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Hello Kitty Name Tags

My 3 year daughter Olivia loved these Hello Kitty labels from My NameTags. From a large choice she could pick which design she wanted and choose which portion of her name appeared on the label. She was very excited as it was a decision she had made all by herself. She’s a big Hello Kitty fan, so these designs are perfect for her. When they arrived her little face lit up and she couldn’t wait to start putting them in her clothes.

My Nametags Hello Kitty Review Family Clan Blog

You get a sheet of 60 labels so you don’t necessarily have to use them all at once nor are they just aimed for clothes as she wanted to stick them onto her toys as well. She loves stickers but these were more special as they had her name on them.

My Nametags Photo 3 Hello Kitty Family Clan Blog

Win Hello Kitty Family Clan Blog

They also stick very easily and she enjoyed peeling them off, choosing clothes/toys that she wanted to stick them too. They are also a very useful tool for teaching the spelling of their name which is very handy for a child of this age.

She starts School this September so she wants to be able to add them to her school uniform which will just add to the whole experience of her starting school so she is saving some for then.

My NameTags Hello Kitty Name Tags Family Clan Blog


They are so easy to stick on and no more lost clothes!

I would highly recommend these labels. There was an iron on variation but I preferred the stickers because it meant my daughter could be more involved and apply them herself. I’ll be recommending these to all my friends.

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106 thoughts on “Hello Kitty My NameTags Review

  1. my little girl starts school in September and I would love to try these as absolutely “everything” had to be labelled! She has a hello kitty lunch bag ready and waiting too!!

  2. Hat and gloves. How they can keep disappearing is beyond me. They don’t have tags that you can write on either! Parental nightmare.

  3. Its a toss up between school cardigans (the bane of my life they are!) and mittens. Im sure i spend more money on them items than any other item of clothing they own.

  4. School uniform – I don’t know how they keep track of all the stuff at school that the children lose – it’s about time my kids’ uniforms were well labelled 🙂

  5. I’d love to win these for my niece who is starting nursery soon. The first thing to label would be her nursery coat and boots etc.

  6. My daughter’s school uniform. Her brother has fancy stickers in his but she has plain white ones, and she would adore these!

  7. I would label all my little girls uniform first because despite me writing on the tags in biro she still manages to lose things at school.

  8. my little one’s school jumpers, so annoying they are always going missing at school. when she gets hot shes always taking them off. she has her coat on when i pick her up, so i dont realise its missing till i get home. got sick of asking the teachers to make sure she doesnt lose them. her name is written on them (in biro) so assuming its new owners must write over the top in marker or something grr

  9. The first thing we would label is my daughter’s pre-school jumpers as they always seem to get left behind! She has just learnt to recognise her first initial “A” and is constantly singing “A A ants on my arms!”, so a name label with her name combined with her love of Hello Kitty would mean that she’d definitely be able to find her jumper each day at home time!

  10. I love these and my daughter is a huge hello kitty fan! These would go great on our school uniform as her name as already washed off the labels!

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