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I received Huggies Style on the Go to review and my first thoughts where have these been for the last 5 and a half years!

Such a stylish addition for our changing bags. They are great for a mum to be / new mum or even just to have in your bag as your child grows to be a toddler, and still needs cleaned on the go!

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Simply pop your packet of wipes inside the Style and Go and seal. Your wipes are easily accessible from the flip lid at the top and when finished push it to hear it click to close. They have been used in my bag now for a few weeks and I have found them a great addition, make nappy changing easier and easy access for grubby handy! They are a tight seal so will make sure that the wipes do not dry up when packed away.Huggies Family Clan Blog

You can buy the refill pack. simply replace your empty packet, seal the ‘style on the go’ and your done. Although I would say a normal packet would also fit in these, but I haven’t tried it, as I’ve only got the new Huggies Style on theGo packs in at the moment.

Huggies Family Clan Blog

I love that it has a handle which pops open and close allowing you to be able to clip on to anything where needed like on my changing bag handle then I just pop them inside no more rummaging around.  Who would have thought just a simple popper could makes a world of difference.

Huggies Family Clan Blog

They are are light weight and easily to seal and so much prettier than carrying around a pack of wipes! They come in 3 designs, floral, spotted and striped design all very quirky and bright coloured which makes them unique and still able to find them in the depths of the nappy bag!

The various patterns makes it more personal to yourself and your own style, I’m loving the flower one or rather that is what Grace decided I was using!

Jake’s favourite is the multi-coloured striped design where as Grace chosen the bright floral design, so great for either gender.

Would like to own one? Would you like the chance to win one? Great as Huggies have given us three packs of Style on the Go to share with one lucky winner. YAY.

Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below. The mandatory question must be answered to make any further entries valid.  No answer means no win!

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143 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win With Huggies

  1. I don’t really have spare packets of wipes, as all packets are normally in use. We have them in the kitchen, living room, the car, bedroom and the bathroom.

  2. I always have a spare pack in the car for when we are out and about! They always come in handy for messy faces or dirty hands!

  3. I leave a spare pack in my purse just in case we are out and someone needs a quick cleanup whether it is the bum or the face and hands they come in handy!

  4. In a drawer in the living room. I always like to have a spare and by putting them away it keeps the room tidy.

  5. In the car on the passenger floor..mainly because I love to suck polos when Im driving and get sticky hands…I always hold them and suck them…yes Im weird. Also for lillies sticky hands especially after an ice cream aftyer the park

  6. I keep a pack in my handbag, a pack on the bathroom shelf, a pack in the bedroom and a pack in the bathroom storage basket. I never run out.

  7. We have spare packs of wipes all over the house and in the car, and in various bags… you never know when you’re going to need some handy.

  8. i have mini packs in handbag, car & inside pocket of my jacket. Personal reasons toilet roll & I don’t get on at all ☹️

  9. I keep spare ones where ever I in my hand bag, diaper bag, next to the bed, in baby’s for drawer almost everywhere.

  10. I have a spare pack of wipes in almost every room. The kitchen, playroom, sitting room, bathroom, bedroom, also in the car and in my handbag, as well as the one in the changing bag.

  11. There’s always a pack in my handbag at the moment but when the little one arrives I will always make sure there’s a full packet in the changing bag too

  12. I got loads of places I have spare packets of wipes, the car, my handbag, upstairs, kitchen. you never know when you may need a wipe!

  13. In the little compartment under the front seat passenger side – and I also keep one in the boot of the car in the first aid box

  14. Everywhere….after being caught with a monster poo on the train I have them all over the place, handbag, car, bottom of his pram, grandmas, change bag, upstairs and downstairs

  15. I seem to have packs of wipes everywhere! In my bag, on the dining room table, in the bathroom and in the car are the current locations, I think!

  16. I always have some in my changing bag & living room. And keep a well stocked supply in my kitchen cupboard

  17. In glove box in my handbag when I’ve got grandchildren about never know when needed great for sticky fingers and faces. Or changing nappies

  18. I have a box which I put my nappies in so I place my spare pack of wipes underneath them so if I forget or run out if wipes I have spare

  19. With having a baby i have wipes stocked up every week the amount i go through. Bit alway
    s have 2 pks in the baby bag x

  20. In my car, handbag, desk drawer at work, kitchen worktop – I always have a pack handy as you never know when you will need a wipe for dirty hands, faces, spills!

  21. In my handbag, so I always have some on hand no matter where I am. You never know when someone may need them,

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