Silver Wedding Anniversary Competition

Nanna Jane & Granddad Al are celebrating 25 years of wedded bliss to each other.  So we’ve decided it is a good time to do another give away.

We have two pairs of Murano glass inspired earrings up for you to win. They are for pierced earring & are great for this years festival look.  Small enough for work, but dressy enough for evening wear, or lunch with friends.

Two pairs of glass earrings for pierced ears

Two pairs of glass earrings for pierced ears

One pair is a gorgeous rich green with glass flowers of various colours trapped inside, the second pair are a lovely yellow colour with flowers of blue & white trapped inside.

Family Clan Silver Wedding Anniversary Competition

They are really lovely earrings.


If you would like to win them then please complete the Rafflecopter form below to confirm your entries made via blog comments, Twitter, etc.

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Family Clan purchased these earrings to giveaway as a prize on our blog.

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239 thoughts on “Silver Wedding Anniversary Competition

  1. My daughter was actually born on my wedding day, she was 13 weeks early so a massive surprise. Shes now a happy healthy 3 year old 🙂

    • Awww I suppose at the time it wasn’t the best situation, but what a lovely surprise. Glad all is well now. I was actually pregnant with our last little one when we got married, but luckily she stayed put until 38 weeks. Thanks for entering our competition.

  2. My special day? The day I received my first pay packet. After A-levels I went into the Civil Service and was really excited to have quite a lot of money to go shopping with and no longer have to ask my parents for it.

    • I remember my first pay packet all £33:16 of it, thought I was rich until I bought my train ticket £10, payed Mum £10, Lunches £10, hmmm not so rich after all! I did start taking in a packed lunch though so I learned something. Thanks for entering our competition.

  3. I cannot tell you about my wedding day for I am not married. I can’t even say I’ve ever been in a relationship (but being only 19 this isn’t the end of the world, plenty of time for that!). I do, however, have a best friend who literally makes my world. We are each other’s other halves. I know its a cliche but I just don’t know what I would do without her. My special day was when she emailed me on New Years Eve 2008. We hadn’t spoken more than two words to each other for forty days prior to that. We were both 13 and like many other petty teenage girls we had many petty fights which led to an almighty climax in November. We decided to not be friends. It was the hardest time; I didn’t have another friend like her and not having her there for me proved to be harder than I could have ever imagined. But I was always too scared to apologise, worried she would simply reject me. So when I saw she had emailed me of NYE saying sorry and that she wanted to be friends again I was over the moon! It seems so silly and trivial now- we are far less juvenile now, thank God. But had she never sent that email I’m not sure if I would have ever gotten the courage to speak to her, and we may not be friends today. And I know for sure my life would be significantly worse off without her in it.

    • I understand your comment, when I was at school I have a very best friend, like you we did everything together, then she started dating my older brother, when we was about 14 & the green eyed monster got me. I lost my friend over a relationship that didn’t last two months. We never spoke after that & seeing it has been a long time since I left school I’ve no way of finding her now to say sorry. So glad you got yours resolved. Thank so much for entering our competition.

  4. The very first time my mum took my sister and I to Florida was very special. Walking into Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and having dinner in Cinderella’s Castle…amazing!!

    • WOW never been to American Disney World, but a few years ago we took the children to the one in Paris, they loved it & still have some special memories from our time there. Thank you for entering our competition

  5. I’m not married,so no wedding day,but experience in life to date has to be a few years back when I passed all my GCSE’s with grades C and above,when all my teachers and my school had written my off

    • Well done you! One of my sons has sever dyslexia, he left school with no GCSE, but he is now a qualified mechanic & has been head hunted to work in the Isle of Man. So don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t, because you can. Thanks for entering our competition.

  6. My wedding day was on a crisp autumn day at a beautiful country church. My dad was crying his eyes out as he walked me up the aisle as he was so emotional. Everything went well until we discovered we’d the wrong room for the reception but it all worked out perfectly in the end.

