Motorola Baby Monitor & Review

Motorola MBP853 Baby Monitor Family Clan BlogMotorola MBP853 Baby Monitor

We’ve been asked to review this Motorola MBP853 baby monitor, perfect timing with a family member due in January. It would make a lovely baby shower gift too.

Motorola MBP853 Baby Monitor Family Clan Blog

The Motorola  baby monitor (model MBP853 Connect HD WiFi) comes with a 3.5-inch colour LCD monitor that has a remote pan, tilt and digital zoom function with a 300° view of your baby’s room. The baby monitor has two-way communication to speak to your baby and hear their replies. The monitor has a room temperature sensor so you will be able to keep an eye on the room temperature and you will receive alerts when it gets too hot or cold. With the built-in infrared led lights you can see your baby’s room in the dark (the image is black and white at night) and integrated lullabies help soothe your child back to sleep, number 2 lullaby is great. With the baby monitor you can get free alerts when motion and sound are detected (triggered snapshots).

Motorola MBP853 Baby Monitor Family Clan Blog

Remote viewing is possible on your Android device (4.0 or later) or iOS (7.0 or later) smart phone, tablet or computer via the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app, so you can see a live video stream when you’re away.

In-app video recording and image capture is a free feature and requires a Smartphone or Tablet with available storage. Please note this features is different to the Motion Triggered Recording service, which requires a paid subscription plan.

Just one thing I noticed when reviewing the baby monitor, is that you have to turn the camera on first to pair up with the monitor, if you do it the other way the unit bleeps at you and is not happy, not a good idea when you are trying to settle a little one!


The baby monitor is of a good quality and is straight forward and easy to use, up to 4 cameras can be added to the system which is great for monitoring additional rooms or other children’s bedrooms

Key Features:

  • 3.5 inch colour LCD parent unit
  • Two way communication
  • Remote pan, tilt and digital zoom
  • Infrared night vision
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Integrated lullabies
  • Up to 300m range with Parent Unit
  • Works with Hubble via Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G Connections
  • Motion Triggered Recording*
  • In-App Video Recording and Image Capture
  • Box Contents1 x Monitor; 1 x Power Adapter; 1 x User Guide ; 1 x Quick Start Guide

If you can’t wait & want to purchase the Motorola MBP853 Connect Baby Monitor you will find it at John Lewis and retails for £169.95

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Grandad Al

We was sent this for us to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

366 thoughts on “Motorola Baby Monitor & Review

  1. I was a stay at home single Mum to my twins so I missed nothing, I was very lucky! I hope to win for my niece who is due in March so she misses nothing too 🙂 x

  2. I didn’t miss any as such, but it was such a long time ago! My son was premature, so he was behind reaching the milestones x

  3. We are expecting our first baby in March 2016, after many years of trying. The baby is such a blessing to us, we would hope not to miss any moments at all! Fingers crossed.

  4. I think my babies babbling kind of mingled into his first word, he is still a little behind with his talking, so i think I might have missed that unintentionally?!

  5. I don’t feel like I missed anything. My son may have done things for the first time at nursery but I wouldn’t have known 🙂

  6. My baby is due in April so I haven’t quite yet but im sure there will be many memories we wish to capture once our bundle of joy arrives xx

  7. I wish I remembered more from their very early days when I was all hazed in exhaustion. Or much of my sons first year is mushy because I was so busy balancing the needs of two little ones I didn’t get to wallow in it the way I did with my first.

  8. I haven’t many pictures of us together in the first few weeks , the ones i have i look so ill in them, after an emergancy section and infection i looked very rough x

  9. More photos of us at the hospital after her birth, I was too worried about looking awful and in hindsight that was silly!

  10. I would like to have captured all of his milestones especially his first steps which i missed because I was working and he was being looked after by his grandparents. I will always feel sad about that!

  11. The first moment he got himself up off the floor unaided to sitting – he was 3 years old and we wasn’t ever expecting it to happen!

  12. There are lots I wish we had captured – especially his first steps (we caught a lot of them and then the hard drive was damaged and we lost them all for 6 years of the kids lives)

  13. My children were born before the digital camera age; therefore I don’t have as many pictures as a parent would ordinarily have nowadays; I’d love to have had more photos to look back on now as they grow up so fast. Would love to win this for my granddaughter.

  14. I would loved to have captured the time my mum had to give me a piggy back down the stairs & hand me out through the front room window to the arms of emergency services who put me & other neighbours children into small boat to take us to dry land. It was during the floods of 1953 when we had 3 foot of water indoors & my dad was away at sea.

  15. Hi, for some reason the view on my display monitor has been flipped!!
    any tip on how to fix this?
    since i only have 1 camera i am not allowed to just delete and add it again

  16. It would be brilliant to have captured every moment. Pictures can only do so much! I think the very first time of holding your baby though. That first second of overwhelming love and connection. No amount of pictures can capture that half as well!

