Sunday Snap 25th September 2016

14458946_10157475552620023_505366569_nWe attended a family fun day out in our local park
This is a picture of Jake who was very eager to hold a snake.

Not to mention at the end of our visit he went back and even asked for a hold of this one!

Mummy H

Sunday Snaps are just that, snaps, they will never be high quality framed shots, they are just capturing a moment of time or something that has been momentous during the previous week in the life of a Family Clan member.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Snap 25th September 2016

    • It was at our local park in our village here. There is a community group who raised money for months to give the local children a free day in the summer holidays. They had lots of bouncy castles, animals, face painting, body painting and a giant wipe out inflatable. All for free for the kids, was a lovely time and even better with it being on our door step! Mummy H x

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