Keeping Grace Busy During Our Summer Weather

Summer Weather

So even though the summer weather is bit rubbish, there still lots to be done. This morning we printed off a picture from Google of colour in images from Frozen.  Grace enjoyed colouring her favourite Anna.

Summer Weather Keeping Busy in the Summer Weather












I love the concentration on her face. She really enjoyed colouring today.

Later this week we are going to get the tent out in the garden so great for any weather. The kids will love it like a little den in their garden Hoping to make a day out to Saltwell Park next week. It is near by & we will go with my friend K, her son & daughter that are the same age as Jake & Grace  I will also take the tent with us in case the girls need to sleep & there is somewhere, they can shelter from the sun! Lets just hope the weather comes out nice!

Mummy H

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4 thoughts on “Keeping Grace Busy During Our Summer Weather

  1. What is it with ‘Frozen’ lol It’s every little girls favourite,My granddaughter’s name is Grace too lol.Bit to young for Frozen YET! lol ,but the other one is frozen mad.

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