Giveaway: Stoopido from Drumond Park Review

Stoopido Drumond Park Review Family Clan

On your masks, get set… go!

Stoopido from Drumond Park

We have been sent Stoopido to review from Drumond Park

Roll the dice & race to slap the matching face feature or squeeze the squeaker!
The fastest player chooses a funny face part for someone else… and the last player with a full face wins!

This game has been so much fun to play as a family and their has been plenty of giggles throughout due to the amount of Stoopido faces that we have created. The game is aimed at age 8+ but Jake is 6 and he understood the game fully and found it very entertaining, where as Grace who is 3 loved the game too she was just a bit slow on the reaction time to slap the Slap Pad.

Tstoopido-family-clan-review-3he contents of the box includes :-

4 sets of glasses
25 double-sided mask features
4 slap pads
1 loser’s selfie card
1 squeaker
1 dice

For first time set up I needed to carefully press out all the Stoopido face pieces out of their cardboard sheets and attach the clear nose and ear clips to the Stoopido face pieces as shown and clip them down into place.


We set out the Stoopitoot on the floor between us with the 4 Slap Pads around. Each Slap Pad shows an Eye, Hat, Nose and Ears. The Face Pieces that I pressed out earlier I would then put next to these.stoopido-the-game-of-1000-silly-faces-5

We each put on a pair of glasses and then we were ready to play!

Youngest goes first so we let Grace roll the dice first.
The dice consists of 6 sides showing ‘Ear, Hat, Nose, Eyes, Glasses, Stoopitoot’.

If you roll the ‘Nose, Eyes, Hat or Ears, the first player to touch the corresponding Slap Pad wins the round.
The winner of the round gets to pick a Stoopido Face Piece from the corresponding Face Pile and add it to the glasses of ANY player that isn’t already wearing a Stoopido Face Piece of that feature.stoopido-family-clan-review-10

If you roll the Glasses, bad luck! The player to your left gets to pick a Stoopido Face Piece of ANY feature you don’t already have and add it to your glasses.
If you roll the Stoopitoot, the first player to squeak the Stoopitoot can choose to:-
Pick a Stoopido Face Piece of ANY feature and place it on ANY player or…
Pick ANY Stoopido Face Piece from their own glasses and put it back on its Face Pile.

If you win a round and every player is already wearing the Stoopido Face Piece that was rolled, you can remove the corresponding Stoopido Face Piece from your glasses and put it back on its Face Pile.

If every player is already wearing the Stoopido Face Piece that was rolled, you can pick ANY player and swap out the corresponding Stoopido Face Piece on their glasses with another one from the same Face Pile.
If a player’s Glasses are full then they have lost and must sit out looking silly for the remainder of the game. LOSER!
The game ends when there is only one player left without a full face of Stoopido Face Pieces on their glasses. That player is the winner and has the right to take photos of all the LOSERS holding the Stoopido LOSER Sign!


Here are Jake and Graces Stoopido snaps!

The glasses are really comfortable and as a glasses wearer myself I found I was easily able to wear these over my normal pair and were not slipping off.




When you need to add the pieces onto the glasses the slip into place and stay put throughout. The game is so much fun and such a lovely family game with plenty of entertainment that you could have hours of fun. This would be an excellent present to have on Christmas Day where the whole family can enjoy no matter the age. I could even see that Grandad Al would thoroughly enjoy this game!

For stockist’s and for more information, please go to Drumond Park website or you can purchase it from from Amazon for £13.77

Mummy H


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