Happy Birthday Your Majesty – Giveaway

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

It really should be Happy Birthday to your Majesty’s, not just your Majesty, as both the Queen & Prince Phillip are celebrating their birthdays.  Prince Phillip was 95 yesterday & unless you have been living in some remote cave with no media you will know the Queen officially celebrates her 90th birthday today.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

This is the official photograph for Prince Phillips Birthday by Anne Leibowitz

They both do so much for this country & indeed the Commonwealth. They both still have such busy schedules that put most of us to shame. I don’t think they are the kind of people to sit down with a blanket around the shoulders sipping hot cocoa.

The streets of London have been lined over the past couple of days & this little soldier caught my eye.

Little Soldier Majesty Queen 90th Birthday

Doesn’t he look so cute, saluting the Queen.

I thought this was a great photograph too.

HMS St Albans 90 Birthday Cake Majesty

HMS St Albans making a 90th Birthday Cake for Her Majesty the Queen

There must have been some serious thinking in the making of it. I love the fact that they used a flare as the candle. Well done to all.

Didn’t the Queen look fabulous in her lime green out fit. Not a colour many could get a way with but I think she pulled it off.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty in Lime Green

I wonder if any of you are celebrating the Royal birthdays this weekend.  I know some are planning street parties for tomorrow (Sunday 12th June), there is a big one taking place where over 10,000 people will join her at The Patron’s Lunch on The Mall.

We hope the Royal couple have a wonderful time celebrating their birthdays.

Nanna Jane


Queen 90th Birthday Majesty Crown Earrings Family Clan Blog

To celebrate the Royal birthdays we have decided to run a special giveaway for these gorgeous gold tone stud crown earrings, that are for pierced ears.  The fit perfectly with the Royal Birthdays we thought.

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233 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Your Majesty – Giveaway

  1. Prince Harry because of the antics he gets up to – he seems so like one of us in many ways!

  2. The Queen. She is just amazing and I have so much respect for her and the way she works so tirelessly for her country..

  3. I like the Queen as she is the one keeping the family going, thrown into a job she wasn’t intending to do and much younger than most monarchs, she has kept at it when most would have been retired years and years ago, I admire her for that

  4. The Duchess of Cambridge, she always maintains a happy and personable manner whilst remaining professional. She also helps raise awareness of issues that aren’t spoken about enough in our society such as childrens mental health

  5. I’m a huge fan of the Queen herself. She effectively gave up her own life for the good of this country. She is a very hard worker and expects that of those around her. She still does her correspondence every day even at 90 years old. She is an icon and I respect her immensely. God save the Queen and happy birthday Ma’am.

  6. I think Harry would get my vote as he is down-to-earth,clever, witty and seems approachable. Harry has done wonders with the Invictus Games and is obviously dedicated to improving the lives of injured service men & women; some of these sportsmen/women will also be representing us in the Rio Olympics in a couple of months – let’s make sure we are all watching/supporting them :). He hasn’t been afraid to promote the need to start treating mental health issues like PTSD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks etc in the same way that we try to treat all physical issues. Harry has pledged loyalty to William, seems like a great brother, brother-in-law, son, grandson, uncle etc and is well-liked by people from a range of different social backgrounds. That said, William and Kate are great, Anne is quietly working as hard as ever, and the Queen and Prince Philip continue to represent all that is great about Great Britain – hardworking royals.

  7. I realise she has taken a back step from royal duties but my favourite Royal is the Duchess of Kent. I like her because she has done some splendid work for charities, such as the RNLI and always with good grace and charm.

  8. Princess Anne, I think she is very underrated, simply because she doesn’t court publicity and the press leave her alone. She just quietly gets on with doing a great job, working hard and supporting charities.
    PS just realised I’ve put my real name of Jane Willis in the Rafflecopter thingy but the comment box is using my wordpress nickname of lapsapchung

  9. The queen obviously… She is just fantastic, who still goes out and works at 90 years old?? Same as Prince Phillip .. 95 years old!… They are icons and to be regarded with much respect

  10. HM The Queen, she IS the Royal Family, a great icon of Britain, also really admire Prince Philip, he has been brilliant at her side

  11. Mine is Princess Anne. She really puts in the hours, much more than a lot of people realise and I think under her quite stern exterior she’s probably a lovely person.

  12. My favourite member of the Royal family has to be George, he is just adorable and adore seeing all of the little photos of him.

  13. camilla is my favourite, she has put up with alot of negative critisism and sill hold her head up high !

  14. The queen – she just gets on with the job without flaunting herself. A great sense of duty and respnsibility.

  15. I love prince Harry
    Full of fun sincere and dedicated to causes he holds dear
    Gets himself into “situations” that other royals shy away from -it’s his life and he lives it to the full

  16. Prince Harry looks a caring person who always takes time out to talk to people just like his mother used to do.

  17. For me I have to say Kate, Will and Harry they seem to bring life to the family and look like down to earth people and being up to date with the latest trends and style


  19. princess anne, she works hard and is so unpretentious and real. she also didnt wnat her children to have titles

  20. Harry – it’s hard growing up in the shadow of an older brother, I know! He seems to have the nicest ways about him, especially with children. And he smiles with his eyes – I like that.

