Going Back to School with Maped Helix

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Going Back to School with Maped Helix

We have been sent a lovely selection of stationary from Maped Helix to review heading towards the new school term starting!
They have a wide range available that is suited for all school ages.

Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog

The pack includes:- 12 Medium Felt-tip pens & 15 Colored pencils
These are a lovely set to have for a young and older students alike. They are nicely presented in their packet with popper fasten for easy access and re-seal.
Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog15 colored pencils
What I love about the pencils are triangular shaped which means no more rolling off the table!
Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog12 felt-tip pens
All the felt-pens have their removable lid and once finished all fit back in the pack neatly side by side.

Each pencil / felt-tip pen all have their very own colored name, which is a real hit with Jake and Grace
i.e Fruity Orange, Red Kiss, Sunny Yellow, Marina Blue.

Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog

Xplorer Maths Set

Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog

Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog

This set includes:- 45° & 60° set squares, compass & pencil, 180° protractor, sharpener, eraser & 15cm Xplorer stencil ruler.
This handy set will always come in useful to have in your bag and wont take up much room at all with it being in its own plastic case so will be able to shut close when you have finished using it

KiDY’GRiP Ruler

Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan BlogMade from 60% recycled plastic this ruler is 30cm long and has grippers on it underneath and on top making it easier for it not to slide when you are trying to use it, and easier to hold. With the additional emotions on the ruler for stenciling which we love as an added feature.
Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog

Croc Croc Innovation Pencil Sharpener
Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog
Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog

This cute design pencil sharpener is available in different colors to suit the child this specif one is pink and green rabbit design allowing you to place your pencil in the rabbits mouth to sharpen and then the pencil sharpenings are then caught in the back of the rabbit allowing you empty when needed and not end up being messy all over the table! As an added bonus when you sharpen the rabbits teeth move up and down!

Zenoa Collector Eraser

Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan BlogThis Zenoa collector eraser is PVC free with funny face design on it, this also allows you to protect your eraser by being able to seal this after by turning

Black’peps Jumbo

Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan BlogAvailable in a pack of 2 these jumbo HB pencils are excellent addition to the school bag. With added sharpener in the packaging and eraser at the end of the pencil. They are Jumbo Triangular giving it an easy hold for you

 Oxford Handwriting Pens
Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog

 Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan BlogAvailable in a pack of 2 these handwriting pens are a great add to your school bag. The handwriting width is 0.5mm with a premium writing nib, smooth writing, washable blue ink and are erasable with standard ink eraser / corrector pens



3D Sensoft Fluo 13.5cm Scissors

Going Back to School with Helix Family Clan Blog
These 3D sensoft scissors are available in 4 different Fluo colours with comfort flexible handles. They really are comfortable to use and Jake even mentioned that they were ‘much softer than the school ones’ they are also stainless steel and recommended at age 5+

Maped Helix have kindly supplied us with the items below for us to giveaway.

Maped Helix Giveaway Family Clan Blog


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We was sent these item by Maped Helix to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

248 thoughts on “Going Back to School with Maped Helix

  1. In Secondary school, the Teacher that taught Anatomy, Physiology and Health. I was interested in the subject, and science generally. Whilst Teacher had down to earth manner, spoke and dealt Respectfully with class / pupils.

    Though the same Teacher unfortunately did task of waiting for latecomers arriving at school. Latecomers got lines or belt. Unfortunately it seemed an unfair process. As some pupils could see Teacher from their home window, wait till he went into school building and then they would attend school.Though still late, and later than those given a punishment by Teacher, they would just be advised by Registration Teacher at class to try not to be late again. I hope Parents and Pupils get to be involved in Discussions regarding school in regards to latecomers etc.

  2. Mrs Kelly my music teacher – she really encouraged me! I was happy to stay after school & spend my lunchtimes having extra tuition 🙂

  3. My history teacher . She was strict , but fair and very supportive . Her classes were always were never disruptive , which learning easier . Sh explained things clearly , and her results spoke for themselves.

  4. My primary school teacher Mrs massheder. She was kind, fun and could connect with us so well. She taught us everything from music to maypole dancing, from maths to farm visits it was a village school with so many opportunities.

