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Jake has spent the morning learning to read with his Phonics School that has been sent for us to review, from Enabling Genius.  Aged for children ages 3 to 5. Jake is the perfect age being as he is 4, soon approaching 5 and starting Reception in September. This was a very ideal product for us especially during the long summer holidays something to keep him entertained! We received a disk and booklet Jake inserted the disk getting very excited at what was to come. It is approved by experts and licensed by BBC Worldwide Learning for distribution



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We selected to view all the episodes but you can select which episode you would like specifically choosing which letter you would like to concentrate on. There is 16 different episodes each lasting 5 minutes. You can watch the episode for c and k on their website here




After each episode we would pause the video and fill in the booklet that was provided Which allowed Jake to fill in the missing letters next to the images i.e, on the video of letter T there was a video showing a T-rex and a Truck.

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When that small video ended he then paused the video. Traced over the letter T and then at the bottom once again he had to write the letter T to make the word T-ruck and T-rex .

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This is very good and an exciting way for children to learn how to write the letter T as he would trace over the other letter that was provided and then he had to attempt to do it himself at the bottom from his practicing noticing that what was on the small video was also on the page Key points were to 1. Say the sound 2. Trace the letter 3. Say the word out loud 4. fun activities.

Family Clan Blog Phonics School 3 Family Clan Blog Phonics School 4 Family Clan Blog Phonics School 2Jake said that his favourite bit was when the letters would turn into the animals.

Great product and really pleased with the outcome of his progress and being able to see how his writing is coming along, there’s still along way to go but he is making very good progress.

Mummy H and Jake

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Phonics School sent us a DVD & Booklet from their range for us to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this it. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings

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111 thoughts on “Learning To Read With Phonics School

  1. I remember getting my first handwriting book where I was allowed to use ink instead of pencil. Proper proud moment, that was! LOL

  2. First day at school – all dressed up into a fine dress, only to be late (due to some traffic incident on the way).

  3. The only one I can think of is getting in trouble for saying ‘natral’ instead of natural – it used to drive my mother up the wall for some reason!

  4. I used to say “Amazements” instead of Amusements when we used to visit Blackpool in our caravan – I still do, actually !! 🙂

  5. The word Dunelm stands out from being young. I hate the word, it was the name of one of the wards in the hospital my Mam was in

  6. I remember the teacher telling me i was spelling my dad and brothers name ( Allistar ) wrong this went on for over a year before my mum had to go in and tell them i was doing it write

  7. When I was little, I said promitive instead of positive, or meta mee see, instead of let me see, my mum still says them to this day… I’m 24…

  8. Nativity – I loved taking part and they bring back many good memories. Every year I hoped and praye that I would be chosen as an angel and after being a lamb and a star, I was eventually given the role of an angel !

  9. This looks like a fantastic product. As a former primary school teacher I think anything that can help children with phonics is a brilliant idea. Thanks for linking up to #SuperparentSaturday!

  10. I remember I used to think the signs in the shops that said ‘shop lifters will be prosecuted’ meant they’d be executed. I got confused between the two words!

  11. it wasn’t so much a word I struggled with it was my brother and cousins who used to struggle to say my name, gicki, bicki i got called all sorts – they still call me other names now!

  12. When I was in first grade, I had bronchial pneumonia. I had the hardest time pronouncing pneumonia because I couldn’t wrap my head around the silent p. We learned phonics, so I was trying to sound it out.

  13. One of my classmates used the word ‘likewise’ long before I’d heard of it and I was very impressed as we were only in primary school.

  14. I was impressed that the boy next door could say vinegar. Try as i might it always came out biviner think I was 8 before I could say it right 😉

  15. Nothing I remember myself but I remember when my son first expressed that he was ‘excited’ we were on our way to Nannie’s house 🙂

  16. I always remember my sister not being able to say lollypop she pronounced it popilop and even when she tried really hard she would say lllllpopilop

  17. Ponger, For some bizarre reason everyone at home called the remote control this, apparently because you ponged the t.v. with it,

  18. I remember the teacher saying ‘don’t worry, we’ll get your tuppence from your mum tomorrow’ and me freaking as I thought she meant my downstairs – not the 2p I owed on dinner money

  19. I remember holding up my stuffed leprechaun toy at an assembly and telling the whole school his name was Padraig and he looked like my uncle!

  20. I insisted for many years that it was an amblimance and not an ambulance, I used to get really worked up when people pronounced it wrong!

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