Poundland Nail Varnish Review

Poundland Glitter Nail Varnish Family Clan BlogPoundland Glitter Nail Varnish


Glitter Nail Varnish – I bought my self a couple of bottles of glitter nail varnish whilst I was shopping in Poundland the other day, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the results.

They had many different colours, but we chose pink & gold, as they lovely & very feminine.

It lasts for ages, even through doing the dishes. Grace has took a likening to it & wanted her toes doing too.


Poundland Glitter Nail Varnish Family Clan Blog

I apply 2 layers to spread the sparkle on my fingers & it gave really good coverage.

Poundland Glitter Nail Varnish Family Clan Blog

It will be lovely with another colour underneath.

Hope you like it.

Mummy H

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8 thoughts on “Poundland Nail Varnish Review

  1. That’s great to know
    Don’t tend to buy cheap nail varnishes as they don’t seem to stay put
    Might reconsider now

  2. I always wonder about cosmetics from poundland and whether they are any good. it is good to have a review of them thank you. my daughter collects nail varnishes and I might buy some from poundland now

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