14 thoughts on “Is A Water Meter Right For You?

  1. We don’t have a water metre but the idea of being able to change back if you don’t like it makes it very appealing to try out.

    • That’s why we thought we would give it a try, having the option to return to normal billing was important to us.

  2. Not on a water meter, but it sounds like a good idea. I think being aware of how much water you’re using is important and I’m sure if I was aware how much we use I’d be shocked and try to use less. We tried to sign up for an electric meter at our old house, but they had a problem with setting it up where we were.. might have to revisit the idea now we’re settled in our new house.

    • We were put on the new tariff about 4 days after the water meter was fitted and at the moment it is saving us approximately £16 per month. 😉

    • That is the thing that appealed to us, we had looked in the past but didn’t want to commit then find out we would be paying more when the idea was to save us money. x

  3. We’re moving house later this month and thick this may be the time for us to change to a water meter. Interesting article

    • We are saving a lot each month now with it, but it was the idea that you have two years to decide & if you don’t like it or it isn’t saving you money you got back to the bills, that was what made us go for it.
      Best of luck with the house move. x

  4. I would love a water meter but I think it would cause too any arguments in our house as others are very penny pinching about the most trivial things

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