Giveaway: Milton & Infacare Baby Products

Milton & Infacare Baby Products Giveaway

Thanks to you all reading and commenting on our baby products reviews Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser & Infacare Ultra Mild Baby Bath posts Milton & Infacare have kindly offered us some giveaway prizes.

From Milton they have offered us one of the mini portable soother sterilisers we reviewed.

Family Clan Milton Mini Portable Soother Sterilizer Baby Products

Infacare have given us their night time baby bath, that I have heard & read great things about from friends & reading other blog posts.

Infacare Night Time Baby Bath Family Clan Blog Products

If you would like to win, just enter the rafflecopter form below.

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Mummy H.

We was sent the items to review free of charge. Our opinions are in no way swayed by this. All our reviews are our honest thoughts & feelings.

75 thoughts on “Giveaway: Milton & Infacare Baby Products

  1. To many, lets go with a funny one. When she projectile pooped everwhere and nearly hit my partners X box haha

  2. wow its a hard one to think of one in particular…Id have to say my oldest sons giggle used to put me into was like a proper belly laugh that he had…whenever he did it i was a mess

  3. the first time my lil girl crawled . 🙂 i just loved watching her 🙂 as she was so fast for her first time 🙂

  4. When my son met his little sister the morning she was born – I don’t think he ever really believed there was a baby in my tummy until that moment!

  5. My hubby went to get me a flannel whilst I was giving birth when he cam back our baby literally flew out of me and midwife caught it although hubby was well within reach.

  6. My son who is 22 months pulling my face in to his recently and gave me a kiss was just adorable and a moment i will never forget

  7. my son saying his ball was stuck in the warbid – we had no idea he was trying to say wardrobe lol

  8. The baby bath reminds me, when I was still in hospital with my daughter, the midwife’s surprise when the only thing that quieted her was a bath. She’s always loved water.

  9. my husband was changing out daughter when she poo’d it came out the fast it was hanging off his finger lol

  10. When my daughter done her first steps. As I missed my son first steps I was at work when he did.

  11. So many firsts, my 12 month old daughter is really cheeky, she has a mischievous smile that i love

  12. The first time I got to hold her after she was put on special care – she looked like she was crossing her arms in disgust at being removed from her nice warm incubator! 🙂

  13. The moment I saw my baby after I woke up from my mini coma after the op. He is a great gift I ever had

  14. the best baby moments is that 1st cuddle, sadly with my last baby, I had to wait over 24 hours, before my 1st cuddles, he was born 7 weeks early, and the nicu told me he needed to rest before being held. it was a very long 24 hours.

  15. I am entering for my friend who doesn’t have their baby yet (expecting!) but I am looking forward to the memories they will make.

  16. The moment, a couple of weeks after my husband died suddenly, when my then 6 month old grandson turned and just stared deeply into my eyes, it was as if he was soothing my pain

  17. my son screaming everytime his auntie picked him up as she was the most motherly of all the siblings but he just hasn’t taken to her

  18. My daughter’s very first proper belly laugh. She was lying on her tummy and the cat walked past. She laughed her head off and to this day I still don’t know why.

  19. the first time my daughter laughed, we was heading out the door when i got hickups and she laughed at me.. she then got them herself and started laughing

  20. My little boy pulled himself up using the side of the cot and then turned round and took his 1st 3 steps over to me. He was only 9 months old and there’s been no stopping him since!

  21. My first thought when I saw my little girl was ‘oh she’s funny looking’. I can’t believe that was my first thought!! She obviously was all squashed and wrinkly from being in my belly and she is very beautiful now!!

  22. Well our bean isn’t due for another 2 weeks, so none yet, but I am sure there will be loads once he is here. Seeing him for the first time will be amazing as we have been dreaming about what he will loo like for what feels like so long now!

  23. I’m currently pregnant and have a two year old and she thinks all babies are ‘bisgusting’ so I’m hoping that she settles and likes baby’s soon

  24. actually being able to hold my son and bring him out of hospital to start his life, after he was born 7 weeks prem and had to spend time in special care for a few weeks

  25. the ever dreaded playing flying baby…. baby flies, baby is sick, sick lands in mouth, I was aware of it, yet still done it!

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