Miraclesuit Swimwear Review

Miraclesuit Swimwear Review

The Miraclesuit swimwear collections are always a breath of fresh air and appeal to young and old alike and with the continuing use of unique fabric Miratex and extra life Lycra you know the Miraclesuit brand will keep you firmly in control and looking good all season. “Look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds” is what they claim and I have to agree with them.

Patricia Eve LtdPatricia Eve Ltd, based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, have a fabulous range of Miraclesuit Swimwear that you can buy on line here.

Patricia Eve started life as a one-woman agency in 1977, and over the next 37 years has developed into a family business distributing lingerie, swimwear and nightwear throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. In 2003 the company became incorporated as a private limited company, and with a move just over 2 years ago into even larger premises now supplies the following collections.

My ThoughtsMiraclesuit

Patricia Eve to send me a swimsuit to review, I was so pleased with the beautiful quality of my costume when it arrived. The colours stand out, white, black and bright blue together working perfectly.  The costume is a beautiful fit true to size, we all know how rare that is.

After having 2 beautiful children, of course, my body isn’t as it was. But taking them swimming and wearing this I felt fabulous, not trying to hide myself, which really is a big bonus.  Even Jake said “Oh mam, I like your swimming costume”,  he’s a clever boy. There is support for your tummy and extra support around the bust area, making the fitting fabulous. It’s perfect for lazing on the beach or in the pool.  I love it!


miraclesuit swimwear67963 Poppies turq Sanibel Back (1)




You can see it has the sweetheart neckline that flatters almost all cleavages and the leg isn’t too high cut, I’m not a fan of the high cut ones, but this was perfect.  The scoop back doesn’t go to low that any excess is showing.

I really felt fabulous in it. I would never go back to my old swimming costumes now.




Patricia Eve Ltd have been very kind in offering you a chance to win this Miraclesuit Swimming Costume (only in size 12) RRP £120 in black, white and gold, with tummy control & underwire in the bust area.

Night and Day Sanibel

Night and Day Sanibel Back
















You can purchase Miraclesuit swimwear on Amazon

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Mummy H

Patricia Eve Ltd sent us a Miraclesuit swimming costume from their range for us to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this it. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings

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175 thoughts on “Miraclesuit Swimwear Review

  1. We have just got back from exploring Herefordshire it’s full of suprises and if you love food so many nice places to eat out and try local produce xx

  2. One of my fondest memories from my childhood is being on holiday by the sea and I dreamt that I was swept away by fairies and pirates. It was such a magical dream that it’s stayed with me all these years. An odd story, I know but my little one loves to hear about it 🙂

  3. We had an amazing family holiday in Australia last year & travelled all around. It’s an amazing country & I can’t wait to go back!

  4. My holiday in Barbados two years ago was fantastic! The locals were so friendly, the weather and scenery lovely and I can’t wait to return …

  5. When I was 12 I went with my family on holiday to Torremolinos in Spain. We travelled by coach from the north of England which took about two days! I was soooo excited to get there and I wasn’t disappointed when we eventually did. It was brilliant. I climbed the massive water slides about 50 times a day, shooting down to the bottom was exhilarating! The food, the weather were amazing and I made friends with kids from all over Europe. It is the best holiday I have ever had and on the journey home I cried and cried!!

  6. Recently we went away to stay in a log cabin.On one of the days there we went on a “hike” with our 4 children. Somehow we got lost but it didn’t dishearten us as we had an adventure trying to find our way back. The children remember this day as the most fun lol

  7. I went for a swim at West Wittering, got caught in a slip stream and nearly drowned. There were no coast guards on duty, so it was all down to me in the end.

  8. Had a lovely mini break to Vienna last month – stayed in a luxury hotel overlooking the Danube river. Thorougly enjoyed going on the hop-on-hop-off buses, taking a river cruise, and going up the Danube Tower to enjoy drinks at the revolving cafe with 360 degree stunning views.

  9. We went on holiday to France this year, It was an adventure to us because for the first time ever I drove abroad! It was great to be able to pack what i wanted for the kids without having to squeeze it all into a small case and having the car gave us the freedom to explore.

  10. This year for my grandmas 70th we hired a 16th century manor house for 12 family members. It was amazing and my grandma and grandad went on the segway adventure.

  11. A fantastic holiday on the Île de Ré, once there we did not use the car but cycled everywhere. A slower pace led to a totally different family holiday, pure fun.

