SONY Clear Sound Headphones Giveaway

Sony Clear Sound Headphones in Green

The last giveaway we ran for a pair of SONY headphones was well received, so we have decided to offer you a similar pair in green for those that missed out.

So this giveaway is for a pair of Sony Clear Sound Stereo Headphone in green with the distinctive white wiring.

Sony Clear Sound Headphones Family Clan Blog

They will work perfectly with your Sony MP3, IPOD, Walkman, plus lots more items.  They have a great sound quality, I know as I own & regularly use a similar pair in pink. Music sounds great through them.

The cable cord is durable & lightweight, measuring 1.2 metres long, so plenty long enough to reach from your ears to your music equipment. I always find it a nuisance when you have your headphones on & they don’t reach to you jeans or shorts pocket.  The jack measures 13.5 mm.

Sony Headphones

These in ear headphone have a high power neodymium magnet which is capable of reproducing rich and powerful bass sound, making you music clear & true to sound. I love mine & use them regularly.

These stereo headphone retail at Amazon for £16.27, Sony E9LP In-ear type headphones,
but you could win them for free by entering our giveaway.

PLEASE NOTE: mandatory comment MUST be made or your entries will NOT count.

You can do as many tasks as you would like once you have completed the mandatory comment. It’s up to you, but the more tasks you do the more chances you have to win.

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Good luck, Nanna Jane. x

We purchased these headphones for this giveaway

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  1. I can’t be 100% sure as it was a long time ago but I think it was Prince Charming by Adam and the Ants on cassette. I bought it because I was a massive Adam and the Ants fan.

  2. I think the first album i ever purchased was Steppenwolf because I loved them (it was a little while ago) 😉

  3. The Nolans – can’t remember which album, but I bought it because I “fancied” a couple of them

  4. I think it was crazy patsy cline for a friend of mine I knew she loved country music and has it was her 50th thought it would send her back down memory lane

  5. I really can’t remember but it would have been an early 80s one. Possibly Adam and the Ants. Because I enjoyed the music and spectacle.

  6. going back a bit here, but it was Bad by Michael Jackson, on tape, on my eleventh birthday… the year will forever be unknown… unless you can count lol!!

  7. It was the Cure’s Greatest hits. I love comp.. albums as it introduces you to the groups music 🙂

  8. One of the first I remember buying “I wish it could be Christmas Every Day” by Wizzard! I’d got a record player for Christmas that year & it was a massive hit at the time….

  9. I bought Madonna True Blue album on vinyl (if that still exists!!!) as I loved watching her in Desperately Seeking Susan xx

  10. The very first CD I brought was when I was about 5 and I insisted on getting Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers. I was mad about rabbits as a kid and it has the word bunny on it so I had to have it. 🙂

  11. Bucks Fizz Making Your Mind Up. I think I was about five and I loved it when they pulled the girls skirts off whilst they were dancing

  12. I believe it was Linkin Park: Meteora. I was in high school and thought it was the best thing ever.

  13. Really showing my age here, it was I Can Take or Leave Your Loving – by Hermans Hermits – I bought it with money from my 5th birthday!

  14. The first record (cd) I had was a compilation. Now hits with p!nk-trouble and a song by prince. Can’t remember the exact name of cd though.

  15. Adam aunt stand and deliver wow that brings back memories x used to think he was the bees knees still like him

  16. My first download was The Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom because I love everything about Ska music, it takes me back to my Modette days

  17. My first cd was a Spice Girls cd, because I was a kid and thought they were beautiful and amazing. Shoot, I still think they’re beautiful and amazing! lol

  18. My very first tape I bought with my christmas money was Queen – The works when I was about 10, I remember listening to it back and forth on my little tape player

  19. Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise, I remember hearing it and loved it, had just had a stereo so used my pocket money to go and buy it on cd

  20. As a child in the 50s I thought Tommy Steele – I Puts the Lightie On I thought it was just so funny especially the strange little voice of the man inside the fridge.

  21. My first CD that I ever bought by myself was a CD with Aaron Carter. I’m almost too embarrassed about it now. Haha!

  22. A Wet wet wet album many moons ago – no idea why I bought it, probably after hearing love isall around so many times!

