Giveaway: Win a Wes Craven Box Set

Wes Craven Boxed Set of Fright Films

Wes Craven

I have to admit I’m not really a fan of this genre of film, even though I know some of the best film work has been done making them, but I know a lot of you are, so I couldn’t resist the chance when we was offered a box set of one of the masters, Wes Craven, as a giveaway prize!

The set consist of the frightful favourites: Scream, Mind Ripper, The Hills Have Eyes, Last House on the Left and bonus DVD The American Nightmare.



Sadly Wes Craven left this world in August, leaving a big hole in the horror world.

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222 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win a Wes Craven Box Set

  1. I love horror films because I like the gore and disgusting things that make you feel shocked,The Human Centipede was one that definitely left me shocked!

  2. I like all horror films even the rubbish ones. Ever since I saw the original Carrie I was hooked. I laughed at the exorcist and you cant beat the scary movie series not scary but hilarious lol The one that sticks in my head is Nightmare on elm street when Johnny Depp got sucked into the bed….sends shivers down my spine!

  3. Horror is my favourite movie and book genre and the scarier the better. I have always been fascinated in ghosts and the supernatural so maybe it stems from there. I love nothing more than watching a horror on my own once the kids are in bed. No cushions for me either – I watch the scary bits!

  4. I love to ‘jump’ at a good horror film. Something you always laugh off if someone else is watchingwith you!

  5. I love the scary parts when they appear unexpected, scare the heck out of me and makes my heart beat faster!! Love the thrill! But afraid at the same time.

  6. I love the suspense – you know something bad is going to happen and then it doesn’t, or it does and still makes you jump. I’m not a big fan of endless gore – I prefer more subtle horror/impending doom.

  7. I was named after a good Horror film lol, but I do love the whole horror genre, even upsetting a load of kids in my class as age 6 I was asked to read out loud in class, and I chose the book ‘Firestarter’ which was my favourite Stephen King at the time! (The film with Drew Barrymore is also very very good!) but my absolute favourite horror has to be Peter Jacksons gore-fest comedy horror Brain-dead! Its so full of gore and shocks that its a classic!!!

  8. I love that they keep you on the edge of your seat, keep you guessing and interested all the way through! The amazing thing is that the smallest thing can play tricks on your mind!

  9. I’m not entirely sure, I think it’s the suspense of it. Ever since I was a kid I have loved scary movies – nothing better than curling up on the sofa with some nibbles and a horror film!

  10. Now this might sound terrible, but I like to bet on who’s going to ‘go’ first! I also like to see how the killers dispose of their victims.

  11. I didn’t like horror films for ages, I didn’t see the point because I didn’t see the enjoyment in being scared. But, my partner made me watch the Descent and I was surprised that a film like that could have such twists and storytelling. I love the effects and seeing how things are done as well, it really interests me.

  12. I like a good fright the same as anyone who watches horror films, but being quite a grounded person I know it’s not real 🙂

  13. im more of a jumpy horror than a gory horror kind of girl, i like a film that will leave me scared of my own shadow for days after 🙂

  14. i love to see how every one deals with it – the one guy who tries to hide by himself who never survives, or the clever ones who try and outwit the demons etc. endless stories!

  15. I love horrors as they are the one genre I can really get into – but I also love watching my hubby be so scared

  16. I like the fact that some of the psychological ones completely mess with my head…and that they could happen in real life!

  17. I’m not really sure if I’m honest. I guess it’s a mix between the thrill of being scared & the story lines are normally more interesting than most other types of films.

  18. I like horror movies that genuinely creep me out and give me goosebumps. I guess it’s the adrenaline rush of being scared.

  19. I like the drama and history linked with some of the old classic horror films. The stories behind Poltergeist for example, to do with the cast and on set problems makes the films seem even more scary.

  20. I just love the suspense and the bits that make you jump even though you know that one is coming it still makes you jump (well it does me anyway!)

  21. Started off hiding behind the settee from Daleks when I was a kid and have loved this genre of film ever since. Its an adrenalin rush in the comfort of your living room.

  22. its hard to say I like them as Im always left scared and having nightmares after them but theres something about watching them that makes you compelled to keep watching even knowing how you will feel after lol

  23. for me the skill is in the build up and the suspense, that tense atmosphere that only the best can create to provide the scare, the manipulation of the imagination of the viewer wins every time for me, i knnow what they are doing yet i continue to love it x

  24. I love really cheesy horror films they make me laugh most of the time rather than being scared but I love that. Am on a bit of a marathon at the moment of halloween films

  25. The suspense, jumping at the frights and basically telling them where they are going wrong lol “dont go into the basement!!”

  26. I try and make myself not be scared, in my head I’m saying dont be scared its only a film!’ – its other people around me that make me jump!!

  27. I am actually not much of a fan either, but my dad loves them – for him it’s escapism! So I would love to win these for him

  28. I lovev horror movies that combine a story line and a bit of humor (Scream is a favourite of mine). Not such a fan of out and out slasher movies.

  29. i just love sleeping with the light on for the next week and running up the stairs like my life depended on it…..

  30. I love horror that takes the ordinary and turns it horrific, everyday situations that become nightmares! Loved horror since I was old enough to know the genre in all its myriad ways.

  31. I like the thrill and the fear it gives me although I find it hard to find ones that actually really scare me anymore

  32. I love the fear, the looking around you when you enter a dark room or running past a mirror for the week after I have watched a horror film as I’m scared to see a spirit!!

  33. I love the slasher genre. I think it’s the jumps and black humour that makes Wes Craven’s films especially good!

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