  12. Every holidays an adventure with my two monsters, they are drawn like magnets to the pool. Que lots of diving in to rescue them as neither can swim

  13. When I was 8 & my sister was 5, we were fighting and messing around in the front seat while our parents checked us in to the campsite. I put the car in gear and we ended up in the lake and since my sister was always causing trouble, to this day, I’ve still never confess to them that our holiday was ruined because it me that put the car into the lake and my sister still gets reminded of what she did on our holiday

  14. Thailand holiday was pretty amazing. we went on a boat trip from Krabi islands and the views were breath-taking! kayaking was one of the best things we did there. xx

  15. We went to Lyme Regis this year, down in dorest and we were lucky enough to find an ammonite fossil on the beach much to my sons delight!

  16. I went to Germany this Summer and swam in Lake Constance. It was warm and clear, and a bit more fun than swimming in my local pool. Not quite a swimming with dolphins adventure, but I’m building up to it! (Does swimming with Bavarian ducks count?)

  17. this summer we were camping on an alpaca farm/camping site and were privileged to witness the birth of a baby alpaca and we got to name her.

  18. I went to New York and in one day we went on a helicopter, a ferry, a taxi and the subway, a veritable adventure of transport

  19. We went to the French Alps where we helped our 3 year old with rock climbing and horse riding, it was so exciting for him and so much fun for us to enjoy. Felt really proud.

  20. Our most recent holiday to Marrakech was unforgetful, the pool was awesome and the environs within the hotel was calm and wonderful with friendly staff and marvellous guests!

  21. We had a great family adventure the other summer – we went to see the Loch Ness monster, then got all the way to Orkney. Even though we spent most f the time driving in the car, we all remember the holiday really fondly 🙂

  22. Last year I won a holiday for my husband and I to Cyprus – it was a ‘blogger of the year’ competition with Loved By Parents and I was totally gobsmacked to have been chosen. It was an amazing adventure to go away on a holiday we didn’t have to pay for!

  23. On Rhodes this year, my kids persuaded me to ride with them on an inflatable sofa pulled around a bay by a speedboat. I thought it would be terrifying but I enjoyed it!

  24. i’ve never been abroad, but i used to love visiting isle of wight when i was little. loved the ferry! also, wales has some amazing destinations. love visiting quiet local beaches.

  25. Me and my husband went to the lake district this Summer. We walked up Orrest Head and saw beautiful views of lake Windermere. It is such a lovely place the lakes :)!

  26. We decided to stay in the UK this year, decided on Tenby and on day 2 both kids had chicken pox. So glad we weren’t too far from home.

  27. I so love waking up on the first morning of a new holiday and planning our adventures for the whole break, usually only a week for us. We love to explore our holiday destination rather than stay on resort so we often hire a taxi for the day and get the driver to take us round the island our own experiences have been lovely and we’ve learnt many things about countries we otherwise would not do if we did not do this. We’ve even had the taxi driver take us to his own home to meet his family and that was just delightful and gave us a real insight into the country’s culture.

  28. We had a brilliant adventure in Hastings on our family holiday, we went up the cliff lift up to Hastings castle and explored the ruins while learning about the battle of 1066. We went to three museums which were free and learnt a lot of interestings things ( lifeguard , shipwreck and fisherman’s museum). My family enjoyed the ride on the miniature train and finished the day off with a trip to the amusement arcade and some lovely seaside chips .

  29. We went to Venice and got a little bit lost, in the dark. Bit scary but fun once we found our way back to where we needed to be!

  30. Best holiday adventure was a dawn balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. I am not a big lover of heights but was mesmerised during the trip. Its a wonderfully peaceful feeling in a balloon, so quiet and still. Needless to say the views were amazing and well worth it. Your prize would look terrific on my wife

  31. well once the kids and i went on a road trip to virginia… and apparently my gps got hijacked because it kept taking us into a subdivision instead of to the attractions we wanted to go to. it was a lot of fun getting lost though, we saw some strange things!

  32. I recently went on holiday to Switzerland – swimming in the crystal blue waters of Lake Geneva was one of the highlights. It’s so nice to go to places where the lakes and rivers are still clean!

  33. We went to the sand dunes in Michigan- there was a really bad storm- the park was shut down and the area was without power and trees were down.

  34. My wife and I once went camping with my Dad. He took on a ‘walk’ that ended up being a mountaineering experience. It was terrifying and we made him tone down the walks after that to a more acceptable level for us!

