High School Musical Fancy Dress Giveaway

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When Ian from Jokes.co.uk contacted us to ask if we would like to do a giveaway with one of their fancy dress costumes we jumped at the chance. The grand children & some of our Mummies & Daddies love any opportunity to dress up, so this was a right up our street. to review & giveaway a lovely fancy dress costume.



Ian offered us a choice of fancy dress costumes to select as a prize for a giveaway from the list of adults & children, we loved this costume from Disney’s High School Musical, but it was difficult to choose as the costumes are fabulous with a wide range of styles & sizes.

High school diva Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) wears this vibrant turquoise dress. The bodice of the dress is made of velour & the bottom is covered in gorgeous ruffles which are longer on the back than the front. A brilliant dress to wear to parties or for in the dressing up box! It just slips right over your head so no fiddle buttons or zips. ! It’s an age 3-4 size so perfect for your Little Miss.

High School Musical has been one of Disney’s hits from early in 2006, to the present day, launching the careers of many actors, such as Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens.

If you need a fancy dress costume for any occasion drop by Jokers’ Masquerade‘s web site for an abundance of choice, I’m sure there will be something there to suit your needs.

Disclosure: We received the Disney High School Muscial Sharpay fancy dress for the purpose of the giveaway, we have received no other incentive & all opinions are our own. Prize includes dress only, other accessories shown are for illustration purposes only.

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78 thoughts on “High School Musical Fancy Dress Giveaway

  1. I once wore a Tinkerbell costume and it had flashing wings attached to the back! They looked lovely but I couldn’t sit back on a chair – which was frustrating by the end of the evening when I was drunk!

  2. a cheetah onesie to a recent party at a friend’s house – I got a bit warm as I drank more wine and going to the loo was a challenge

  3. i got a wolf suit for halloween once when nieces & nephews were small, it terrified them, until they saw my trainers (doh!) & all jumped on me with sheer relief i think!!

  4. My mother dressed me up as the Sun. I had a headpiece in yellow with a base fitting my head and several yellow rays emanating from it.

  5. I once dressed up as a Greek goddess (using bed sheets and a lot of pins) for a competition, whilst on a Pontinental holiday in Greece. I came second winning a bottle of champagne.

  6. we dress up for halloween every year and go out drinking to celebrate my late best friends birthday, one year i was a witch with a green face, was hilarious as green got everywhere, including all over my boyfriend ha ha

  7. I’ve worn so many costumes I’ve lost count. Big Bird, Wally, Xmas Robin, Sexy Mrs Santa Claus, Zombie Nurse, Prisoner…

  8. When I was very much younger I went to a fancy dress party as a member of the band 5star! I wore some very shiny bright blue trousers and a Bright pink satin shirt!!! (well it was the 80’s and anything goes!!!!)

  9. best outift i wore was an american 1920s gangster, black and white suit complete with hat, moustache and tommy gunn – loved it!!

  10. I was dressed as a bunch of grapes with lots of balloons stuck to me and a brown hat for the stalk and brown tights. Can remember the balloons kept popping !!

  11. Halloween 2 years ago I was pregnant so dressed as a space hopper. The hopper logo/picture was over my bump on a bright orange tshirt, I had orange leggings, an orange wig and the handles from a space hopper pushed through the wig. I looked pretty awesome even if I do say so myself!

  12. ive dressed up as mary (christmas story) angel, a fairy, a devil, a barbie in a box, various animals, and a mermaid. im trying to get as much dressing up stuff for my little ones as possible as its so much fun!

  13. I get dressed up most halloween’s, the girls like it and it adds to the excitement. I once wore a nurse outfit and made it into a zombie look, it didnt look too good at all if im honest and i spent most of the evening pulling the skirt down and making sure my make up wasnt running!

  14. As a child I went to a fancy dress party as a Wimbledon tennis player because it was easy – just wore white t shirt, white skirt and had a tennis racket.

  15. i onced dressed up as a school girl zombie for a halloween party i had bright pink hair at the time too looked amazing !

  16. Years ago we went to a holiday camp and the only costume my mum could throw together for me was that of a scarecrow…v embarassing

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