Wingman Grooming Products Review

Wingman Mens Grooming Products Review

Wingman 1 Family Clan Blog

I really enjoyed using these Wingman products, I don’t normally go in for moisturisers but I could feel the difference after using this, the 3-in-1 was a great space saver in my suitcase on a recent family holiday, & the facial scrub does what it says on the tube!

Wingman 1 Family Clan Blog
3-in-1 Multi Gel

Shower, shampoo & shave all in one tube!
Great as a shave gel whilst also cleansing. The citrus smell is really refreshing & wakes you up in a morning. was a great space saver in my suitcase on a recent family holiday & did the job brilliantly.

Wingman 1 Family Clan Blog

Facial Scrub
Deep cleansing scrub that isn’t too rough on skin. Leaving skin feeling  really clean and refreshed

Wingman 1 Family Clan Blog

Moisturising Cream
Great cream leaves skin smooth.  I’m so glad I got this to take away on a recent holiday to Ibiza, it came in very useful for relieving my sun burn when you can’t find your after sun cream!!

Wingman products are available from Wingman, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Superdrug & Waitrose.

Daddy T

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220 thoughts on “Wingman Grooming Products Review

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