  35. The memory I cannot forget was going to Rovaniemi in a log cabin,
    With the fire burning bright,
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  36. We were offered he chance to ride in a hot air balloon but as I am of limited mobility I realised I wouldn’t be able to climb into the basket but the pilot and support crew simply lifted me in and sat me down. When we came back down to earth, literally an figuratively, I was lifted safely out into waiting arms. What a wonderful experience it was

  37. I haven’t been abroad for 20+ years, but I’m lucky enough to live a five minute walk from beautiful Broadstairs in Kent, and we spend a lot of time on the beach there all year round.

  38. We spent 10 days in Cornwall this year – lovely beaches and scenery but the best bit for our 5 year old was the disco !

  39. I went off-roading in the mountains of Utah this summer. Amazing experience and able to see wonderful views, impossible any other way.

  40. We take our children on a different UK holiday each year and we love exploring all that the UK has to offer!! x

  41. Camping in the New Forest and being woken up in the morning by 2 New Forest ponies with their heads poking through the tent window, watching us. Beautiful!

  42. I have lovely memories of when we took 2 of our grandchildren to Center Parcs and we all had a wonderful and adventurous and exciting time!

  43. We went to france and were staying just outside of Carcassone and just went for a drive, ended up in the motagne noir and I couldn’t believe the scenery we stumbled upon (and the hairpin bends as we climbed!)! We saw the most gorgeous waterfall and found caves to visit! We only nipped out for half an hour before we were to head to the pool and ended up half a day as it was the most amazing find!

  44. I have never been camping in a tent!! This year I went to a fishing festival and slept in a bivvy for 3 nights!! Luckily, the only thing that got in with me was a mosquito!!

  45. Going to Croatia to a festival and then the plan was to travel down to Dubrovnik afterwards (about a 3 hour drive away). Very tired and hungover only to find out the next bus was 3 days away!

  46. When I was younger I went cave exploring with my brothers in Cornwall, we told stories about smugglers it was great fun

  47. We’ve had so many adventures but I think my favourite one was when my OH came home from work and told me and the kids that we were going on holiday 🙂

  48. Going to Torquay with a friend on our own at 16 and swimming in the sea at midnight (Now at 52 think praps that wasn’t very wise but it was exciting)

  49. We took a trip to Prague and upon arrival we realised we didn’t speak the language, know the city or the country! We took the bus to the hotel and it dropped us off on this deserted street in an industrial estate and disappeared into the night. We were saved by KFC. It’s sign was the only thing we recognised so headed towards it and luckily our hotel was right next door!

  50. We have our first family holiday with all of us going planned for next year, swimming with dolphins should be a highlight

  51. Nearing our destination in hills up above the Amalfi coast after a long drive down from Rome, we had a puncture and then found the spare wheel didn’t fit the car. The next 2 days were spent exploring the village up in the hills while we waited for a replacement car. Even the local bus service wasn’t working for most of the day due to road repairs. However we did see lots of lizards and interesting insects, and even a snake.

  52. Probably one of our long family walks when we had to ascend some steep stairs cut in to the cliffs, terrifying. Coming down was even worse

  53. I have 2 holidays planned next year, one with my Mum and Sister and one with my hubby, not sure where to yet we are still debating

  54. weve just got back from driving from Lancashire to Disneyland paris. what an amazing adventure and the children were amazing in the car. not a single moan. a trip to remember

  55. One of my best holiday adventures was taking the sleeper train from Paris to Venice on my honeymoon. One day it’ll be the Orient Express!

  56. I won a trip to Chile and got to see penguins and glaciers. I swim 3 times a week and would love this suit in my size (12)
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  57. I once got lost on the slope of Andorra on Christmas Day morning and spent a lovely day skiind taking in the beauty of the mountains.

  58. I did the Peru Inca trail some years ago and had longer in Peru than I thought as I left my passport in a hotel safe and missed my flight home.4 extra days!

  59. We were so busy talking about our wedding which had taken place the day before that we held up the flight for our honeymoon in Egypt and the pilot had even given the order for our luggage to be removed from the plane. Luckily they decided to let us board and the other passengers gave us a round of applause!

  60. We live close to Dollywood theme park so we went with my son, his wife, and the two grandkids, we road the rides but I wouldn’t go on the rollercoasters..lol..they are way to high, I am afraid of heights. We all had a lot of fun and we plan to go again next year.

  61. Our last holiday was to Center Parcs and I loved seeing our daughter going up and down the water slides and the pure enjoyment on her face 🙂

  62. My best adventure this year was seeing the celebrity homes in Beverley Hills – bet there were some great swimming pools behind those gates!

  63. I’ve been lucky enough to climb two volcanos… one in Italy and one in Japan. I’d live to see one in action.

  64. My last holiday adventure was at centre parkw with my two daughter where we loved cycling together for the first time 🙂

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