    • Aww bless, I think my Dad would have been the same if he could have been there. My Mum certainly was! Thanks for entering our competition.

  7. My latest special day was earlier this year when my husband and I renewed our wedding vows after 30 years of marriage.

    • Congratulations, we had thought about doing that, but to be honest, didn’t have the money. Hopefully we will do it for or 30th. Thanks for entering our competition.

    • Probably the biggest events in any parents life. I know the birth of all ours was & now the birth of the next generation is pretty amazing too. Thanks for entering our competition.

  8. My favourite memory of our wedding was when everyone dashed back for Pimms leaving me and the missus alone for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES! Bliss 😉

    • It does get a bit hectic & over powering at weddings sometimes, I totally understand what you mean. Thanks for entering our competition.

  9. I got married in Vegas in 2005!!!! We didn’t tell anyone as my hubbys parents were making it hard on us (Im originally from Australia) and hubbys parents decided they didn’t want to go to Oz (yes they are odd) so we eloped to Vegas, we honestly had the best time there, we went without knowing what to expect there and we loved it and had the best time!!! Would do it again in a flash!!!!!

    • Hope all is fine with the family now. Vegas, one day I will go there! Thanks for entering our competition.

  10. on my wedding day my hubby to be was drunk as he had his stag night before and put the ring on the wrong hand but still married 29 years now x

  11. The biggest event of my life was when my lovely nephew came to live with me when he was just 3 years old. He has been my shining star ever since.

    • Awww kids even if they are not your own can still give you great pleasure. Thanks for entering our competition.

  12. The birth of my three wonderful children and my wedding day to my loving husband was all very special to me. It meant the world and will always leave a magical place in my heart and memories forever to treasure.

    • Those memories can never been taken away. I agree with your sentiments. Thanks for entering our competition.

  13. Recently celebrated our Silver Anniversary at Secrets Hotel in Montego Bay Jamaica. Really relaxing stay, and a really special way to spend a special day

  14. my wedding day in 1987 i got to marry my child hood sweetheart known since i was seven and we are still married 27 years latter this year in august

    • I love having my grandchildren over. They are only young, can’t wait till I’m having them over for the weekend. Thanks for entering our competition.

  15. Me and my hubby will be celebrating 9 years of marriage this year. It really was a whirlwind romance. We met in may and we’re married in September of the same year. I was 19! Our daughter was born the following may and our son the following September. Iv never been happier! <3

    • Have to say AL & I was like that, we met on Mayday & I fell pregnant , we moved in together mid September. Our son is now 31, married with his own daughter. Time goes so quickly. Thanks for entering our competition.

  16. Had wonderful ceremony, however, my partner was late and I was waiting feeling slightly awkward but 5 minutes or so later everything began and was perfect the rest of the day. The weather in Oct was sunny and warm.

    • Your time will come. Remember it doesn’t have to be a huge affair, small ones are extra special too. Thanks for entering our competition.

  17. My latest most special day was when I was at the birth of my darling grandson Riley this year in May, and I cut the cord..Wonderful!!!x x

  18. my special day was when my daughter was born on the 14th may 1992 5lb 6 oz she was a month early and I remember it as if it was yesterday

    • Having had a pregnancy that ended at almost 35 weeks I know how you feel. Thanks for entering our competition.

    • Glad you had Summer Clover (what a beautiful name). Friends of mine had IVF sadly didn’t have the happy ending. Thanks for entering our competition.

  19. Our wedding day was a completely homemade affair – we didn’t have much money, but more importantly we wanted something that didn’t swamp us. We did everything in-family, and it was intensely personal, and just perfect! And the sun even shone! We were married in the middle of July, but the weeks before had been freezing, so much so that I envisioned having to wear thermals beneath my clothes! But the day dawned warm and sunny, and I even got a bit of sunburn at our reception!!

    • Sounds like ours, just family. But without the help of our friends we wouldn’t have been able to have a cake or flowers. Thanks for entering our competition.