  23. the wombles, but the most recent was 25 by adele, and the new one by ELO – both brilliant and by far making up for the wombles, though that was very good

  24. Now 5 I thought I was the bees knees…..cannot believe I have just bought my son Now 93….where have those yrs gone??

  25. Happy Talk by Captain Sensible was my first ever, purchased by me, 7″ single. There was a local musical taking place at the same time which shared the song….. and it’s such a happy song.

  26. Summer Holiday – Cliff Richard At school we were all either Cliff or Elvis fans. Never both. I was obviously a Cliff fan. Loved the music (still have the LP) and teh film

  27. Mine was a compilation album when I was 11 – the likes of 2Unlimited, Black Box, Ace of Base and more! Why? Because I’d just been given my first ever CD player!

  28. Green Day – Rookie. I heard Basketcase and made my Mum spend all day Saturday looking for it in the local record shops.

  29. simply red-fairground on cassette! those were the days, loved it because it was catchy and filmed on the Big One at blackpool pleasure beach! I really wanted to go on that ride!

  30. The first CD single I bought was Bucks Fizz’s ‘Land of Make Believe’ for my school disco…what can I say – I was very young 😉

  31. The first tape I bought was something like ‘The Best of 1962’. I was about 6/7 at the time & I wanted to buy my own music. I was on holiday at the time & listened to the tape that evening. My dad took me back to the shop the next day and I bought the rest of the 60’s tapes. I listened to them almost constantly for about 4/5 years until my walkman died and I was bought a CD player. I was gutted!

  32. I remember I bought Boyzone’s first single on cassette tape because I really liked the song and then I lost the darn thing on the train home before I even got to listen to it. Probably for the best really!

  33. The first record …vinyl!!…was The Walk by The Cure. Saw them on Top of the Pops, and was an instant fan. On 7″ and a picture disc, that i still have! Listen to The Cure on mp3 too.

  34. It was a Gerry Rafferty single, I was very young and I bought it for my older brother who liked him for his birthday.

  35. keith harris and orville on a record cant remmeber name prob bought it as i nwas about 8 and all i was allowed haha

  36. Lonely Pup (In a Christmas Shop”) by Adam Faith. I was 9 then and I bought it with my pocket money as I liked Adam Faith more than Cliff or Elvis.

  37. Human League – Dare. I absolutely loved Don’t Want Me (and do to this day) and I always wanted my hair like Phil Oakey’s lol. Was really upset when my sister decided to put her chair on it (she was in a mood) and broke it 🙁 Still love them now. 😀

  38. one of my first singles i bought was whitney houston i wanna dance with somebody,not sure if it was the actual first but deffo one of my firsts

  39. Jimmy Osmond, Long Hair Lover from Liverpool – because even at that young tender age I was in love with him

  40. My first single was Bros – When will I be Famous, and my first album was Five Star – Silk and Steel

  41. It was PJ and Duncan lets get ready to rhumble! Because who doesn’t love a bit of Ant and Dec 😉

  42. not sure i can remember that far back, lol think it was either david bowie or queen cd, simply because i liked their sound

  43. David Cassidy – Puppy Love was the first I bought for myself. I picked it up second hand at a school fete for 10p, mainly for the gorgeous picture of David on the sleeve

  44. It was the grease sound track on vinyl it was from the school fete. I remember I t was primary school but cant remember my age.

  45. Stupid Cupid – got it on a record at jumble sale and drove my sister mad playing it on her record player

  46. Mine was the Stonk by Hale & Pace, it was truly awful! Was a charity record for Red Nose Day and I still have it!

  47. I should be so lucky by Kylie Minogue was my first record I bought with my pocket money. I loved it.

  48. Half as Nice by Amen Corner – because I was in love with Andy Fairweather Lowe! ( I was only 12 at the time!!!)

  49. Kim Wylde I can’t remember the names of the single though, I bought it because my sister was buying a record by Transvision Vamp!

  50. My first ever record was The Frog Chorus, on vinyl, bought for me by my Dad. The first one I bought was I should be so lucky by Kylie Minogue because I thought she was great.

  51. My first album was Michael Bolton – I can’t remember the name of the album but it might have been ‘Said I loved you’ – I was a big fan of his long hair and soulful voice

  52. The first record I ever purchased was ‘Wake me up before you go go’ by Wham as I was a massive Wham fan x

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