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Soreen Lunchbox Loaves Review

We received two packets of  Soreen ‘Scream’ lunchbox Loaves to review. We all know of Soreen’s Malt Loaf, the tasty loaf cake that makes a perfect afternoon treat with a cup of tea or coffee, depending what mood I am in, before Getting Grace up & ready to collect Jake from school.

Soreen Scream Family Clan Blog

Soreen Lunchbox LoavesThe first one which we tried was Toffee Apple. Green packaging which clearly shows which flavour you were going to get and a little picture of a toffee apple but the apple in the shape of a pumpkin to give the Halloween effect. The whole packaging is spooky themed with the black cat, bats, silhouetted trees to give you the great Halloween effect. They are in the shape of a little loaves of bread, you can smell the toffee and in the first bite you can taste the added toffee pieces all the way through until you swallow. We think that they are a great tasting loaf and with 5 in a pack they will last all the working week or just a tasty treat at home with a cuppa!Soreen Scream 5 Family Clan Blog

The second one that we reviewed was the Chocolate & Blood Orange. Orange packaging which instantly you know is Orange flavoured. Once again Halloween features upon the packaging with Haunted house, bats, Dracula and a graveyard. Appeals for kids and adults alike. With each loaf individually wrapped the are great to keep in lunchboxes. Unwrapping the loaf it smells so nice of the orange and chocolate, chewing the first bite is lovely and can taste the orange and the chocolate chips with each bite.

They are both very nice!  Mummy H preferred the Chocolate and Blood Orange where are Daddy J preferred the Toffee Apple. They will appeal to all the family & make a perfect addition to any Trick or Treat bag.

Soreen have kindly offered us two packs to giveaway to one of our lucky readers, if you would like a chance to win, just enter the Rafflecopter form below, the first question is mandatory, if you don’t leave a comment then none of your further entries will count.  Do as many or as little as you like, you can come back every day to gain more entries.  UK Only.

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We was sent samples to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

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  2. spiders. i just think they are horrid.i check under my pillow every night, pull duvet up to my eyes so i don’t get any in my ears, nose or mouth

  3. Mukade (Japanese centipedes). They’re venomous, scary looking, and really fast. And they just don’t die. I hit one in my apartment with a huge book multiple times, and it kept moving. I was shaking with fear by the time I finally took care of it. I was afraid to go to sleep on my futon (on the floor) that night because I’ve been told they travel in pairs. Shudder.

  4. I don’t think there’s anything that makes me actually scream out loud, but spiders come close … really close 🙂

  5. Living in Oxford its crazy cyclists who make lethal manouvers whilst cursing car drivers and crazy drivers who ‘think bike’ but give them so much room they end up driving towards you on the wrong side of the road

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  7. Daddy Long-legs (crane flies) I am absolutely terrified of them. Can’t be in the same room; I actually ran out of a meeting with the CEO of my company (former) screaming my head off and refused to go back in until one of the senior managers got rid of it.

  8. Mould or mildew on anything it freaks me out – I cant even cope with blue cheese on the cheeseboard! Stilton and brocolli soup makes me feel sick!!!

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