  20. The day my daughter was born. It was so mindblowing – I just remember looking at her a few hours old and thinking she looked like an Anne Geddes doll. And she is still as stunning as that now.

    • I used to enjoy the time in hospital to stare at this miracle, even now I’m still in awe of the experience & I had five of them! Thanks for entering our competition.

  21. Our children’s wedding days and the birth of our Grandsons have been special, but we are about to celebrate our Golden Wedding, with friends and family, and I think that will be a special milestone in our lives.

    • Congratulations on reaching your 50 years together, we are half way there. Thanks for entering our competition.

  22. Every day is a special day – make the most of every moment, and appreciate all that is around you, nature, family and friends. Enjoy and value it all while you have the chance for you never know when today will be your last.

    • You are right, we should live each day to it fullest, but some days stand out more than others. Thanks for entering our competition.

  23. It rained on my wedding day but that didn’t matter . We had a great wedding planned ourselves and paid for by us so we could do what we wanted. We were married in the University Chapel at Glasgow university where we both worked . A perfect day a Thursday in July 1997, 17 years this year.

    • Glad you both had the day that you wanted. That is what a wedding should be about the two people getting married & the love they have for each other. Thanks for entering our competition.

  24. When I met my hubby we were at a Black Keys gig. I was with someone else that was rubbish but I didn’t start seeing him much later.

    • The first time I met Al I was actually with someone else, but that was coming to an end. Thanks for entering our competition.

  25. My husband proposed to me after we had known each other for a total of about 6 days! We both just KNEW that we were meant to be together and we have now been married for just over 6 years. Our wedding was the best day of our lives and we are soooooooooooo blissfully happy. 🙂 Congrats on your 25th!

    • Al proposed to me after six days, it only took me 7 1/2 years to say yes! Even though I knew we were/are perfect for each other I just wasn’t ready to get married. Thanks for entering our competition.

  26. My wedding day was almost 5 years ago & was a relaxed affair outside for friends & family. We had a civil ceremony in the garden of a small country hotel & then Summery cocktails & then a [fancy] BBQ meal outside, followed by a disco all night. It was perfect!

    • An old neighbour of where we used to live told me on my 21st that time seems to speed up once you’ve reached 21, he was right too. Only seems like yesterday I was in my 20’s. Thanks for entering our competition.

  27. my husband and i married on my birthday 3 years ago-it was so fantastic and such a special day-also my sister in law gave birth on the same day-so triple the celebration 🙂 x

  28. My wedding day was amazing – got to marry the love of my life in front of all of my family and friends and then party the night away. Luckily I didn’t find out until the big day that until the day before the inside of the church had been completely covered in scaffolding and my extending family had all got together to clean it up so it didn’t spoil our day!

    • Aww wasn’t that so nice of them all to do that. I get the feeling it wouldn’t have spoiled your day anyhow. Thanks for entering our competition.

  29. my wedding day was fabulous, everything went off perfectly until at the end of the evening we left the reception and drove home. only then did we realise our 3year old son was still asleep inside the reception hall, and we had a mad dash to get back before everyone left for the night!

  30. We married in Cornwall, it was stunning. Loved every minute of my day, my gorgeous husband still takes me there each year so we always feel the love!

  31. Tell me about your wedding day or a special day in your life in a post below
    second time around for both of us…………..a very small affair, just my two children and his two were our guests, which made it all the more special. My daughter caught the bouquet and she got married a couple of years later too aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  32. We are not married yet as only got engaged last year – that has to be one of the best days ever and it was totally unexpected! We had been to a music concert I was very tired and looking forward to going home but he drove us to a quiet location with a view and then made me get out and stand with him. I knew something was going on as he was shaking (like the night he asked me to be his Girlfriend) he then asked me to marry him and showed me the ring still in the box. Bless him!

  33. We have just celebrated our Sapphire Wedding Anniversary and will be going on a Cruise to celebrate. These gorgeous earrings would look great with my “cruising wardrobe”

    • Congratulations on 45 years, that is truly amazing. Enjoy your cruise, where are you going? Thanks for entering our competition.

