Giveaway: Zappar, The Adventure Suit Book


Zappar The Adventure Suit

Zappar The Adventure Suit Book

We have received a The Adventure Suit: A Zappar Powered Interactive Book to review.
The book is small hardbacked square sized book. Easy for little hands to turn the page as they are card pages. Each page goes on a little adventure with the Adventure Suit.

The Adventure Suit is made from cardboard boxes and each side of the box has a different outfits on it, i.e. astronaut, knight, diver. The boy who is the main character of the book goes on treasure quest adventures with his Adventure Suit.

The book is linked with an app that you can download from the App Store / Google Play or on the Zappar website for free.

I just typed in Zappar on the App Store and installed it onto my device.

I had personally never heard of Zappar and have since discovered its cleverness, the app adds things to the camera view that aren’t actually there bringing this book more to life as we read.
Kids love reading books and using apps, this is bringing the two together making it a fun way of reading and getting into the story.

We always have story time before bed, so this interactive Adventure Suit book is an exciting addition to have to make it a little different than the usual static pictures.

Zappar The Adventure Suit

Scans for the page

You just open the App on your device, it then opens like as if you were taking a picture, I held it over the book and when it has scanned the page it brings it to life.

Zappar The Adventure Suit

I read the story to Jake and Grace, then I scan the page to bring the story to life

An example from one of the pages, we scan the page as you will see from my screenshots and this is how the story is brought to life.

By wanting to go on his treasure quest and needing to be correctly dressed for each destination,  ‘Adventure suit: turn astronaut!’

Each page has a search for treasure and this one allows you to press the star and it will brighten up so he can look for treasure…

I just love how the little aliens even have sunglasses on!
He searches for treasure then it asks you to check planet Earth, so you press the planet in the distance for your next adventure.

Zappar Interactive Book Family ClanZappar Interactive Book Family ClanZappar Interactive Book Family Clan

Each page is as interesting as the next, you can change how he is dressed by swiping his cardboard boxes which will present him in one of his other Adventure Suits.

At the end of the story Jake and Grace both love that it allows you take a picture using your own face and then it presents you with the adventure suit on, there are also a few little games that are added to each scene as if you are in space you can then present your phone up and move it around to find space ships and zap them. You can see the attention to detail has been used with this app as all the stars that are shown on the device to be around you as you move around. We as a family have really enjoyed reviewing this book and it has been requested to be read a lot,
It is available to buy here on Amazon

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68 thoughts on “Giveaway: Zappar, The Adventure Suit Book

  1. hmm it would have to be gruffalo! my son loves that book. (sorry if this is a duplicate comment, i cant see my first one went through) x

  2. Jungle book – I mean can you imagine this all coming to life and the look on the kids faces or ours for that matter wooooahhhh lol

  3. What the Ladybird Heard. We could laugh at the animals making each-others noises, I’m not very good at it as they all sound the same, lol.

  4. Has to be Harry Potter! How amazing would it be to go to Hogwarts!! I bet as a kid i wouldnt cry and moan about going to school again!

  5. I would like the chronicles of Narnia the lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to come to life as i love that book and its such an amazing story too

  6. I’d love Narnia to come to life! Having a wardrobe that could actually transport you to a magical land would be incredible (minus the wicked queen!)

  7. I think my little girl would love a mermaid story because he is a huge fan and lives her life in the hope of turning in to one 🙂

  8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Because I think Willy Wonka is a fascinating character, and I would LOVE the opportunity to go round the factory 🙂

  9. My favourite book as a child was Enid blyton’s the wishing chair so I would love that story to come to life with an app like this, my 4 year old would really engage with this idea

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