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Sensory Miffy Fun with Sensory Miffy

It’s hard to believe but Miffy has celebrated her 60th Birthday this year, she’s looking fantastic for her age! We have been sent a Sensory Miffy sensory teddy to review.

My first opinions of it are amazing, such a great item which would be great to buy as a gift or for your own child.  It would make a great Christening gift. Miffy comes presented in her own box.

Sensory Miffy Sensory Miffy Family Clan Blog

She has 14 interactive sensory buttons, which when pressed, you can hear Miffy talk about different parts of her body, you can also hear the theme song if you press the button on her dress.  The sensory toy is from 6 months + which is great for babies to toddlers and will learn them the different parts of the body, but in a fun way, along with their favourite TV character.               Easy to manage for tiny hands, if you press the ear then Miffy will say ‘ear’ if you press mouth then miffy says ‘mouth’ and so on.

Grace, who has just turned two, is learning to speak the words that Miffy says to her when she presses the buttons, so this is great to get her more confident in speaking, as she is quite quiet.

Sensory Miffy Family Clan Blog

She has took a straight likening to Miffy and also sat cuddling her whilst watching the new ‘Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small’  seven minute TV programmes that are now being shown on Tiny Pop at 7.30am and 7pm. Both Jake and Grace sat through the whole 2 episodes without moving!  They have become a favourite in our house.

We have been offered to run a giveaway for a lucky reader to win one of these lovely Miffy Sensory toys

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Miffy sent us a sample for us to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

188 thoughts on “Sensory Miffy Review

  1. I had a koala I called Katy – she met an unfortunate end one day when our dog decided she would make an excellent chew toy……..

  2. A toy Duck called Cocky I received when I was born, who’d been cuddled so much, kept needing to be repaired. My mum has probably still got him in the attic with all our other toys & books!!

  3. I didn’t have anything I can remember, but my daughter has a pink dog she calls puppy and a white rabbit called bunny- very original!

  4. I had a First Love Doll. I had a pram & Rocking cradle for her & my Mum made clothes for her out of offcuts of the dresses she made for me, so me & my doll could be dressed the same. I have no idea what happened to her & all the clothes which make me really sad, My Mum says she doesn’t know either, but maybe she just doesn’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me she gave her away!

  5. I had a Star Wars figure who i named Stic because he was made of, which became evident when his left ear melted against the radiator

  6. I had good luck bear from The Care Bears which I took everywhere with me. It has seen better days but I still have it

  7. i had a redhead doll called Sasha, I loved the way it looked even the smell. One I lost it and was very upset about it/

  8. Looking back I don’t remember having any dolls or teddies aside from a rather life-size brown bear that sat in the corner of the room and protected me from intruders!

  9. My favourite doll was a cabbage patch gran brought it back from canada for me before they came hete to the uk. I loved her.i think shes still in my mum abd dads loft somewhere ☺

  10. I had a penguin, which I imaginatively called Pingu. ADORED him. Absolute favourite of all time, ever.. He’s a bit the worse for wear now, but I can’t bear to part with him!

  11. Growing up, I had a hard plastic baby doll which I called Penny with painted on hair, her arms and legs moved (I remember the elastic in the “joints” when I pulled the limbs). She went everywhere with me.

  12. I had a panda called ‘Panda’ (funnily enough!),given to me when I was born. I still have it on my bedroom shelf almost half a century later!

  13. I had a green knitted dog called Bone-O who had various adventures of being left in shops and even had a trip to the tip and my dad had to rescue him 🙂

  14. I had a rag doll that I won from a stall at a jumble sale – you had to name her so I named her Samantha after my best friend 🙂

  15. I remember spending so long trying to think of the perfect name and I couldn’t, so I went with Mrs Bear. She was lovely.

  16. It was a Teddy called Richard. He was regularly beaten up and badly treated and gradually fell apart but he lasted 20 odd years

  17. I had (have) a little Tigger that I’ve had since birth and he goes everywhere with me! Even hospital when my kids were born!

  18. My favourite teddy was a small brown teddy bear called fin my mom brought from I assume Woolworths as it has a Chad valley label and I still have him, nearly 30 years later

  19. I HAVE A RABBIT CALLED BUNNY (TOOK ME AGES TO NAME HIM LOL) he is a little tattered and worse for wear but will always have pride of place in my bedroom

  20. I had this huge monkey that had a rock hard face and hands but soft body. Looking back he was an ugly thing and would probably be considered unsafe as those hands were so hard but I adored him. His name was Kevin!

  21. i had a litle blue dolly that looked like it wore a snow suit it had a hard face but fabric body and i went everywere with it i have a photo of it but it went missing one day and apparently i was upset for days about it

  22. I had a bear I got from my Dad’s friend who lives in America it had an American flag on it and was called Liberty Bear. Got lost in a hotel, was devestated but managed to find a new toy jiggles the monkey, still have it today

  23. I used to have the stuffed raccoon named Meeko from Disney Pocahontas! He was my very favorite and I carried him everywhere, even after the dog chewed his fingers off one day!

  24. I had a Tiny Tears doll I adored, for some reason I called her Tiny Tears – I have no idea why and neither does mum, given what she was and the fact I would treat her like a real baby it seems most bizarre I never named her properly – but there we go, I was only about 4 or 5! I used to take her out in a pushchair and I had a dolls carry tot for her too, and my grandad made me the most stunning wooden cot for her! I actually still have her

  25. I had a doll I think it was made by Sasha dolls.. Of course I called her Sasha.. Sadly I don’t think they make them anymore:-(

  26. I had a stuffed cat called ginger, he went everywhere with me and only had 1 ear as i used to chew it! He even went to the dentist with me and the dentist took an xray of his teeth as i was scared!

  27. i had a rag doll that was made for me by my nan her name was rosie primrose, i loved her to death, taking her everywhere with me, but it seemed my cat also loved her to death literally, i came home from a friends birthday party where i never took the doll as i didnt want other kids handeling her and the cat had ripped poor rosie primrose to shreds, i cried for weeks ( that same xmas my nan made me another rag doll to replace the one the cat ripped) but it just wasnt the same and sad to say that rag doll got banished into the loft and was thrown out a few years back when my parents had the loft converted, ive never mourned a toy as much as i did my rosie primrose (the original) but bless my nan for trying to replace her!!

  28. Ellie the elephant plush toy I got when I was born from my sister. I would take it everywhere and I still have it! (@PeanutHog)

  29. I had a grey cat it was scruffy and had a colourful belly with pink and purple flowers, i used to take it everywhere with me

  30. My fav was a rag doll called Maggie, I got her for my birthday when I was five. Still have her though she is indeed very raggy now.

  31. I had teddy called Edwina that I was very fond of – not sure how she got that name. She was from Germany and had jointed arms and legs.

  32. I actually still have my scruffy bear! He is now 43 years old and very very worn looking . he sits on a shelf!

  33. I had a big panda teddy called Pambone. I had it years, and then the dog chewed one ear off. Mum patched it up, but it never looked the same.

  34. I had and still have a mouse pj case called minnie mouse. it travelled all over the world with me and I thought it was lost years ago – but when my aunty died this year and we cleared her attic we found it in there! and I have now been reunited with her

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