  34. Small wedding but very special day. Friends made the day extra special, one made a reading, another played piano during wedding breakfast ( and cleverly disguised my husbands favourite rock songs – pearl jam, led zeppelin etc) another brought his band to play for the evenings party.

  35. My wedding day was amazing we’re a mixed culture couple and our wedding reflected that and was the talk of the village for a long time

    • My best friends wedding photo’s are like a nations meeting conference. They have every colour connected to them in one way or another. I think you wedding must have been amazing. Thanks for entering our competition.

  36. I have been married for nearly 11 years, my husband family came up from london, we lived in leicestershire at the time, and there got lost all the time, so i stood in the middle of the road as i direct them. i got some really weird looks

  37. the best day ever in my life was watching my grandaughter being born, it was an amazing experience, and i love her so much!

    • I missed Grace being born as I had left my mobile in the car the night before when at the hotel! The only time ever I’ve left my phone in the car. Thanks for entering our competition.

  38. I’ve never married, but celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary last month was really special.

  39. My fiancee and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk to and from Westminster Registry Office from the hotel in which we would spend our wedding night and reception. We decided to abandon all conventionality and I made sister the best man (as I have three brothers and wouldn’t want to chose one over the other). We were on a extreme budget and managed to buy everything we needed from an online auction site – The same website through which eight years previously I had sold a book on Agatha Christie to her which resulted in us eventually meeting after many e-mails and phone calls. The love story still continues after four years of marriage.

  40. My husband and i got married in 1996…in Sri Lanka. A beautiful, yet troubled country. Would love to return one day, but as we have young children, it will not be for many years to come.

    • Such a shame that these countries are virtually unaccessible, hopefully you can return one day. Thanks for entering our competition.

  41. I haven’t married but so far my most special day was probably when I was 10 and had my last party so it was the biggest party I had ever had.

  42. I’m not married yet but the best day in my life was meeting my newborn nephew for the first time. Seeing my parents’ faces as they met him was almost as special as meeting him myself.

    • Getting Grandchildren is very exciting, having my four little Munchkins is lovely, I love the time we spend together. Thanks for entering our competition.

    • That’s like Al & I, we’dbeen together over seven years when we eventually got married. Thanks for entering our competition.

  43. A special day in my life was in 1987 when I had a party for my 10th birthday at Wimpy and loads of my friends came. The party was filmed with a big chunky camcorder by a friend of a friend of the family. My parents’ have still got the videotape. Good times.

    • Wimpy, that bring back memories to me of the one in Preston, Lancashire, but way before 1987, more like 1977. Glad you had a great day. Thanks for entering our competition.

  44. Not married but the only special day I can think of is when I graduated from university. The relief is mainly what I remember there.

    • It’s a big achievement, graduation is like a passage to the next stage of your life. Thanks for entering our competition.

  45. My special day, I would tend to say is my birthday. As I am lucky that due to the time of year, it tends to be nice weather :- Which is lovely. That delights me, and allows me to make use of the day.

    • We usually started school after the Christmas Holidays on my birthday! But Mum & Dad always made it special for me. Thanks for entering our competition.

  46. My wedding day was fantastic I had six bridesmaids my two older ones were in gold silk dresses and my four young bridesmaids were in tutus pink and ivory. My two boys ane nephew was my page boys. I was late on arriving by half an hour we were stuck behind a milk float haha. finally turned up there were people standing around the sides in the church as there was not enough seating even though it seated 200 guests. It was just a really relaxed and special day everyone enjoyed themselves and there was not fighting or arguing which is a plus. The best part is I married my best friend and we are still strong 13 years later.

  47. Definitely our wedding day. I love the fact that our wedding car was my dad’s trike (big three wheeled motorbike thingy) so it was perfect for us 🙂

    • We’ve thought about getting a trike as I’m having health problems I don’t feel confident enough to ride my own bike, but a trike would allow us to fulfill one of our dreams to travel the length & breadth of our lovely island one day, with a little more baggage room too 😉 Thanks for entering our competition.