  5. It was my domestic science teacher Mrs Joyce -she was funny and quirky and left me with a love of food and nutrition that I’ve never lost

  6. my music teacher was my favourite. He used to let me come in at lunchtime and practice my compositions and always had time for me knowing that I was having a hard time in foster care.

  7. My teacher in primary school in year 4 and 5 was my favourite, she was very kind even though I was a nervous nelly!

  8. My favourite teacher was a teaching assistant in juniors called Mrs Mason. She helped me when I was struggling with bullies and I’ll never forget her kindness.

  9. I had an Art Teacher called Mr Britten who was a fantastic teacher – he inspired me to apply to Art College and pursue a career in textile printing

  10. I had a teacher called Miss Marple who taught us music. She was just friendly and funny, and she was young so we could relate to her better.

  11. My favourite teacher was Ms Leadbeater… and yes she was a scary as she sounds! She had very traditional teaching methods and I always had the greatest respect for her. They certainly don’t make them like they used to!

  12. My favourite teacher was my History teacher, he was also my Head of Year. You could always tell he genuinely cared about his pupils and always had time for you. He was the kind of teacher who doesn’t demand respect but earns it instead. I owe an awful lot to that man; he took the time to encourage and help. I only ever got on his bad side once and he didn’t get angry, he told me he was disappointed in me and that really hit home! I’ll never forget it. And it bloody worked! Plus he helped me get an A* in History so he was a bloody good teacher too!! ?
    I’d love to win this set, just in time for back to school! ?

  13. Mr Lawrenson who taught English – made us all to make sure we had a good dictionary, Roget’s Thesaurus & Fowler’s English Usage

  14. our history teacher was brill he always made the lesson come to life and managed to make it super interesting and fun

  15. My metalwork teacher, Mr Thomas, was my favourite. As a single girl in the class full of boys, he made sure I didn’t fall behind and he made me explore my creative side.

  16. Mr. Roxborough: he was the one who introduced me to The SSC and Summer Camps, they remain my favourite School Summer memories.

  17. I got on really well with our science teacher – she had a sense of humour even when we were all huddled at the back of the lab with fingers in our ears waiting for the inevitable explosion which usually accompanied her unsuccessful experiments!

  18. I love Mr Kudliskis who was my Sociology A-Level teacher, he was so engaged & passionate that he made you feel the same.

  19. My favourite teacher was Mr Porter who was my drama teacher and then became my form tutor. He was funny, you could talk to him about anything and he was always there to listen and advise, he was incredibly knowledgeable and made learning fun. He challenged you and pushed because he knew you could do more, do better.

  20. Mrs West who was my Form Tutor & English Teacher. She was a mad as a box of frogs & I don’t think I ever saw her with brushed hair but she had a passion for English which was infectious.

  21. Mr Orner. He had many projects to encourage learning in a fun way and allowed me to work ahead instead of being bored. Wish more teachers were like that.

  22. My favourite teacher was my first teacher, Mrs Massey – she was brilliant, and instantly picked up on my love of reading/books as a way to engage with me. I had started school on my 5th birthday and cried because I didn’t want to go to school…when mum came to collect me later on she had to come into the school where she found me on Mrs Massey’s lap crying because I didn’t want to go home! She used to take me to the junior school library and then to the local library in lunch break. I will be forever grateful as I have had a lifelong love of books and now have a rather large personal ‘library’!

  23. I hated school. My favourite teacher was Ms Schenkwin as she was always off sick so we had a lot of last minute free lessons. She smelled of stale booze too so she was probably an alcoholic. Meh.

  24. My English teacher mr Hudson, he was very old style, but made every lesson interesting, I’m sure I’ve got him to thank for achieving good results in my English exams

  25. My favourite teacher was our head of year and PE Teacher Mr Cox, he was a fab teacher and everyone loved him. We got him a trophy from the year for being a fab Teacher

  26. My favourite teacher was my English teacher Mr Bish. He had an alternative way of teaching, where he would spend time explaining words, terms and the story behind what we were studying instead of us just sitting there and reading page by page. I never would have got my A in English without him!

  27. My favourite teacher from primary school was Mr Golledge because he was lots of fun and friendly and my favourite from secondary was Mr Warsop, he was very cool, used to casually swear and was ‘down’ with the kids. X

  28. My favourite teacher was my reception class teacher, Miss Henry, she was just so lovely! I never liked any of the others!

