wearing it to a hospital appointment and the clasp must have undone and it fell off….

  38. I lost a digital camera years ago on holiday with a friend. I was more upset about the memory card with all our photos on than the camera! I lost that on the beach but it was long before I’d heard about this invention!

  39. After i Lost my Mum . I moved house and lost her Wedding Ring in the move. was gutted as wanted to pass in on down the family. Was not the value it was just the thought that i had lost something of her’s

  40. left a £500 phone in a taxi on the way to the airport for a holiday. The driver found it and phoned the most recent numbers so got my mum. I got it back.

    Left an £800 tablet on a plane. Cleaner found it so i got it back. Cost me £20 to do so though.

    Lost my driving license last night. Fingers crossed my luck of getting stuff back continues…

  41. I took £70 out of the cash point in Barnsley in 1985 and left it sticking out of the machine. Went back haif as hour later and asked if anyone had handed it in but sadly and predicatively, no. My own fault!

  42. I lost my Handbag with my passport, bank cards, credit cards, Travellers cheques, flight tickets, everything.so I contacted the restaurant where I had been. They said it wasn’t there so I spent all day sorting documents etc cancelled my passport, everything. When I got back to the hotel they told me the bag was left in the restaurant after all, under a chair. I had wasted a whole day cancelling everything when they had it all the time.

  43. ok so this is not me that lost it or is it expensive but its funny, my son who was 3 at the time and he had lost his blue car, now i could see it, it was by our coffee table leg so i told him to look for it he look around for a bit but he couldnt find it so i gave him a clue, he went over to the coffee table picked up the blue car to look under it then put it back where it was. i have never laughed so much. i did in the end pick up the car and gave it to him.

  44. I lost my shoes during a night out – I took them off because my feet were ‘killing me’ and then couldn’t find them again! I think someone took them as a joke but luckily a friend had some spare boots in her car ?

  45. My husband bought me some earrings for Valentine’s Day. 2 days later I found 1 back in the car but no earring. My husbands reaction said they were expensive so I retraced my steps but couldn’t find the earring. It’s really heartbreaking as I have 1 lovely earring that I can’t wear and cannot buy just 1 to go with it!

  46. i put on weight when i was pregnant and my engagement ring became too small i have no idea were it is i know its in the house somewhere i just home some day i find out were it went

  47. My engagement ring! Lost it in the house,my 5 year old son told me he flushed it down the toilet.. kept the story going for weeks then I found it behind a chest of drawers in the bedroom! lol.

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