Pink & Black Cat Scarf Giveaway


Pink & Black Cat Scarf Giveaway

Cat Print Scarf Pink Black Family Clan Blog

We haven’t given away a scarf in a while and I know you all love this gorgeous pink and black cat print one. Haven’t got a particular reason for doing one, but just feeling generous.I managed to buy myself a similar one this time, so I’m wearing it with style and now you can too.

You have the chance to win this beautiful soft warm pink scarf with a lovely cat print on it, perfect for all you feline lovers out there.

Cat Print Scarf Pink Black Family Clan Blog

It measures 168 x 38 cm approx, so it’s long enough to wrap around your neck, shoulders or even your waist as a belt.

I love wearing a scarf and infact wear one most of the year round. I have different thicknesses that I wear depending on how warm or cold the day is.

This one is just so cute perfect for any season as an accessory.  I love how a scarf can change the whole look of your outfit, just adding one can give you a new look, from office to restaurant maybe.

I purchased this with the intent of giving you, our blog reader, the chance to win it. Hope you like it.

Nanna Jane


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Ends Midnight Sunday 2nd April 2017   OPEN WORLD WIDE

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145 thoughts on “Pink & Black Cat Scarf Giveaway

  1. Love owls, so would love a scarf with owls..having said that, also love cats and your scarf here is just lovely!

  2. Perfect for my wife as we have two lovely cats and likes pink.The design looks just like the oldest cat Shadow.

  3. I’ve just watched a programme on alpaccas so they spring to mind, I think it’s the long eyelashes which make them so endearing.

  4. I love cats, so this design is pretty cool for me. I think it would also be nice to see some book covers on scarves.

  5. What a gorgeous scarf, a purrfect way to show my feline love for my three furry kitty boys. Thanks for the opportunity <3

  6. One daughter is mad on unicorns, the other loves sharks, so either of these designs would go down well! I like flower or butterfly prints, but adore this cat design!

  7. I always like seeing dragonflies on scarves (and everywhere else) but what I’d really love to see is the Willow Pattern. I saw a scarf with it on a while back and foolishly thought I would go back and get it another time, but when I did it had sold out and I’ve never found it again anywhere.

  8. My daughter .She loves animal printed scarves and likes cats also wildlife , squirrels, foxes, hedgehogs, owls and birds are some

  9. I have a lucky black cat, which is why I just love this scarf. Alternatively I would choose a Seahorse.

  10. Rhinos. My partners nickname is “rhino” at work. So he’s “daddy rhino” in our house, im “mummy rhino” and we have 3 baby rhinos 🙂 xx

  11. Cat’s are perfect on a scarf, my partner used to walk around her local town with a cat draped around her neck. Maybe ivy or honeysuckle.

  12. I would love a scarf with little faces of Carl Pilkington on as I find him so funny and love his little round head.

  13. I would love to see mushrooms and toadstools or big dramatic leaves on a scarf. I love the cat scarf. Most people I know think of me as a mad cat lady so this scarf would be perfect for me.

  14. I do love cats , so this is a good choice but I’d love a scarf with sweet peas on it- they come in such delicate colours

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