  29. My English teacher, Mrs Willis, at primary school. She encouraged me to keep writing…and I now have a career as a freelance writer!

  30. my english teacher simply because she used to encourage me and always listened to my comments without judgement !

  31. My drama teacher she seemed so full of fun and laid back attitude made her a big hit. So different to the strict no nonsense nuns ?

  32. My maths teacher as he was the first one to really get things to click with me. He had a great and fun way of explaining things and never got impatient. My history teacher was a great guy too. Great giveaway, had never heard of this blog but can see myself reading more often 🙂

  33. Mrs Smith my Art teacher, she was so very cool and not like the other teachers, her classes were always fun and something that we looked forward too. She really worked hard with us all and got fab results.

  34. Heather my art teacher, we only ever called her by her first name. She would spend lunchtimes and after school helping and advising us not only about Art but life as a teenager as well

  35. Gosh I had so many awesome teachers. I think my favourite was my Maths teacher. He didn’t mind me (or any student) asking the same question 100 times until we understood. He was easy on the eyes too 😉 x

  36. I remember always liking Mrs Lucas who was my teacher in top infants – but when I try to remember why, I can only remember the sweet cigarettes she brought in for her birthday 🙂

  37. I loved my first primary school teacher – she was so much fun and I remember we had live chicks in our classroom at one point!

  38. Mrs. Brewis. She ignited my passion for foreign languages and even gave me extra lessons when she wasn’t supposed to (in case she was accused of favouritism!). She’ll never know what an inspiration she was to me. x

  39. My favourite teacher was the deputy head/ science teacher Mr Mcdonald he made his lessons fun and was firm but fair and always had a smile on his face

  40. I loved my RE teacher Mrs Davies she was always so kind and taught us not only the subject but stories of life lessons that I’ll never forget

  41. I can’t choose one as I had so many wonderful teachers. But my favourite is my year 10 maths teacher who made learning very fun and friendly

  42. My favourite teach was my history teacher for a-level, he was inspiring, believed in me and challenged his class to think about the consequences of history, not just the facts xx

  43. I liked Mrs Tompkins – my art teacher…just because she was so different from the other more ‘stuffy’ teachers…a little like Professor Trelawney played by Emma Thompson in Harry Potter 😉

  44. My favourite teacher was my PE teacher Miss Leeson. It helped that I loved PE – and even wanted to be a PE teacher like her when I was older! She always made the lessons fun.

  45. My favourite teacher was Mr Stone the english teacher because he was very quick witted and fun and made us all laugh

  46. My favourite teacher at primary school was Mr Cooper,lovely man and made teaching so fun and interesting at the same time

  47. My favourite teacher was Mrs Naylor, she helped me through some really hard times and showed me nothing but kindness. It means a lot even all these years later

  48. My games teachers, they helped me win my first badminton tournament, a long long long time ago. I still play but its a bit painful now (zimmer frames r us)

  49. My favourite teacher was my art teacher as he was so funny and he was very patient with everybody in his class even if some of us where really bad at art.

  50. I loved my history teacher at secondary school – she was the main reason I went on to study it at university. 🙂

  51. I had a teacher in Primary school for both Year 5 and 6 called Mr Rosser who I loved, he was so funny and a little scary but he was the best x

  52. My GCSE French teacher was my favourite because she made me believe I could carry on studying the language. I ended up with a degree in French and I don’t think I would have done it without her.

  53. I had a teacher called Miss Hawkes and she was my favourite primary school teacher as she had a really infectious smile!

  54. I didn’t like school, but I did like my English teacher for A levels at tertiary college, Miss or Mrs Minton. She was so into her subject.

  55. I loved my R.E teacher – she was so kind and understanding. She never treated you as daft if you didn’t understand something the first time. She had great patience and would just explain it again until you understood

  56. Mrs C the Food Tech teacher. Everyone was scared of her, but she was nice when you got to know her and behaved!

  57. My maths teacher. Everybody else hated him because he was strict but somehow this method worked for me and I sailed through my exams

  58. Mr Thane taught me English. He had unruly, curly hair but he was a fab teacher and we all listened to him and enjoyed his classes. To this day, I enjoy English language.

