Jakes 100% Attendance Reward

Jakes 100% Attendance Reward

Jake has finished reception this week! I can’t believe he will be going into year 1 come September!
He received 100% attendance certificate and £10 Asda giftcard from his school.  So yesterday we went to our nearest Asda store and he bought himself this helicopter for £15 as he had a little money of his own saved up so added that towards it. Fair to say he has not stopped playing with it and neither has his little sister!

That’s 2 years full attendance for him and we are so proud!
Mummy H

10 thoughts on “Jakes 100% Attendance Reward

  1. Well done Jake! What a clever boy you are! This is such a great idea that many more schools could follow!

  2. Hope Jake can keep up this fabulous achievement this new term -amazing considering all the bugs that spread like wildfires in school

    • Thank you. I hope so too, but I know he has a couple of hospital and doctors appointments to come no doubt they will be in school times! x Mummy H x

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