  48. I have had 2 very special days in my life. The birth of my 2 daughters. Just pure magical day….forgetting all the pain of course!!!

    • The pain seems to be forgot almost as soon as that little bundle is born in my experience & I’ve been there five times! Thanks for entering our competition.

  49. My husband and I didn’t want to spend the thousands of pounds is the norm on a wedding and we also wanted to be able to invite all of our friends and not limit numbers based on costs. So we had a lovely church wedding with a fancy afternoon tea.

  50. Moving in to my first home……… after unloading the van god knows how many times, and then unpacking and deciding where to put everything. The first meal ( fish and chips!!!! didn’t know where the plate were!!!!) then the first night.

    • When we got our first home, it all happened so quick, we only had a double mattress via Al’s sister, she’d bought a new one, we had bought a white table & chairs from MFI, a fridge/freezer & a grill/hob combined. That was it! We bought the rest as we could afford. Thanks for entering our competition.

  51. the day i gave birth to my son was an amazing day although extremely hot day it was great to finally meet my baby

    • It’s an amazing moment when you finally meet that little thing that has kept you awake with heartburn, swinging on your ribs & making you pee all the time! Thanks for entering our competition.

  52. I’ve never been married but I was a bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding 25 years ago, which was an absolutely awesome day and I now have a grown up niece and nephew!

  53. It was getting my first job in London after I left university. It was a tough old experience at the time because I was in debt after eaving university, and the cost of living in London was extraordinary.

    • Congratulations on graduating, it is a big &very special event in your life, hope the job you got was your dream job & the money is a little better now. Thanks for entering our competition.

  54. Been proposed to at Cheshire’s space observatory Joderell Bank, using their whispering dishes. A very cosmic proposal.

    • WOW now that is one place to get proposed too, it is an amazing place. Congratulations on the engagement. Thanks for entering our competition.

  55. I was married on the 20 July 1985 , 29 years ago. It was a really blustery windy day and when I got out of the wedding car at the church, my veil took off across the graveyard, never to be seen again. It still makes me laugh, when I think of the ushers and wedding guests madly chasing this veil around gravestones.

    • Not sure how you get over such a loss, but I’m so glad you found love again. Congratulations on reaching 34 years together. Thanks for entering our competition.

  56. I have had two life changing moments. The first one was marrying Peter, the love of my life and still is over 20 years later. The second was the birth of my granddaughter by Peters daughter. Never having my own children I would never believed how much she has changed my life. Now a soppy granny and couldn’t be happier!

    • I love my grandchildren, it’s different from having your own, but still an amazing experience, watching them & being able to see it at a short distance their personalities & achievements as they grow. Thanks for entering our competition.

  57. When i gave birth to my oldest son it was so awe inspiring i just kept looking at him and could not believe he was mine and i had made him. Even now 24 years later i can still remember that day and feelings clearly. Now at the the moment he is 3/4 around the world in Thailand doing all kinds of things on a years travel and i get so excited to just see any photo he posts to know he is safe well and having a fab time.

    • It’s an amazing experience being a new mum for the first time, I can remember doing exactly the same, how could I make something so beautiful! When they are travelling it is worrying for a parent, but thanks to the internet we ast least know all is good when they post their pictures & stories. Thanks for entering our competition.

  58. We got married 5 years ago, at the end of June and our little girl, Melody, was born end of September. We had a lovely day, I organised the whole thing myself and everyone just relaxed and enjoyed it. I was so tired at the end of it all but it was worth it.

    • I was pregnant with our last daughter when we got married with Mummy H, glad all the organising was worth it. Thanks for entering our competition.

    • I think low cost is better as it’s just more intimate & family orientated, ours was low cost £100, for it all including the children’s clothes. Thanks for entering our competition.

  59. We organised our whole wedding in just six weeks because I had won a holiday that we used as our honeymoon. All our friends and family helped us out, and my mum and I did a buffet for 120 people. The day cost us less than £2000, but we had a great time.

