Making bird feeders!

Hand Made Bird Feeders

We had a lovely morning making bird feeders last week with Jake.
bird feeders
We collected pine cones and then tied some wool around to make it hang.
making bird feeders
Then we used, lard, meal-worms, bird seed and suet mixed together and then pushed into the pine cone. We then went outside and hung them from a tree
So simple!

hanging bird feeders

This week I took these picture. Just shows how simple it is and the birds are getting all the goodness that they need especially in the cold months now coming in fast!

hanging bird feeders

Mummy H

15 thoughts on “Making bird feeders!

  1. This is really simple and we have pine cones where we live so just a matter of filling and hanging them. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Great Idea to get the kids outside , especially now the summer has gone … with this idea we get to craft and get outside too

  3. Lovely idea, will need to start collecting some cones – shouldn’t be too hard with all the blustery weather at the moment

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