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One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and Fox in Socks  by Dr Seuss

Did you know Dr. Seuss is the world’s best-selling children’s author, having sold over 650 million books worldwide! We have been sent two books to review written by Dr Seuss,  I have never read any of his books before, only watched The Cat in the Hat film, so I really didn’t know what I was to expect.

Every night we read a story before Grace and Jake go to bed, I showed them these books and let them choose which book they would like to read first, Jake chose One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Dr Seuss Family Clan Blog

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

Very catching title which dragged him straight away wanting to read this book laughing at why it was Red Fish and Blue fish instead of ‘one, two, three, four’
There are a lot of repetition rhyming words” ‘Bump! Bump! Bump! Did you every ride a Wump? we have a Wump with just one hump”  There are lots of rhyming words and a funny illustrations of a ‘Wump’ with seven humps, Jake thinks it’s very funny. Dr Seuss doesn’t use the usual animals, he creates his own and makes them funny which is grabbing for readers and would also be great for reluctant readers as they will be intrigued to see why a Wump has seven humps! So will want to continue to read on. This book is A4 size so it is a good sized book for me to hold and read, whilst the kids can see the pictures to follow the story.

Dr Seuss Family Clan Blog

Fox in Socks
This book we read on the next night
Very much a tongue twister and trying my best to read this one, both of them laughing at me, but I think I did a pretty good job! There are alot of rhyming words continuously after another making it harder to read, but funnier for the kids as a quick example ”A tweetle beetle noodle poodle bottled paddled muddled duddled fuddled wuddled”..
Lots of nonsense but so much fun for young children to hear that many different words all rhyming.  We had a really good laugh reading this.

Dr Seuss Family Clan Blog

Jake enjoyed these books so much he took them to school, for him to show to his friends and his teacher read them and told me they were ‘very tongue twistery’, but it had the children laughing out loud.

These books really tie in so well with what Jake is doing in Reception, as he is learning words that rhyme together, even if they are words that rhyme aren’t real words  like’ smellyfant and elephant’. This book really is good for him as it comes up with lots of random words that all rhyme and makes it all funny. Fun learning is always the best.

The books are A4 size and bright coloured to grab the attention from younger to older children
children learn alot from repetition which is what I have realised by reading with Jake every night with his reading books from school, they are very repetitive using the same character / item names a lot. This repetition helps children to recognise words i.e in the Fox in Socks book it says ‘you can make a quick trick chick stack. You can make a quick trick clock stack. The repetition is throughout the book which is really good to help children develop their reading skills
I didn’t think Grace would sit through the whole book with her being only two but she was intrigued and kept looking for the next page wanting to see the next images on the book she was well and truly sucked in to Dr. Seuss’s world and she loved it too!

These books are really good and I myself will be looking into buying more of the Dr. Seuss range in future, they really do appeal to every age, from very young children to respond to rhyming text and bright illustrations and also older children can have fun learning to read them.

They retail at £6.99 each, which isn’t to bad for a good book. You can purchase them from Amazon, this link will take you straight to Dr Seuss Books

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135 thoughts on “Giveaway: Dr Seuss Books

  1. Well my youngest’s favourite is sugarlump and the unicorn as she loves the rhyming tones and repetition so she can join in with reading and of course their is a unicorn!

  2. My favourite book was Elmer because I loved all the bright colours he was. I have just bought the book for my son.

  3. My youngest son likes The Very Hungry Caterpillar – my eldest the Secret Seven series and tries to enact them out.

  4. The Tasle of Peter Rabbit, she’s loved it ever since our visit to the Beatrix Potter exhibition in Windermere last year

  5. he Mr Men Series is a fav at the moment, I think it is because the characters are funny and the stories are nicely written and easy to read.

  6. It constantly changes. Right now it’s County Fair, which is a picture book of one of the events in Farmer Boy from Laura Ingalls Wilder. As an American, I grew up reading these books. I also read a fair amount of Dr Suess and always liked One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Sorry that your only experience prior to this was that dreadful movie.

  7. My girl loved The tiger who came to tea, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Postman Pat, Voyage to the bunny planet, lots and lots. Harry potter when she was teen.

  8. My little girls favourite book at the moment is Pants by Giles Andraea & Nick Sharratt because it makes her giggle so much.

  9. Ever since we went to see the stage production of The Gruffalo – my little one has been obsessed with book – we must have read it at least 50 times!

  10. Green eggs and ham my grandaughter 3 just loves this we’ve read it so often she knows what’s coming next

  11. My little guy loves The Gruffalo books, especially the first one as he identifies with the little mouse standing up to those bigger than himself.

  12. Her favourite book at the moment is a Mary Had a Little Lamb board book with a little finger puppet. 🙂

  13. my youngest one has a speech problem and his favourite book he likes to listen to is the gingerbread man, because he is learning to say run, run as fast as you can,

  14. My 3 year old loves what the ladybird heard – she thinks that the animals making the wrong sounds is absolutely hilarious! My 1 year old loves an Andy Warhol picture book about colours at the moment because of all the wonderful pictures!

  15. The youngest loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar and, though she knows all the words, she still wants to be read the story over and over.

  16. My little girl loves anything from Julia Donaldson, I think it’s because her books are so good with how they Rhyme and the pictures

  17. My daughter loves ‘You Choose’ because she can pick her own story…where she wants to go, wear and live etc- it is great for the imagination.

  18. My granddaughter loves the ‘That’s not my…’ series because she can feel all the different textures

  19. My youngest’s favourite book at the moment is Helpers by Shirley Hughes. She calls it the ‘Baby Book’ because she loves the character of Baby Sue in it!

  20. My daughter loves Stick Man because of the rhymes and repetition – she could ‘read’ it with me from memory 🙂

  21. My little one is only 13 months old so his favourites at the moment are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Hairy McLary.

  22. My sons nearly 4 somI have just started reading him Harry Potter. He’s hooked now and asks me to read it to him every chance he gets, I’m sure he’s picked up on my love for all things magical.

  23. My son loves the old Richard Scarry books at the moment – he just loves all of the funny little pictures

  24. my son loves any Julia Donaldson book….his favourite at the moment is The Scarecrows Wedding. he’s yet to be introduced to the madness of Dr Seuss yet though!

  25. Richard Scarry, Busy Busy World, my mum used to read it to my brother and I, I recently bought a copy to read to my children.

  26. The gruffalo and Mr fox has lost his socks! He likes the books where you can lift bits up or they pop up!

  27. Charlie and the chocolate factory as all kids want to own a chocolate factory… or the Very Hungry Caterpillar.. just too cute xxx

  28. The Gruffalo, every single day. They love all the characters and try to do a voice each as we read together. Lovely

  29. My son loves The Cat in The Hat, it was the first book that he read by himself and now he reads it to me every night.

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