    • It’s easy to do it if you are determined, well done on winning your honeymoon. Thanks for entering our competition.

    • Sounds perfect. From what I’ve seen of Australia, on the internet & through friends photographs, there is some amazing scenery there. Thanks for entering our competition.

  60. A special day was going to Buckingham Palace to see my son in a Marines Cadet parade and being presented to HRH Prince Philip.

    • One of our special days was watching our eldest son passing out parade, when he joined the army. Thanks for entering our competition.

  61. We got married in a little fishing village called Castara in Tobago in 2010. We now have a 3 and a half year old daughter called Castara who was conceived while there. We wasn’t planing on having any children, she was our honeymoon surprise.

  62. Meeting my fiancé on Star Wars Day (May the 4th) – best day as marked the start of a new life and a fab family together 🙂

  63. It would have to be the birth of my two children – didn’t know what to expect but was overcome with pain and then the most overwhelming love!

    • The pain becomes a distance memory as soon as that little bundle of love is given too you. Thanks for entering our competition.

  64. My father’s 80th birthday celebration in April this year was a very special occasion. In February he was diagnosed with prostate cancer so we were determined to make a really special party with all the family involved.
    We got together for a wonderful meal, all 22 of us – his brother and sister in law, all his children, their partners, grandchildren and great grandchild.
    Thankfully due to excellent care from the hospital he is feeling better now than he has in years and we are looking forward to my parents diamond wedding celebrations next year.

    • Well done you for celebrating such a big event. My Mum was 80 three years ago & we did the same, that’s all you want your family around you. Thanks for entering our competition.

  65. My first date with my other half 04/07/2009. From the moment we sat together in a cafe we both new this is it. Despite being completely different with considerable age difference there was that “spark ” between us and none of us could shake this feeling. This first kiss was electric- as if everything stopped around us. We were so right for each other – we moved in together 2 weeks after that date. We have gone through so much ( his disability, my life threatning condition, people around us not approving) and we are still strong as ever. We now have a 1 year old and planning a wedding abroad. None of this would happen if not for that one special sunny day in 2009.

    • Good for you. Over coming what life throws at you can make you stronger, hope both of you are feeling better though now. Thanks for entering our competition.

  66. I enjoyed every minute of my wedding day. My face actually hurt I smiled so much! I wish I could do it every year, to the same man of course 🙂

    • My nephew actually told the photographer off, as he was asking for photographs over an hour & a half after the wedding service. Nephew wanted to go see his guests & enjoy his wedding. Thanks for entering our competition.

  67. My fiance died a week before my wedding and I thought that my world had ended. However on a day trip to France from work, I met Nick. We just clicked,he proposed a week later and I accepted. We were married 10 weeks after that and will have been married 34 years in November. We had a small wedding with a meal at a lovely local restaurant. for about twenty four The waiter served the pork from a platter onto the plates in front of us but ran out before he got to the last guest so he pinched a piece back off my brother-in-law’s plate – he wouldn’t have minded so much but he took the big piece and left him with a tiny one. Great day though.

  68. My Dads 60th Birthday it was Amazing but all his Birthdays were Just the best the reason there all so special is Because he passed away last year and look back at all the memories

  69. The weather forecast for my wedding day was heavy rain & thunder storm in September. It had rained practically all week & Saturday was no exception. Reminders from the weather forecast & well meaning friends did not dampen my spirit as I have prayed God will give me a sunny hot day.

    Thank God the morning did start off gloomy but by 10.00am the sunshine beamed non stop & it was a glorious sunny day. Our wedding photos was taken in a beautiful garden with a bridge. The ground however, was so damp & muddy my high heels got stuck in the mud & I had a lot of trouble getting it out of the mud and the hem of my dress was laced with mud!!!

    I thank God it was a glorious day!

    • So glad He was looking out for you. My neices wedding was like that her beautiful dress was caked in mud at the hem, but it was a gorgeous day. Thanks for entering our competition.

