How to make Crochet Roses or …..

Crochet Roses

Crochet roses, or at least some kind of flower, I’m not too good with flower names, but they look similar to a rose to me. AnyhowI’ve been busy making these this week. I’ve tried lots of different patterns, with varying success, but this one I found by far the easiest.Family Clan Blog Crochet Roses

What you will need:

Yarn (these are great for using up them odd bits of yarn you have left over in your stash)

Crochet hook to fit your yarn

A yarn needle for sowing



Start with a chain that can be divided by 3 then add 5 (my chain was 30 +5 =35), leaving a long yarn tail for sowing later.

Double crochet (DC) into 5th chain from the needle, this gives you two DC & a chain one.

Miss one chain then DC, chain 1, DC in next chain,  repeat this to the end of your starting chain.

Family Clan Blog Crochet Roses 2

Yours may twist more if you have more stitches, I have tried to flatten mine for the pic.

Chain 3, then 5 DC in to the space , slip stich(SS) into next space, then *6 DC into next space, SS into next space*  & repeat from * to end.  Leave a long yarn tail for sowing.

Thread needle with yarn from chain. Going back to first petal fold in half & sow into place, this gives you flower a nicer center.  Then gently curl the petals around, making the back of your flower as flat as possible, this may take you sometime – well it did me! But be patient it is worth it when you have it right. When you are happy sow into place, making sure you catch all the layers.

You can add a button or a bead to the centre of the flower.

These make great additions to head bands, dresses, cardigans, book covers, tea cosy & look great as a hair adornment or brooch.

I’m making Nanna Doll a tea cosy so they will be added on to it.

Family Clan Blog Crochet Roses 3

I might make some with a smaller needle to see how they come out.  Don’t worry I’ll let you know how to make the tea cosy when I’ve finished the pattern, but it’s really easy, if you can make a granny square you can make a tea cosy or it could be a cover for you E-reader or tablet.

Do send me a photo of your flowers, I’d love to see them.

Nanna Jane

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