Giveaway: Transformers Trilogy Movie Set

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Today we have the Transformers Trilogy Movie set, cellophane sealed, to give away, it has the films Transformers, Transformers: Revenge for the Fallen & Transformers Dark of the Moon.

Transformers Giveaway Family Clan Blog

All directed by the brilliant Michael Bay with the super talented Steven Spielberg as executive producer, these films can’t go wrong. This DVD set is rated a 12, meaning it is fit for viewing by persons aged 12+ it contains moderate action violent & sex  & one instant of strong language.

Transformers have been a big part of Family Clan’s history. Daddy A & Daddy T loved the cartoon version back in the late 1980’s with Optimus Prime etc.  Remember the shout “Transformers, Robots in Disguise!” We had some letters that could be transformed into cars & the like, but the main character was Optimus Prime, I can’t remember if he was a goodie or a baddie now, so long since I’ve watch these. I remember the boys running around the garden shouting & pretending they had turned into different machines.

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Nanna Jane

This DVD set was purchased by Family Clan for this giveaway, it is new & sealed

201 thoughts on “Giveaway: Transformers Trilogy Movie Set

  1. I loved watching The Mysterious Cities of Gold. I can still remember some of the things that happened although it has been many years since I watched it.

  2. Scooby Doo definitely, but we used to play as Thunderbirds outside – I was my favourite Thunderbird 2

  3. I liked The magic roundabout, especially Dougal..I liked it because the characters were very life like (back then)

  4. The Magic Roundabout was a favourite, although its not really a cartoon. Bugs Bunny was another favourite because he was so cool.

  5. Dastardly and Muttley in their flying machines and I loved the character Penelope Pitstop as she was only girl

  6. Loved Tom & Jerry ? I had a cat but always hated it when he brought ‘presents’ to the back door and loved to think of the mouse getting the upper hand x

  7. I loved dogtanian and the 3 muskerhounds when I was younger, me and my two brothers would sing along to the theme tune. One for all and all for one muskerhounds are always ready………..

  8. My favourite children cartoon when i was young was the hurricanes which was about a football team, i loved it

  9. I liked the Looney Tunes especially Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner because no matter how hard he tried Wile E. Coyote could never outsmart The Road Runner.

  10. I loved button Moon because I was fascinated with the moon and space. I also loved Jamie and his magic torch as he was always going on big adventures!

  11. Used to love Hong Kong Phooey loved the fact that he always thought he solved the crime when it was really his cat Spot who solved it.

  12. My favourite cartoon was Gigantor, an American cartoon good guy robot. Loved it and can still sing the theme tune to this day. There were others, of course, but for some reason I was fixated by Gigantor’s acts of heroism.

  13. Power puff girl because it got me into thinking women are capable of anything (and that we’re awesome)!!!!

  14. hong kong fuey because i loved to try and do the chopping and kicking much to my mums horror in her china filled frontroom

  15. Has to be Spongebob SquarePants was a huge fan of him and watched most of his episodes when i was younger as i found them so funny.

  16. I used to love to watch Care bears and Popples. Me and my sisters used to have loads of them on video

  17. I was a Tom and Jerry Fan. I used to watch all the old cartoons with my family and including uncle and grand parents. I always remember my uncles booming laughter at tom and Jerry.

  18. I loved The Sentinels, it was really sic-fi ahead of its time. It even had a hologram head, it was brilliant. Also loved Captain Caveman, Hair Bear Bunch, Hong Kong Phooey.

  19. I really liked He-man and Transformers. I used to like it when He-man used to raise his sword and say “By the powers of Grayskull……I have the power!” I have always loved Transformers, the best bits are when they transform into robots or back incognito, masquerading as normal vehicles. I really wasn’t much of a girly girl when I was young!

  20. MYSTERIOUS CITIES OF GOLD. I loved the big golden condor plane and the theme tune was epic. AH AHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAH….

  21. I loved the shirt tales. I used to have the sneakers and thought they made me run faster. I liked how their shirts all changed with what they were thinking.

  22. Loved Thundercats wasnt too keen on the remake but just loved the adventures and loved playing with the toys

  23. Xmen as I used to watch them on saturday morning on Going Live, they were cool superheroes and I wanted to be Wolverine!! 😛

  24. Tom and Jerry, I liked the way Tom always carried on running even when he was in the air and was just about to fall

  25. He-man and She-rah – by the power of grey skull! I love it because it was so much fun and full of heroes and heroines defeating the bad guys

  26. The Raggy Dolls because I loved the theme tune and I was bullied at school, so I felt an affinity with the characters.

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