  70. Our wedding day was very laid back – we had a strict no-hats rule & my best man was my 8 year old nephew 🙂

    • Aww I love wearing a hat, not just for big family days, but your wedding your rules & I would have abided by them.;) Thanks for entering our competition.

  71. My wedding day was a small affair, and comical, my husbands suit was delivered in the wrong size so he had to wear one he already had, the zip broke on my dress halfway through the day, I had the giggles throughout the ceremony and it was still the most perfect day ever. My only regret is that due to a technical error we have no photos, I will still never forget it though. 13 years in November

    • Oh my sounds like a carry on film. That is our biggest regret not having any photographs of our special day. Thanks for entering our competition.

    • Just how we wanted ours too, small & intimate. We just had close family, parents & siblings with their partners & children, was lovely. Thanks for entering our competition.

    • The Christmas before last all my children, their partners & grandchildren & Mum came home for Christmas, it was hectic, but I loved it! Thanks for entering our competition.

  72. I have been married twice, my first wedding was very traditional, church, choir, bells and a reception for nearly 200 people, my 2nd wedding couldn’t have been more different, a very quiet registry office with 3 guests and a pub meal afterwards 🙂

  73. We married on Friday 13th in the rain, certainly it was a different day to remember. We reckoned that if it didn’t work out we could blame the day, but that was 33 years ago.

    • Glad it all worked out right, I bet a lot of people were shocked or amazed you was marrying on that day. Thanks for entering our competition.

  74. Well Tuesday brings us to our Platinum Wedding anniversary, and we got married young in some peoples eyes and they said “we would never last” and I say to them “:P” lol

    • WOW 70 years Massive Congratulations to you & your husband on reaching this milestone. Thanks for entering our competition.

  75. My wedding day in April last year was awesome. We hired a big house in grounds on Dartmoor and had a massive house party 🙂 Such fabulous memories!

  76. The birth of my 3 children and my wedding day but if i had to really choose it would be our wedding day where we were all celebrating together but also as it fell 6 months prior to the sudden passing of my father in law, we were just so happy he was able to share it with us.

  77. I left school with hardly any qualifications due to being badly bullied, I then went on to have my family and always regretted the lack of qualifications. So this year I looked into the Open University for a History&Politics degree.. I applied and got accepted this without doubt has been the best day of my life…(since my 4 children of course!!)

    • Well done you! You have showed them bullies that they didn’t win after all. I was bullied at school & couldn’t wait to leave either. Thanks for entering our competition.

  78. We married on Valentines Day..and my son and his fiancée have told us they are going to carry on the tradition. I was quite touched 🙂

  79. We got married on 16th August, it was a happy/ sad day as my grandma passed away from Cancer 3 days before the wedding and my Grandad who was meant to give me away was to ill to travel so 2 very important people in my life as they helped raise me couldnt be there. I did marry the most amazing man who has made me very happy.

  80. I got married on 6th June 2003, we hired Lackham House in Lacock for our ceremony and celebrations – we had an amazing day, still going strong 11 years on!!

    • Good for you, just keep together going over the obstacles life keeps throwing at us. Thanks for entering our competition.

  81. I still think back fondly on my wedding day back in 1976 even though my husband and I are now divorced (by mutual agreement!) and have both got on with our lives; but I have to say that the weddings of our two sons surpassed ours in every way! Very happy occasions!

    • Glad have fond memories of you wedding day, it is something that stops with you I think. Thanks for entering our competition.

  82. I had an amazing wedding day, it was arranged in 6 weeks so no time to stress especially as I was also 6 months pregnant. We had an amazing day in november and even though it was super cold our photos looked like a summers day. We didn’t spend loads on our big day but its about who is involved as long as you are surrounded by people who you love it doesn’t matter how much it costs

  83. We had a small wedding and didn’t spend much. A May wedding. The weather was beautiful and my daughter was there. She was only 2! We’ve been married only 5 years, but are still just as in love as that day x

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