GIVEAWAY: Crazy Claw Action Arcade Game

Drumond Park review Crazy Claw Family Clan

Crazy Claw

The Crazy Arcade Action game!

Crazy Claw is the action-packed game of boiling balls and grabbing claws. Everyone knows the excitement of the arcade games; now find the right Toy Tokens in the bubbling balls and you win!
While one player is the Claw Master, everyone else batters the paddles to bounce the balls around until the claw finally catches one.

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Giveaway: Wordsearch Junior Fun with Drumond Park

Wordseach Junior Drumond Park Review

Drumond Park Word Search Family Clan
Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park

When I mentioned a ‘wordsearch game’ to Jake he wasn’t so excited as he says he finds them hard in school. I was determined to change his mind as I myself love a good wordsearch! He had a look at the Wordsearch Junior box we had received from Drumond Park and I’m happy to say he was intrigued to come and play as the box is bright, and very well aimed at children with various animals/objects in an animated design.

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Giveaway: Stoopido from Drumond Park Review

Stoopido Drumond Park Review Family Clan

On your masks, get set… go!

Stoopido from Drumond Park

We have been sent Stoopido to review from Drumond Park

Roll the dice & race to slap the matching face feature or squeeze the squeaker!
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Drumond Park Pickin’ Chickens Review

Drumond Park Pickin' Chickens Family Clan Blog

Drumond Park Pickin' Chickens Family Clan Blog

Pickin’ Chickens Drumond Park Review

We have been sent Pickin’ Chickens to review from Drumond Park.

Jake was super excited, as he has seen it advertised on TV.  Before I had even gotten the chance to speak to him he had told me all about the game and how to play it! Fair to say, he was super excited!
The contents of the box includes :- 16 coloured chicken (4 red, 4 yellow, 4 blue and 4 green), 12 chicken coops, rotating game base (field circle), 4 double-sided chicken cards, 1 farmer card and instructions. Continue reading »

Drumond Park Games Review of SSHH! Don’t Wake Dad!

Giveaway: Win Sshh Don't Wake Dad Board Game Drumond Park

Drumond Park Games Review of Sshh Don’t Wake Dad!

SHHHHHHHHH… that lovely chocolate cake is there in the fridge. How are you going to get to it without waking Dad?
Be Careful! There are so many things that could make a noise. If you trip up or knock something over, you will wake Dad!

We have received the board game ‘Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad’ to review from Drumond Park Games

We let Jake choose which game that he would like to pick from Drumond Park Games and he chose this game, as he has seen it advertised before Christmas and mentioned that he would like this game, so this was his very first choice. Continue reading »