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Little Tikes Stroll N Go

Little Tikes are a well-known company, first thing that I knew them for was the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe car, that I’m sure Baby A will have in a year or so.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Family Clan Blog Stroll N Go

The lovely people at Diono have asked us to review the stroller/buggy from Little Tikes called Stroll N Go. Diono have a great range of baby essentials & accessories.

First thoughts of the Little Tikes stroller are that I love it! The colour, the different shades of grey suit me perfectly for my little boy, Baby A that was born late December.

Little Tikes Stroll N Go Family Clan Blog

Little Tikes Stroll N Go Stroller

The Stroll N Go arrived so Daddy G put it together and at my surprise he assembled it really quickly. The wheels were easy enough to clip on, the canopy was easy to clip on it was up in no time and ready to use!

The Stroll N Go is suitable from birth, it has easy swivel wheels, full independent suspension and it is a light pram to push around,light to pick up and put in the car, so much easier than the pram I have been using since Baby A was born. Although it is lightweight, I do find that it still has a very sturdy frame & gives Baby A a comfortable ride.

It has a super useful back pocket for more storage which is useful for any occasions from shopping or

Little Tikes Stroll N Go Giveaway Family Clan Blog

All ready for our walk to feed the ducks

even just going to feed the ducks, you can never have enough storage space for all the things you need to take out with little ones!

There is a good-sized basket under the stroller which is great for putting  anything that is needed in, but is a little difficult to access when the seat is in lying down position.
It comes with a sun canopy that is a really generous size which is really good especially on days out in the summer when Baby A is asleep, I will be able to flick the canopy forward and click into position and keep him partially out of the sun.
What I really liked, when you apply the brake on the buggy, there is a loud ‘click’ noise which gives me the reassurance that they are actually locked and not going to roll away if your back is turned.  I have also found that it is a good size for Daddy G, he is quite tall and we thought that with it being a stroller it would be smaller than the pram I have, but I found it to be a good size for him to use.

Little Tikes Stroll N Go Giveaway Family Clan BlogThe stroller also has a 5 point harness which I found awkward to start with but once you’ve done it the first time you easily get the hang of it and to release all you need to do is pop the button which then un-clips for you to allow baby/toddler out!  It’s a great idea to always strap your children in even if they’re asleep, you could just turn around & they could fall out or climb out.
This umbrella stroller is easy enough to put up and fold down, it is light weight and easy to transport so that is great for taking on holidays or days out, you just fold it down and pop it into the back of the car. You can secure it into position with the little clip on the side so it doesn’t unfold.

I found it quite fiddly to use the lying and sitting positions process, of course this will get easier with a bit more practice for me, as I am a new mum. The strap at the back you have to adjust to lie down, and to sit up you have to push the seat forward, pull the strap and then hold into place, whilst you set the sitting up position. It is a bit awkward when there is a child in front so you are pushing their weight forward and trying to sort out a strap at the same time.

I think this stroller is great that you can use the seated position with Baby A lying down, relaxing back & sat up fully supporting at all stages. As he get bigger I will use the seating positions more, where as at the moment I’m really just using the lied flat & slightly raised.

The front of the stroller seat is also adjustable as your child grows as well, where at the moment I have it flat, but when your child gets older you can then move the foot area to downward, so your child feet will then be able to dangle.

The rain cover, that comes with the Stroll N Go at no extra cost, is a great fit for over the stroller. It covers the whole of the stroller so will keep Baby A nice and dry, whilst I probably will get soaking wet as being a new mum I haven’t mastered the art of pushing a stroller and holding an umbrella, but hopefully it won’t take me too long.

Overall our rating is great for Little Tikes Stroll N Go

The Little Tikes Stroll N Go is currently priced on Amazonat £83.47.

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  1. Along the prom near our home as it is long and flat and you get great views out to see and up and down the coast!

  2. I would give it to my friend who is due her first baby in June. We would have a stroll around our local park and let him look at all the trees 🙂

  3. I’d take my little lady to legoland for the day as its a great day out and when she gets tired she could have a kip in it!

  4. I think this would be the perfect stroller to keep in the boot of the car for our family trips to the zoo & local days out.

  5. I would take them to the lake because that is our favorite place to go and feed the ducks and play on the playground!

  6. I would take my little one a stroll around grandads farm yard to look at all the lambs being born this spring.

  7. Would go to Loch lomand keeping meaning to go would be brill entry to walk round sight seeing then trip to the beach

  8. I would take my daughter to nursery and collect her from nursery on it. Im trying to lose weight, so this would give me another fab chance to walk, not drive … 🙂

  9. I love this color!!! I would love to win it, i am currently 5 months pregnant. So excited for my little bundle of joy to arrive!!

  10. Could keep it at our house and take one of the grandchildren down the local park. Gets them out the house & into the fresh air x

  11. I would use it when we go out for the day with my little one when they get big enough – he or she is due in July!

  12. I would take my son to the park as it’s his favourite place. He passes me his shoe’s and gives me puppy eyes and I know where he wants to go even though he can’t talk yet!

