Pink & Black Cat Scarf Giveaway


Pink & Black Cat Scarf Giveaway

Cat Print Scarf Pink Black Family Clan Blog

We haven’t given away a scarf in a while and I know you all love this gorgeous pink and black cat print one. Haven’t got a particular reason for doing one, but just feeling generous. Continue reading »

A Practical Present – Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Tunisian Crochet Hooks

We don’t usually do presents for Valentines Day, as we know how much we love each other and often say the words. As I wasn’t expecting anything for Valentines Day, I was very surprised on Thursday, of last week, when Grand Dad Al presented me with a parcel. It was something I’ve been after for a while. Some Tunisian crochet hooks. I discover this type of crochet just before Christmas after coming across a video on You Tube. Continue reading »

Ravensburger Rachel Ellen Jigsaw Puzzle Review 6th March

Ravensburger Rachel Ellen Jigsaw Puzzle Review
Ravensburger Rachel Allen Jigsaws Family Clan Blog


This pretty set of Ravensburger Fairytale puzzles features characters illustrated by British designer Rachel Ellen. When I opened my parcel, I even said ‘Wow’ as the illustrations are just perfect. Beautiful for my little princess! Continue reading »

Sunday Snap 26th February 2017

Olivia had a visit to Blackpool Sea Life this week following on from our visit a couple of weeks ago, that you can read about here.  She had a fantastic time and wanted to do her own review of what she saw.

I hope you like her review.

Blackpool Sea Life Sunday Snap Family Clan

Sunday Snaps are just that, snaps, they will never be high quality framed shots, they are just capturing a moment of time or something that has been momentous during the previous week in the life of a Family Clan member.

My Roman Originals Shopping Haul

Roman Shopping Haul

I love Roman clothing, not the era, but the shop. I wouldn’t look good in a toga, believe me! But I’ve been buying the Roman Originals brand for years. The fit always seem to be a perfect size for me. So when an email dropped in to my inbox with the word sale I just knew it was going to be a good day. They even have free delivery!

Ivory and Black Fringed Striped Cardigan

Some of the items in the sale are ridiculously low prices. Like this ivory and black striped fringed cardigan that I picked up for just £5, yes £5 Continue reading »

More New Grand Daughter Crochet and Update

Grand Daughter Update.

Mummy C had a scan yesterday and apparently our new grand daughter due in a months time is already weighing 6lbs 14oz! She’s not going to fit into new born size for very long. Luckily I’ve already been making larger items, although they are still so cute. I can’t wait for her arrival and going to see her.

Matching Hat

Continue reading »

Giveaway: Wordsearch Junior Fun with Drumond Park

Wordseach Junior Drumond Park Review

Drumond Park Word Search Family Clan
Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park

When I mentioned a ‘wordsearch game’ to Jake he wasn’t so excited as he says he finds them hard in school. I was determined to change his mind as I myself love a good wordsearch! He had a look at the Wordsearch Junior box we had received from Drumond Park and I’m happy to say he was intrigued to come and play as the box is bright, and very well aimed at children with various animals/objects in an animated design.

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