Family Clan Giveaway: Win a Pair of Sony Headphones

Family Clan Giveaway

For this Family Clan giveaway we have a pair of Sony Clear Sound Stereo Headphone in orange, with the distinctive white wiring.

Sony Headphones Giveaway - Family Clan

They will work perfectly with your Sony MP3, IPOD, Walkman, plus lots more items.  They have a great sound quality, I know as I own a similar pair in pink.

The cable cord is durable & lightweight, measuring 1.2 metres long, so plenty long enough to reach from your ears to your music equipment. I always find it a nuisance when you have your headphones on & they don’t reach to you jeans or shorts pocket.  The jack measures 13.5 mm.

Sony Headphones Giveaway - Family Clan Blog

These in ear headphone have a high power neodymium magnet which is capable of reproducing rich and powerful bass sound, making you music clear & true to sound. I love mine & use them regularly.

Sony Headphones Giveaway Family Clan Blog

These stereo headphone retail at Amazon for £16.27, Sony E9LP In-ear type – headphones
, but you could win them for free by entering our giveaway.

PLEASE NOTE: mandatory comment MUST be made or your entries will NOT count.

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Good luck, Nanna Jane. x

349 thoughts on “Family Clan Giveaway: Win a Pair of Sony Headphones

  1. My favourite song to listen to is “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel because it is a really great song, and always makes me think.

  2. I love listening to Country Music, like Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert. Don’t know why, just always have – but to the rest of the families amusement

  3. Dream Time by The Jam. Just love it..gets me going every morning. Cracking pace and cracking Weller falsetto at the end

  4. I love any of the Foo Fighters songs apart from White Limo. Goes back to the days of Nirvana and being a huge Dave Grohl fan even then. 🙂 Saw FF last year (cost a fortune) and was worth the wait and the cost. 🙂 The only band I have liked every song (apart from White Limo). 🙂

  5. I love listening to the song November Rain by the rock band Guns N Roses. It has fantastic lyrics, a brilliant guitar solo by the amazing Slash and just sheer brilliance!!!

  6. you can call me al by paul simon…it makes me so happy as it reminds me of my mum and I love to play the air penny whistle

  7. I’m not sure I could pick one specific song that I like the listen to! Something from Florence and The Machine.

  8. Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” – it reminds me of my first proper date when it was playing on my date’s car radio and I was singing along to it …

  9. Africa – Toto because it brings back happy memories of when I used to listen to it in the past – eg in my first car, another time while on holiday in Oz

  10. Maggot Brain by Funkadelic (or Lili Haydn, or Pearl Jam, or Carlos Santana or any number of others) is my favourite tune because no matter what mood I am in, I will be better after listening.

  11. Syntax – Pride. It’s been used on some of my fav shows; Bones, CSI, Law and Order, and I just love the sound.

  12. This is a tough question as I have so many favourite songs for different occasions! But if I was really forced to choose, it would have to be Love Cats by The Cure as it takes me straight back to a special time and place

  13. Ooo thats a toughie, my favourites change all the time but one of my all time favourites is Richard Thompson – 1952 Vincent Black Lightning because I used to ride bikes and I have red hair 🙂

  14. Solu Music- Fade because it reminds me of the long hot summer of 1996 which is so needed this time of year as its so cold

  15. It completely depends on my mood as every song you like can change your perspective and feelings. Today I loved listening to ‘Love and Glory’ by Billy Idol as it made me feel hopeful and strong

  16. I don’t really have a favourite it depends what mood I’m in but I do like to turn up the volume of Haddaway/what is love. I like the beat snd it reminds me of my youth

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  18. video killed the radio star. I know its old but i just think its a really nice song to have going when doing the housework or needing some cheering up.

  19. Justin Bieber – Love Yourself is my go to ‘chill’ song right now. It’s also lovely to sing along to when no one’s listening!

  20. “Monday” by The Jam – in my younger days it was (for me) about a ‘certain someone’ I had a thing for and we’d always meet up after work on Monday afternoons <3

  21. Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Reading reminds me of days out at the beach watching the waves and putting the world to rights.

  22. Born and Raised by Alexisonfire because it reminds me of the beauty and precious nature of life. And the shredding is amazing.

  23. Like ‘You Are My Love’ by Liverpool Express (showing my age!) – it reminds me of my teenage years in the carefree 70’s

  24. Detroit Emeralds, Feel the Love. It was on the radio a while ago and now it reminds me of a fair in the 1970s. I can smell the candyfloss!

  25. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. There’s so many different layers to the song that I could never get bored of it.

  26. ed sheeran thinking out loud my favorite line is When your legs don’t work like they used to before as my hubby says this to me all the time due to my cfs/me

  27. Oh gosh it’s so hard to pick a favourite song! I have so many. Let’s think…I’m going to go with Day Old Hate by Dallas Green just because it’s a song I’ve loved for so many years and brings back some fond memories of my younger years.

  28. You Are Always on my Mind sung by Willie Nelson is my favourite, though Elvis does a great job of it, too. The lyrics are incredibly moving and most of us can relate to them at some stage in our life.

  29. Staind, tangled up in you, whenever me and my husband fight he plays this to remind me that its only alittle fight he still loves me !

  30. My favourite is Queen’s Pain Is So Close To Pleasure, because I love the tune and the lyrics, and it reminds me of someone very special to me

  31. English Rose by The Jam. I love the lyrics and it was played at a gig just after Princess Diana died – really emotional with everyone holding up lighters for her.

  32. Money by Pink Floyd. I love the song (having seen Pink Floyd perform Dark Side of the Moon) whilst I was still at school and it is fantastic for testing stereo

  33. Birdhouse in your soul. They Might be Giants. A bizarre throwback to my childhood that has me turning up the radio and singing madly much to the horror of my husband. (The kids join in!)

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