MUM's Pregnancy & Baby Diary Review & Giveaway

MUM’s Pregnancy & Baby Diary

Do you know someone who is pregnant or maybe you are, then this is a perfect giveaway prize for you. It is a perfect gift for any Mum to be to be given at a Baby Shower maybe.

 Family Clan MUM's Pregnancy & Baby Diary

With lots of useful pages inside to enable you keep all your appointments, Birth Plan & more. The mint green & white  diary is undated, so it starts when you want it too.

The pages include special pages to record your entire pregnancy: midwife appointments, scans, birth plan notes, NCT/anti-natal classes and those all-important pregnancy milestones.  There is also pages for you to list the shopping you need for the pregnancy & hospital, & another one for you to list what is needed for baby.

Family Clan MUM's Pregnancy & Baby Diary

There is a lovely section for you to list the gifts you recieve & who they are from, to remind you to send those little “Thank You “cards, it is also a useful list to remember what you have for baby. One of the most useful pages I found was a place to list phone numbers, it is called “Need To Know” & you can list everything from your Antenatal Class phone number to the one for your Hairdresser, great for when the mummy brain kicks in

Family Clan MUM's Pregnancy & Baby Diary Family Clan MUM's Pregnancy & Baby Diary

You can write about the your pregnancy & how it is progressing on a week by week basis, straight from the very first week. This will be great to look back on, but also very useful to remind you how you felt on a certain day if you are asked by your midwife.

Family Clan MUM's Pregnancy & Baby Diary

There is a page that lists thing to take into hospital for you & baby, with tick boxes so you know what you still have to purchase.  You can use the diary for up to the first year of your baby’s life, making a note of all the milestones your baby makes, from the first smile, immunisations, special dates,  first steps, how you celebrate their first birthday birth & so much more.

One of the most useful pages gives lists of clothing sizes, baby/child measurements, Anniversaries, Zodiac signs (with not only the dates but also the symbols,) birthstones & flowers & Metric conversions.

It really is a very useful little diary to have for any Mum to be & life after, it will be a lovely keepsake. I really wish i had used a diary with my children as, having five, it is impossible to remember when they cut their first tooth, when they first walked, said their first word etc.

These diaries can be purchased for £16.95 on Mum’s Office Website, where they have lots of great Mum & family orientated stationery

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0 thoughts on “MUM's Pregnancy & Baby Diary Review & Giveaway

  1. Biggest milestone was finding out I was pregnant after a long time trying, just take every day as it comes since then.

    • I can’t believe how detailed the scans are now, they are truly amazing. Saw my granddaughter before she was born, so much better scans than I had with my children. Enjoy your pregnancy Stephanie.

  2. I loved the first time I felt my son kick properly – & am really looking forward to it again with this baby!

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  4. Not exactly a milestone, more like a huge relief, yesty was rushed to hospital after being in pain from 4pm previous evening all through night and then still in morning, had called midwife and was ordered to get there ASAP, fortunately baby is fine, I had just over done things so my fibromyalgia was reacting especially as off them meds, been ordered to rest take things easy and given a load of meds for pain and stuff for IBS and indigestion too! – such a relief, was so scared.

  5. i want to give this to my sister as shes just found out shes pregnant!! she thought she had a sickness bug lol!!!

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