  59. My favourite teacher was my history teacher Mr McHale. he was also head of year and a little scary… i loved how he kept everyone interested in the lesson and no-one dared misbehave! He was scary but in a good way … and a lot of the mums fancied him! LOL x

  60. My favourite teacher was Mrs Hopton. She was so kind and really, genuinely cared about all of us. She reminded me of Miss Honey from Matilda 🙂

  61. mine was my Business Studies teacher Mr Carey, he was funny and took time to help you if you struggled often offered to help give his time during lunches, breaks and after school. Always very positive and never reacted to other students trying to rile him up

  62. My favourite teacher at school was my music teacher Mr London (which was funny because he had the thickest northern accent you’ve ever heard). He was a total sweetheart and always encouraged me.

  63. I never had a favourite teacher in school as I didn’t like school or any of the subjects, ironically I now work in a school and love it.

  64. My German teacher. She was pretty strict but also understanding. She encouraged me to go to university to study German and I got to spend the best year of my life in the country.

  65. My favourite teacher was my Year 3 teacher Mrs Leahy 🙂 because she was so much fun, and made a big impression on me – a lot of my favourite school memories are from that year.

  66. I had 3 outstanding teachers; one in primary school who made school fun and interesting. Then two in senior school, both Maths teachers, they made numbers come alive

  67. Mr Straw – our physics teacher. He was interested in helping out those who weren’t as good rather than concentrating on those who were really good as so many teachers did in my school

  68. Miss Hutchinson – she had a pink ‘excellent’ stamp which I used to love having stamped on my work when she marked it!

  69. I had so many great teachers, but my Junior School teacher Mrs Shires was absolutely gorgeous. She used to give up her weekends to take us hiking and youth hostelling. She was fantastic!

  70. We had a hilarious history teacher in school, made learning fun and everybody always turned up for his lessons without fail. I think it’s only because of him that we all learned anything interesting in the end, lol

  71. My favourite teacher was in Primary school. Her name was Miss Georgina Waterhouse and she taught me English. I thought she was absolutely amazing. She was quite young, looking back she must have been quite newly qualified, always dressed really trendy and I thought she was really pretty. But, the main reason she was my favourite was the way she could engage the entire class with books, stories and poetry and she fostered in me a lifelong love of English Literature eventually leading me to go on to do an English Literature degree!

  72. Mr Humphries my history teacher who used to get us acting out scenes to understand events better, I’m sure I would never have passed my GCE without him.

  73. Our Chemistry teacher was great, very strict but used to do the labor of printing out the home work books, unlike others who recited it to kids who cant write short hand. We learnt a lot.

  74. Mrs Wilson, my English teacher. She was very patient with everyone and lovely. Made our lessons interesting and we always had a choice of which book we were reading, discussing etc so wasn’t forced to read the one that she wanted us to. We also did a play which was more “messy about” than “serious” but great fun.

  75. Mr porter!! He used to make up songs that we would all sing. When we went on school trips he had everyone singing on the bus. Best teacher ever. And now my little girl has him as a teacher. So chuffed

  76. my maths teacher MR Yarwood he was a crazy but a good teacher he used to stand on his head for part of the lesson but everyone of use in his o level class passed with flying colours

  77. It’s so long ago that I left school (aged 15, the year before they raised the school leaving age) that I can’t remember the teachers at all!!! I do know that I did enjoy school though…. until I was old enough to leave!!!

  78. My favourite teacher was Mr Brown. He was our tutor and Maths teacher. He put up with a lot from our group but he was always kind and understanding and he managed to get me to understand Fractions!

  79. I loved my English teacher – very strict but also very fair – he did not have favourites and everyone had the same chance to score points

  80. My year 6 teacher Mr Kinght. He had a stroke during the school year and he was told he prob wouldn’t walk or talk again but he was back teaching us before the end of the school year. Quite remarkable when you look back now as an adult.

  81. Mrs Borg was my favourite teacher. She was German and extremely strict but got very confused at a British sense of humour which just led to comedy when we were 7 years old. She also made me the first person in the class to use a Biro; an extremely proud day.

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