  21. Tough question but it has to be the royal couple William and kate who have done so much for modern royalty and have both been an inspiration to a lot of people. I truly believe they will continue to do wonders.

  22. Kate. It must have been hard marrying into such a grand family, but she’s pulled it off with style and grace.

  23. I am warming to Prince Charles as he has always tried to do good things and he is also a little eccentric, which I find rather appealing.

  24. Prince William as he has works hard and like his mum has that special something about the way he interacts with anybody

  25. Prince Harry – He tries to be a normal as possible & fought on the frontline with his comrades

  26. The Queen is my favourite member of the Royal family. She is so kind and generous, has a sense of humour. I can only wish I have her energy at 90. As if everything she does is not enough, she wears heels all the time. I admire her for so many reasons.

  27. The Queen is my favourite, she is an amazing woman who does an amazing job very well, even at 90 .x

  28. Prince Harry because he is royal yet down to earth and he has his mothers charm which is lovely to see.

  29. Definitely the Queen , she has been hardworking and loyal to her country throughout her long Reign 🙂

  30. I think :- Kate. She chose to marry William, she is there by choice not born to be there and cultured etc form birth by expectations of Royal position etc. Has kept her brunette hair. May chose to leave the Royal family via divorce, as did Diana, though more aware of repercussions. Sadly she is being dealt with in particular ways because of history regarding Charles and Diana etc. Sometimes wonder if the Royal family will ever decide on her title ( duchess, Kate, princess etc). Maybe she is happy to be who she is and was i.e. Kate. As the media refer to her as Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William, Duchess, then Princess on her children’s birth certificates. Confused :- seems their not sure just what to call her. After all Diana was stripped of her title when she divorced Charles.

    Kate is married to William, surely whilst that is the situation it should be Respected, and Kate respectfully addressed. She apparently was a commoner, who chose to marry a Royal. She should be truly welcomed as a part of that family in name, title etc.

  31. William. I just think he moves with the times, he’s level headed but likes to have fun and he’s a good daddy too.

  32. Princess Anne because she works hard for charity and the family ‘business’ with very little media attention

  33. Princess Anne, we’re around the same age and when I was little I had photos of her and Charles on my bedroom wall.

  34. i actually think our Queen has done an amazing job – she is so loyal and dedicated.

  35. I love Prince Harry, he seem a very caring and genuine person, and I love his passion for the charities he supports

  36. Prince Harry and the Queen. The Queen because she hasn’t put a foot wrong. And, Harry, because he has – but, he has pulled himself back, which shows real strength x

  37. I think they all compliment each other and act as a gracious family point. Unsure who my favourite would be though.

  38. This is difficult as I like a lot of them very much and for different reasons. I shall choose the Queen as she works tirelessly even at her age and is always so dignified.

  39. The Queen because she drove a car with someone in it whose country doesn’t allow women to drive.

  40. The Queen herself is my favourite member for the regal way she has carried herself throughout the decades.

  41. My favourite royal is Prince Harry as he has a great sense of humour and doesn’t take himself too seriously

  42. The Queen who even at her age still works so hard and is such a great ambassador for our country – we are lucky to have her.

  43. The Queen herself is an woman. Strong, wise and very experienced. My 5 year old daughter adores her!

  44. My favourite royal is the Queen because she reminds me of my granny 🙂 she just always comes across as such a genuine and loveable person, and since my grandmother is no longer with us I have felt even more affection for her

  45. Kate Middleton because she is inspiring. Beautiful and is a brilliant role model and will take the monarchy to the next generation with style.

  46. I can’t choose between the Queen because she’s just wonderful, Philip for being her rock and a total legend and Harry for the amazing work he does with the military veterans and his general brilliantness.

  47. My favourite member of the royal family is the Duchess of Cambridge. She has breathed fresh air into the Royal Family, appears very natural, graceful and has an excellent sense of style.

  48. The Queen – She wears some amazing hats and outfits. Plus for a little old lady she seems so fun as she lets her Grandchild George call her Gan Gan which is cute, plus she can be seeing pulling some odd faces sometimes and she doesn’t seem to care.

  49. Prince Harry – he sums fun and seems to get on with ordinary people as well, I think he and William have worked wonders for the royal family.

  50. I love Prince Harry, he seems to be such a nice guy, a real down to earth lad, and he spices up the Royals.

  51. The Queen, because she has always been just what the country needs whatever it is going through, and she works so hard – at 90 I intend to be retired and taking it easy

  52. Prince William because he has shown great courage and respect in the armed forces and serves as a very valuable part of the community in his past and current roles.

  53. Prince Harry, he does his own thing with a twinkle in his eye and he’s such a pleasure to watch when he interacts with children

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