  13. I would take my baby for a walk with our dog as its difficult at the minute with a big bulky pram to do this easily.

  14. I would take the stroller to Portugal, and leave it in my apartment. We travel there, at least, once a year, and travelling with a stroller is a real pain.

  15. To the local nature reserve to feed the ducks! We would all be there as a fanily and little bear would be super comfortable!

  16. I would take it to the rare breeds farm, perfect for getting in and out of the car and taking with us for when little legs get too tired to walk.

  17. I would take my niece or nephew (it’s a surprise for us all) to the wildlife park where there’s a range of animals that are locally rescued & looked after that you can view & adopt. It’s such a pretty park with lots of colours, noises, scents & views.

  18. To see the chickens and sheep in the farm down the road . My grandaughter Alice gets so excited to see them . This buggy looks amazing 🙂

  19. To the local park, to get out into the sunshine.See and smell the flowers. Also to let him play on the swings and slide in the park.

  20. Definately to Cotswold Safari Park! Amazing place to spend the day and he would sleep comfortably in this buggy!

  21. My daughter would use this on the school run which she has to do 3 times a day with my other 2 grandchildren, whilst pushing a relatively heavy pram, which was a good buy but a bit too heavy now my 3 month old new granddaughter wants to see whats going on enroute.

  22. We would stroll to the Chelsea Flower Show and get some inspiration on how to create our own family friendly garden.Our little tyke could travel in style and snooze in comfort while we could take advantage of its sturdiness and hang our bags of goodies on it.

  23. I would take my baby to the local park and then maybe stop at Nanny’s house for tea and a slice of cake on the way home 🙂

  24. anywhere and everywhere! we dont drive so itd be perfect for our littlest. i think we’d go visit the ducks first!

  25. I dont drive so i use a pram everyday to transport my 11 month old around. we use it for shopping, the school run. Everything!

  26. We are going on our first family holiday abroad this year, so this would be amazing to win!…. Also, my sister is expecting her first child this year…. We love recycling! So I’d pass this on to her 🙂
    Thank you for the chance xxx

  27. I would use it all the time when we have our grandson over to visit, it would be great to have it here all the time

  28. I would take it to Chester zoo because my two children would love it but it’s a bit too big for my 1 year old to walk around.

  29. I would walk my daughter along the seafront, we live close and love going down there at least weekly to the beach and park.

  30. drayton manor, Harry adores it here especially thomas land and the zoo looking at all the animals he loves them

  31. This would be great for those late afternoon walks along the beachside here….a chance for mum and dad and bub to get out of the house and spend some quality time together….and made easy for us with the safe light weight and practical Little Tikes Stroll and Go

  32. I would take mine to Hengistbury Head in Dorset. There is a beautiful 3 mile walk along the coastline to beach huts. It has both a harbour, nature reserve area and a fabulous beach all amid 300+ beach huts of every colour. No cars are allowed so only bikes, walking, scooters and a smallgauge train. This stroller would be perfect there

  33. On all the wonderful day trips in the summer holidays but just having a decent pushchair for the school run would be a bonus mine is looking worn

  34. We will have days out to the zoo, walk big brother to school, take big sister for her first day at school, walk to the shops, other fun days out and family holidays too!

  35. We would use this pushchair daily, walking to playgroups and round the shops. Sounds like a cosy ride 🙂

  36. I would take her to Achmelvich in Scotland where the air is pure and clear and where we can sit on the sand and play with the textures.

  37. My granddaughter isn’t due until July but we will go for walks along the river bank and on shopping trips

  38. I would take my little one to the park to play on the swings and slides because he loves them, and can never get enough!

  39. To the park with my older 2 children so they could ride their balance bikes and my baby girl could get some fresh air

  40. there is a big lake here called coat water it take around an hour to walk all the way round and its beautifull i love taking the dogs there too so we could all go

  41. We’re going to Portugal in a few weeks and only have a heavy pushchair so this would be perfect to take with us! Fingers crossed :0)

  42. I’d take my daughter to our local park to feed the ducks, lots to do as its a lovely big park with some woods too

  43. i would take my little nephew caio to the zoo, its very handy to fit in the car and light enough to travel x

  44. We would take Myla to the park for a picnic and then we can feed the ducks. Be nice for her to get used to seeing dogs out and about too. 🙂 We are lucky enough to live near the racecourse so on some days we could even look at the horses.

  45. we like to go to Cramond Beach, it’s a beautiful long walk and weather permitting we can even collect some shells

  46. A Walk down Exmouth Sea front where we live. Sea air helps the little man sleeps – and its great when he sleeps!

  47. I would use it all the time but especially in the aummer to take my little one to see her grandparents in Blackpool.I think it would be perfect to use in holiday and easy to get in and off the train ☺

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