Third Blogaversary #Giveaway

Third Blogaversary Giveaway Family Clan Blog

Third Blogaversary Giveaway

WOW It’s our third blogaversary, we’ve come a long way in just three short years. To help us celebrate we’ve decided to give you yet another giveaway.

You could win this lovely bright red scarf.  Very oriental with its stunning colourful peacocks, surrounded with bamboo shoots, blossom and gorgeous peonies.

Third Blogaversary Giveaway Family Clan Blog

It’s light enough to wear on a summer’s day, but will keep a chill out during cooler days of the year. It would dress up any day look to take it through to evening.

It’s very elegant and chic.  It’s a lovely rich red which sadly I could capture on the photographs with the weather being so dull this morning, but if we do get some sunshine later I’ll try to update it.

It measures 150cm x 48cm approximately. so it is long enough to wrap at least twice around or drape around your shoulders.

I wonder what the next 12 months will bring to Family Clan?  Hopefully lot’s of new adventures, barbecues, smiles, love and health. So grab yourself a cuppa and a biscuit and join us on our travels.

Nanna Jane

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Ends Midnight 4th Spetember 2016 BST. (British Summer Time)

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216 thoughts on “Third Blogaversary #Giveaway

  1. My favourite colour is mint green. i find it so soothing and relaxing, just makes me happy also 🙂

  2. My favourite colour is blue – I suppose it’s because it’s the colour of the sky, the sea and because there are so many gorgeous shades of it. Also it suits me when I wear it!

  3. Purple/lilac is my favourite for a relaxing bedroom, but different shades of blue for for other rooms and green for the kitchen, which I think just makes for a great kitchen colour

  4. My favourite has always been blue as I’ve always found it calming and it reminds me of beautiful skies and clear oceans.

  5. I have always liked blue and purple the best, not sure why but a lot of my clothes are different shades of blue and purple

  6. I love all shades of blue from a pale blue of a summer sky to the deep blue of my engagement and eternity rings. All remind me of things that make me happy 🙂

  7. Hard to choose one but I like Autumn colours.. Dk greens & shades of poppy reds & rusts being my favourite.They suit my colouring & skin tone much better than Black or pastel colours that tend to wash me out.

  8. Sorry to ask but when you say “Follow Family Clan on another social media” does Bloglovin count – I don’t use Pinterest or similar, so I would like clarification of what you class as as a Social platform

  9. Yellow.As a teenage school boy I found the ups and downs in mood to be too fast too graph as hormones raged. I had read in a newspaper that hospitals in the UK were painted green because it had been found that this colour relaxed the patients. I thought it would be a great idea to stare at a piece of green paper in order to relax myself, but green cardboard from the stationery shop had no effect. Undeterred, I tried other colours and came upon one which did relax me. I then set about testing the colours of the rainbow in the stationery shop on other people that were stressed and found that everyone has a colour of cardboard that has a soporific affect. The Tension Sheet was born. I soon carried out a test on those with high blood pressure, and found that The Tension Sheet reduced the blood pressure to lower than normal figures in just minutes and recommend that a tension sheet is carried at all times, and that a chill-out room should be painted in the right colour in every tension sufferers home. It is certainly easier to stare at a correctly coloured piece of cardboard or wall for a few minutes than the interference with breathing patterns that most mediation involves. And it has better results. The Tension Sheet was also the first treatment I invented for mental illness and cured several homeless people with it in my school town. Both their own Doctors and local Clergy verified that they were cured. The mechanism for the cure is probably that the brain is relaxed by the Tension Sheet, and thus finds it easier to sleep. Sleep experts say that most mental illness is caused by lack of sleep. It would be wise to paint prison cells and hospital rooms in the various colours of the rainbow, the percentage painted each particular colour depending on that Tension Sheet colour ratio in the general population, in order to maximise relaxation and feelings of well-being.

    People that have been cured by the Tension Sheet say that the calming influence of it is better than cocaine. It must be noted that when use of the Tension Sheet ends, the illness can come back so I regard the Tension Sheet as a treatment rather than a cure. I recall two people who had used a Chill Out Room for so many years that they forgot that they were using the Tension Sheet Method, and had their Chill Out Room painted a different colour. If this should happen to you just print out an A4 sheet of paper in your Tension Sheet colour and frame it on your wall. Jesus Christ used to recommend praying three times a day, so I use this as the average number of times a day that the framed Tension Sheet should be used.

  10. turquoise is my real favourite but blues and greens but not dark greens, i like colours that are peaceful and tranquil

  11. I dont really have one specific favorite color, i think every color is very important to me and they all give me different feelings and emotions depending on how im feeling, they even have the power to change my moods as well, if im feeling down, and i see something with bright, vibrant colors it has a very good chance of pulling me out of my foggy mood and so on!

  12. it’s a three way tie between a really hazy dusty pink that reminds me of a sweet smelling perfume at a festival, a rusty orange colour like that of a highland cow and the grey blue of the British sea on a foggy day.

  13. I enjoy a variety of colors. I have always loved red. Pink is the favorite color my husband likes on me. But I have a wardrobe of classics – navy, black, grey that I mix and match through the years

  14. My favourite colour I’d purple. I find it intense and spiritual. Though my husband thinks I am silly and it’s it a colour!

  15. I love pink. I live in a house full of men, so I think I just like to have things that are more feminine around me!

  16. I love green. It is the colour of life and things growing and flourishing. Only about two shades of it suit me to wear though!!!!

  17. Purple is my favourite colour. It is difficult to say why but I also like red and blue very much and I guess purple is the best of both worlds.

  18. Purple, it reminds me of Charlie and the chocolate factory, which is my childhood and still favourite…and it reminds of of cavity chocolate.!!

  19. Teal, I think I like it so much coz my eyes stand out when I wear teal. Also find it is a relaxing colour when in a bedroom.

  20. My favourite colour is blue! I find it really calming and soothing, plus my husband has the most beautiful bright vivid blue eyes!

  21. Black is my favourite (non)colour if I am choosing most things but I don’t really have “favourite” anything – depends on context & my mood which strangely is rarely dark

  22. Since I was a child it has always been red- I had bright ginger hair and my mum wouldn’t let me wear red, so now I’m making up for that by wear
    ing it regualarly

  23. My favourite colour is Raspberry Pink 🙂 My Mom used to make the most delicious puddings made with my favourite fruit raspberries and i think this may be one of the reasons why i love this colour so much. In every home i have lived in i have always had at least one room with this beautiful colour as the decor. It’s such a warm sweet vibrant colour a colour to suit all seasons X x

  24. Purple as I find it to be a very relaxing royal type colour and have liked it for years also think the contrast of purple and black goes really well

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