  17. I would have loved to capture every moment with my little boy and girl so i could share all the amazing things i experienced with my hubby as he worked long hours and missed a lot of milestones.

  18. The firsts, as you always miss being able to catch the first step, the first word, the first giggle etc as they just happen and you never get the chance to capture it.

  19. I’d quite like to capture some at the moment that aren’t blurry, he won’t ever sit still! I wish I had some more of him trying on daddies glasses 🙂

  20. I wish I had captured our 1 year old meeting his newborn brother, he was so nervous he went straight to his Nanny as I was holding the baby and he wasn’t sure but I would love to look over footage of those first few hours / days where he was noticing his new brother.

  21. i captured my little ones first ever laugh, however my hard drive decided to delete everything and i have lost it forever 🙁

  22. When my older brother pushed me down the stairs when I was 3 and he was 6. I want to know what the hell happened lol.

  23. i would have loved to have captured the look of love on my sons grandparents faces the first time they saw him & also my sister she cried

  24. They day my youngest daughter got glasses and saw hills, clouds and birds for the first time… she cried because they were too beautiful, we cried too 🙂

  25. There’s so many- I’m rubbish at remembering to take pictures! But my Nan passed away this year and I would love to have more pictures of my little boy with her.

  26. I’m looking forward to trying and capturing as many memories as possible – I love looking at my childhood photo albums that my parents kept and I would love to have the same for my children

  27. I wish I’d taken more of my daughter when she was first born as I only have a couple and it was such a special time…just me and her on the night shift in the hospital, I loved that exhausting but awesome few days x

  28. Yes my son Harry had gone to bed in a terrible mood I checked on him abit later and he had completely trashed his room wish I had a video to see how he had done it

  29. I can’t actually think of anything. I’m happy to have seen it and shared in it. Don’t need any of it on film. Does that make me strange?

  30. I was at work when my first daughter took her first little steps! And I was so cross at my mum for not capturing the moment on her phone in this age of everybody being able to take vids on their phones! Probably unreasonably cross, but that didn’t change how I felt all the same! 🙁

  31. I have 4 children and being a dad who works I miss a lot of what’s happened in the past. I am glad that I did get to see a lot of things but wish we had captured more as we cant get that time back!

  32. My daughter used to do a hilarious impression of a monkey, it was so sweet we always said we’d have to film her and we didn’t and now she’s grown out of it

  33. My first borns baby giggles. Having another baby 8 years later has made me remember how precious these moments are. x

  34. so many lovely memories but would have loved to have filmed her when she first saw the sea, she was so excited the pictures are not quite the same

  35. Every day I wish I could photograph the amazing things he does. But he never stays still long enough. 🙂

  36. I would of loved to have captured my little one being born. I had a EMCS and was so dosed up that I can barely remember any of it. Quite sad!

  37. We wish we’d got our nieces first words and other key milestones before they moved to live with us because their parent couldn’t look after them – unfortunately, all that information is permanently lost but we’re doing everything to celebrate the time that we have.

  38. his first word, he didnt talk for a long time and had speech therapy so his first word came as a bit of a shock and i wish i had caught it

  39. i would like to have captured her ‘ooooooo’ face as it was so expressive but only in the very early weeks did she do it

  40. Baby is due in Feb, so I plan on capturing every moment. However pre-baby would like to have captured the husband putting our cot up in the lounge, only to then discover it was too wide to fit through the doors to the nursery, lol!

  41. The memory that stands out for me is when she was a baby lying on her tummy on the carpet with her head up and the cat walked past her face. The cat’s fur must have tickled her face because she gave her first genuine belly laugh. I do wish I’d had something to hand to record it.

  42. My phone ran out of memory when I was trying to record my daughter’s first steps, stored up in my head though <3

  43. i haven’t had my first child yet but enjoyed reading all the lovely comments about what i have to look forward to

  44. I had all my sons baby pics on a laptop that got broken and I was unable to recover the pics so I wish I had captured them elsewhere/backed up so that I still had them…..

  45. i missed capturing my daughters first ever race that he won as i was too busy cheering. shes now an aspiring athlete at 13 years old and havent missed any since lol

  46. I wish I had captured my first childs very first moments of life, but I didn’t have a good camera back then, over 30 years ago, I think all I had was a Polaroid and not as good as today’s x

  47. I wish we had some photos of immediately after our son was born but I had a lot of complications during the birth and my husband was too concerned with all the blood to remember to take photos for a little while!

  48. wish more photos of them as newborns and under one, always so tired or busy never really to take many and the memories are fading fast

  49. I wish when both my daughters were younger that there was todays technology ie mobile phones with cameras, digital cameras and printers, rather than the 110 cameras that took 2 weeks from tru print. My daughter has thousands of photos of my beautiul grandchildren.

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